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Presented by Chris Lowman Thalia Elementary School Old Dominion University

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  1. 1. Presented by Chris Lowman Thalia Elementary School Old Dominion University
  2. 2. Simple and free Many templates and images to use Easy tutorials to help you become a pro Screenshots taken from
  3. 3. Examples of Math Infographics 1. Various chart types with information 2. Measurement conversion chart 3. Infographic showing a sequence
  4. 4. Other ideas for using infographics: Alternative options for book reports Making a chart to show problems and solutions in stories Reporting tool to document steps taken in a scientific investigation or experiment Tool to create a food web or food chains How-to chart for something that has many solution options, such as multiplication Lowman, C. (2015). A planting guide for a gorgeous garden [infographic]. Created using
  5. 5. Questions? Other ideas? Screenshots taken from
  6. 6. Many free QR code generators online Easy to make, even for kids Easy to read using QR Code reader Lowman, C. (2015). QR code. CC BY-NC.
  7. 7. Screenshots taken from and
  8. 8. QR Code inside scavenger hunt All photos were taken by Chris Lowman. QR Code cube with sentences that tell All About Me Make a QR Code Treasure Hunt. Go to QR/index.php
  9. 9. All photos were taken by Chris Lowman. QR Codes could tell kids what their special prize is Use a QR code to give parents contact information Put a QR code at the bottom of homework or classroom assignments to remediate or challenge
  10. 10. Questions? Other ideas? Lowman, C. (2015). QR code. CC BY-NC.
  11. 11. Use your own pictures Very user-friendly; easy enough for your students Stores your Blabbers for you Lowman, C. (2015). Talking Chameleon {video file]. Retrieved from
  12. 12. Screenshots taken from Start here: and quickly turn your photo into a video clip!
  13. 13. Book Responses Persuasive commercial for the book Story summaries Highlight character traits of main characters Lowman, C. (2015). Geronimo Stilton [video file]. Retrieved from: . Lowman, C. (2015). Greg Heffley [video file]. Retrieved from:
  14. 14. Content Connections numerous curriculum connections in science and social studies Lowman, C. (2015). Talking zebras [video file]. Retrieved from: Lowman, C. (2015). Water cycle[video file]. Retrieved from:
  15. 15. Questions? Other ideas? Lowman, C. (2015). Talking Chameleon {video file]. Retrieved from
  16. 16. Animated style of presentation Several different tutorials to watch Presentations can include text, images and video Screenshot taken from
  17. 17. Prezi. (2015). What is Prezi? [YouTube video]. Retrieved from:
  18. 18. All About Me projects Informational reports Life Cycle projects Food Chain sequences OpenClipaartVectors. (n.d.) Owl-animal-bird-computer-funny-158414. Retrieved from CC0
  19. 19. Questions? Other ideas? Screenshot taken from
  20. 20. Lowman, C. (2015). Backyard flowers. CC BY-NC.
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