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  • 1. 2012 IBM Corporation Reinvent E-Commerce with Cloud Tran Viet Huan, PhD CTO, Cloud Labs, IBM ASEAN CTO, IBM Vietnam

2. 2012 IBM Corporation Leaders looking to the cloud to respond to powerful new forces 3. 2012 IBM Corporation IBM provides the power of cloud to rethink IT and reinvent business so organizations can Enabling new IT and business processes that break down traditional silos, connect and empower people across the ecosystem, and simplify information accessto increase productivity and speed time to revenue and results Deliver IT without boundaries Speed the delivery of new offerings and services by creating new models of self- service and deployment. Transform the economics of innovation Interacting with customers, partners and citizens in valuable new ways, while ensuring security and privacy, to improve their experience and perception of the brand and build trustdriving loyalty that lasts. Build enduring partner and citizen relationships 4. 2012 IBM Corporation Cloud Value Framework ValueChain Improve Tranform Create Enhance Extend Invent Customer Value Proposition Source: IBM Institute for Business Value analysis, 2012. The Cloud Value Framework helps organizations classify the extent to which their use of cloud impacts value propositions and value chains. Optimizers Innovators Disruptors Smarter Data Center Smarter IT-Business Center (SIB) Market Focus for the last few years 5. 2012 IBM Corporation Smarter Commerce on CloudBUY Marketing on CloudMARKET SELL Analytics on Cloud Big Data on Cloud Mobility Devices on Cloud SERVICES Collaboration on Cloud OPERATIONS Asset Management on Cloud Women & Infant Hospital Women & Infant Hospital INNOVATORS Thoughts: Can you provide these as a services to your Ecosystem partners, your divisions or customers? Self Service, Division charge back, New Business Model 6. 2012 IBM Corporation Cloud adoption patterns are emerging backed by proven best practices Cloud Enabled Data Center (IaaS) Cloud Enabled Data Center (IaaS) Cloud Platform Services (PaaS) Cloud Platform Services (PaaS) Cloud Service Provider Cloud Service Provider Business Solutions on Cloud (SaaS) Business Solutions on Cloud (SaaS) Accelerate time-to- market with new workloads Deliver innovative business services Cut IT expense, risk & complexity Gain immediate access to applications Transition IT from a cost centerto a strategic center of business value Enable dynamic cloud based service delivery On Demand and at lower cost Implement new business models for internal and/or external service providing, Software-as-a-Service delivering IT and process orchestration within and across organizations 7. 2012 IBM Corporation Cloud Enabled Datacenter Cloud Platform Services Cloud Service Provider Business Solutions on Cloud IBM is working with clients in each of these areas to help them achieve real business value 8. 2012 IBM Corporation Cloud capabilities built upon a common platform, with a commitment to open standards Common open standards technology and a broad industry ecosystem Private & Hybrid Clouds Cloud Enablement Technologies Managed Cloud Services Infrastructure and Platform as a Service Cloud Business Solutions Software and Business Process as a Service Business Process as a Service Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Design Deploy Consume Enables private/hybrid cloud service delivery and management Secure and scalable cloud managed services platform Pre-built Cloud SaaS business applications and solutions 9. 2012 IBM Corporation Smarter Commerce Social Business Business Analytics & Optimization IBM is defining new segments and driving new value for our clients Cloud-enabled capabilities allow clients to optimize people, processes, decisions, and assets Smarter Cities 10. 2012 IBM Corporation Accelerate Transformation with Smarter Commerce on Cloud IBM Smarter Commerce on Cloud offers the advantages of cloud economics and immediate access to Smarter Commerce solutions in order to accelerate your companys ability to transform the entire customer experience Accelerate your response to changing market dynamics by using the cloud to analyze data from multiple sources in real-time to provide deeper insights into customer behavior Accelerate customer value by using the cloud to reduce your time to market and deliver innovation faster Accelerate customer, supplier and partner engagement by collaborating in the cloud, making it easier for everyone to access and share information 11. 2012 IBM Corporation Analyze at the point of impact Accelerate business process innovation Connect people with collaborative business networksMarketBuy Service Sell Smarter Commerce on Cloud creates new opportunities to redefine value chains and accelerate time to value. 12. 2012 IBM Corporation Enables companies of all sizes to quickly and affordably upgrade their commerce processes and deliver a seamless, end-to-end customer experience, by providing enterprise-class e- commerce capabilities in the cloud Integrated e-commerce platform delivering marketing, selling & fulfilment: Maximize on-line revenues by accelerating online store implementations Deliver a customer-centric shopping experience Use insights into customer behavior to enable personalized offers and promotions Optimize inventory with available to promise and flexible fulfillment options Empower business user to build and personalize relationships with customers IBM Commerce on Cloud IBM Smarter Commerce on Cloud Market SellService Buy 13. 2012 IBM Corporation Complete eCommerce Solution With Flexible Deployment Models Flexible Cloud Deployment Models IBM Commerce Platform Reporting & Analytics Sales Tax Email Services Complementary functionality IBM Commerce on Cloud* IBM Cloud Infrastructure and Services Catalog & Merchandising Checkout Fulfill Reporting *Conceptual diagram only. Does not reflect pricing / packaging Order Mgmt. Payment Systems ..and others as needed Web App Caching Ratings & Reviews 14. 2012 IBM Corporation IBM Cloud Infrastructure and Services Support Dynamic Business Needs App Management & Hosting Data Retention & Migration Disaster Recovery Network & Infrastructure Management Software Support Security & Compliance Certification Support Helpdesk 15. 2012 IBM Corporation Cloud Solutions reduce risk and accelerates time to benefit 16. 2012 IBM Corporation Attribute Capital Investment Customization Time to Implement Scalability Flexibility On Premise on Cloud High High Long Limited Low Low Low Short Unlimited High Smarter Commerce on Cloud Delivers Many Benefits The choice of deployment method will depend upon your unique business situation and fit. Operational Expense Low High Dependency on IT High Low 17. 2012 IBM Corporation 17