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  • 1. m WI. Expanding your Business where uou want it to be!mGmu

2. .. lAlaout Us Inc R. K. Group' Our Business interest fall under6 main verticalsHR Consultancy,Trade, Healthcare,Transport Solution, visa Outsourcingand Realestateour&- 1.0 create anunparalleleel lzmrlmarlz l)_V remaining iimpiretl.umltilioux Bnll lnrever willing tn 30 an extra mill:and let llie lIt1ltri| n our services ln-nr (lie ti. -xlimnny In our clients. Corporate alueo - Al R. K. our Values untlerline/your mspirelinms.Ve tnlze pride in giving icliupe to our client dreamx.Ve clumncl our energies in isllapin tlue carecru llnerelay creating new vmrltl wliicli nre llle(-xprcr-itinn or mu. -is lmpcs 56 rleuireza. our Team - Vlr.Kamnl Klioxla.Clmirlnan anrli1.. ... g:. .i I): mt. ...tl-u:la. .. lxeluintl RK : . N'(. ll ininrnlul.meticulous.ocuu-(l as multi nceted personality lnnlzin ller tlze liuitineux will:an nlxjective of maturing l'| eig'l'| la or satislaclion for clientis nntl lmltling almve par excellence in (leliw. -ring tlie quality services witliin tile cuminiltul . i.. ... II; ... ...ii.;... i.I,.. ... :n. ..I 1.,II. ..em. .. . .I . .-. II : ..r. ... ... .i , ,.. .,. I.-... ... ... ..i wI. ;.I... ... It; ,,I.lzunineiun nctivilien are ispreatl.our sound lllIlIIlIL1I1l. lIi syxtem aml practice L-nelurseu u lluicl lraniclilcralinn vi itlens into reality.Tlic team atcomprises ol engineers.mnllngemenl. nnfl HR prnlexucinnalu and lmve cumulative experience of multiple man _I: BrI6. ()ver years.tlle team luautlevelnpcxl uulixlantinl expertise and reputation lnr creative anti innnvnlivc l! lI)lil'I(': l mlntinnu. our Business Ierticals - Tl. mnjur tlmist of gn-nup liuuinmim activities is in tile travel trnde lwxitlex l l. R Cnnxultnntn.medical ccnteric.marl lrllnalpnrt lvuxinexu and real estateinvertlrnenln./ll tlu:liuninemt entities are lpeing mnnaetl separately eitlier as private limitttl cnmpunieii nr pm-tnersllip lirmsi and tile day to day management is:lacingafter lwy tlne proleiutionnlxt antler (lie cnmctunt vigil of core manafgenwnl.Tlie group nlTertc vnriouu lmisinemt services under llie lianncru nl Klimsln Travel:Private Limited.R. K. lnlernatinnnl.Gull lvleclical Centre.Gull Visa Services.New Dellui Medical Centre and Kl: -nalu Trnnispnrt Company along wills various invexlment companies in real exlnte tlnrnulmul lnrlia.Having its Corporate ()lTice at D1-llri.R. K. rnupiat pivntnl cnrnpuny.R. K. lnlcrnatinnal luau pan lntlia presence with a vastt nelwm-la nl nliliir. -ex practically covering every major ictate nf lnrlia.Tlie Brunei:nllicr. -ix are localetl at Jaipur.Sri Nagar.Luclinnw.Clmnr: lig'arl|and Nlumlsai.lvexitlen its associate ollliiu-in at Cocliin (Kt-rnlul.Cliennui (Tamil Nmlu).Bangalore (Kurnntulm).l'l_vdei-ulnatl (Antllua Prndt-silt).Tonlt(Ruiantlwnl untl Jullzmtlluar Tilie group, its major verticals lnu footprints of multiple lrounineues in tlie entire West Asia,Africa and Far East Asia witll a special interest in tlie Kingdom of Saudi Aralria and Middle East. Tln:comliincd net worth ol R. K. Group put tog'ctl1er is almve and over US$200millions will:an annual turnover of over US$12 millions. 3. Group Clnirman and Managing Director ofKliosla Travels " Kama] Klnooloour Clninnan.MI.Klllllxu not only nleetetl llle company to its present position of ulrcngtll and emu-goal u . a eapalrlc lmnineu leader in Travel l. m'lIuh-y lint lnas expandetl luiu area ol operation to work or Manpoaler Consultancy.Hraltlmarc.Visa Outwurdng.Raul Transportation Solution:and Real Eliot:lntlnatryMl.Klllll(lie man lhelrlncl R. K. Group luau lseen in flue lnuinean since 1978.Mr.Kamal Klznlla in a man cl gm:expel-lenoe 8: expcrtiu-.Hi.gm-can noel:are his Pulalic Relation shill llut lie lun mule: -eel tlxrouelm extensive traveling.lu: -Cl:inlmunul Ce oullaouml.He ii mclicnloml.well inllul-med antl locnnecl in lain approacln.Mr.Kalnal Klioaln in a multi-laeetecl pimmulity looking after Qlu:lnuinm will:an olrjecve of assuring luiglm ol utiolaetion for client:and liolxling alxwc par excellence in tlelivl. -ring lluc quality service:vltln tlle cammitlcnl Headlines.The personal services Nnclerenl lby lain:liave laeal prompting tlxe some clients tool lu oiee repeal: -ellyl(nAllGI0IllwencsIloeupenonsolallR. K.gmupantluIociaIcz-nusies: -- KiuaolnSaudi AralrinGMC & NDMC are centrally air eomlitionctl ml lmill an ln.eaeli with tlie best mate of art facilities.T| u- comma are equippetl with xupgfarT inlruutructure having Vin. -lent connectivity Inrl necworlng will!latest B; -vmu-'. esoltware solutions inutallul to ensure "zero L-rrnr results. mnltint e lyent medical centre in Dellni nncl NCR.Tliey lulve yr, - l-dirt-erenti1|te(l areas:[or lrlnq. -inntology.Clinical Pnllnology. ,2_Tlu-use lulu are manm-cl l)y A team ol trainecl nml sslzilleel teclmician| ;nn


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