presentasi data mining seminar open source "open year with open source"

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Play Your Data With OPEN SOURCE

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Slide ini merupakan slide yang digunakan pada saat seminar Open Source "Open Year With Open Source" di sesi Data Mining. Untuk melihat video demonya, silakan kunjungi channel


  • 1. Play Your Data With OPEN SOURCE

2. Adam Mukharil Bachtiar, S.Kom., M.T. Dosen Tetap Teknik Informatika & Ketua Divisi CodeLabs 3. what is data mining? 4. 1simple examplewhich items are frequently purchased together by customers ?customer 1customer 2customer 3customer 4 5. 2simple exampleTingkat PerekonomianJenis KelaminPekerjaanChurn ?Menengah ke atasPriaTetapYaMenengah ke atasPriaTetapTidakMenengah ke atasWanitaHonorerTidakMenengah ke bawahWanitaTetapYapredict it ! 6. Data Mining Methods clustering classification association rules 7. CLUSTERING Grouping data which have not labeled yet 8. CLASSIFICATION Categorize data into the named groups 9. ASSOCIATION RULESfinding relationship 10. let's start ! 11. prepare (knowledge) what you wantprepare your dataprepare your toolsevaluationexecute 12. how toCSV make fileprepare your data ARFF 13. Let's Play ! 14. how to makewith CSV ARFF file 15. Let's Play ! 16. prepare your tools WEKAis a powerful and scientific software for Data Mining 17. Let's Play ! 18. Big ML is a Data Mining and Big Data tool for classification and regretion 19. Let's Play ! 20. life without technology is like spongebob without patrick