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  • Police and Crime Commissioners and Community Safety Partnerships

    Andy ThomasHead of ServicePartnerships and Communities

  • Police and Crime CommissionerPartnership RequirementsRecognize partnership priorities and plans in developing the Police and Crime PlanEngaging with communitiesTransfer of funding: Community Safety Fund, Drug Intervention Programme and Young Persons Drug Prevention GrantPassporting and subsequent commissioning of funds and interventionsPCC involvement in local governance

  • Community Safety Partnerships

    Changing landscape of reduced requirements- LocalismSignificant reductions in local and national funding streamsReduced reporting and performance monitoringFocus on doing rather than planningReduction in central Government policy and guidanceMajority of funding from local authority

  • Community Safety PartnershipsStatutory RequirementsExecutive meeting required: No guidance on who, what or frequency3 year Crime and Disorder PlanAnnual Strategic Risk and Threat AssessmentRolling Annual Plan

  • PCCs and CSPs: RelationshipPCCs not a responsible authority under the 1998 CDAMutual duty to co-operateDue regard: Police and Crime Plan/CSP PlanGovernance and strategy: Where does the PCC fit inLocal accountability: City/County/DistrictPCC to sign off mergers of CSPsPCCs change the landscape

  • Making it work locallyPCCs will have a big impact on community safetyCommissioning could replace partnership working with a free market based on competitionLocal arrangements for commissioningPCCs getting involved in local arrangementsAre local arrangements fit for purpose? Risk/opportunity of CSP mergersEngaging and agreeing priorities through SIA, plans and CSF spend plans

  • PCCs and CSPs: The Derby PictureDeveloping effective relationships is keyPre and Post electionJoined up Police and Crime Plan and city SIA prioritiesPCC and city council both LabourOverview and Scrutiny Chair on Police and Crime PanelAgreement to passport funding in 2013-14PCC to sit on CSP Executive Group



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