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1. Rohit Talwar CEO - Fast Future Research SITA 2015 Air Transport IT Summit June 18th 2015 Breakthroughs in Connected Air Travel Beyond the Horizon 2. Get a Free Copy of the Book 1. Mention The Future of Business on Twitter or Facebook before 4pm - use #futrbiz 2. Follow us @futrbiz 3. When Worlds Collide 4. Can we Change our DNA? Play by the Rules of the Game Create a New Game 5. Future Proofed Organisations Work on 3 Horizons in Parallel 4-10+ Years Creating the Future 1-3 Years Search for Growth 1-12 Months Operational Excellence 6. A Digitized Species With a Global Brain Bostroms Digital Simulation? 7. Rapid Execution e.g. Superfast Construction Ark Hotel - Dongting Lake - China 8. Pursuit of Exponential Growth AirBnB Hotels 90x more listings per employee GitHub Software 109x more repositories per employee Local Motors Automotive 1000x cheaper to develop a new car model 5-22x faster to manufacture a car Quirky Consumer Goods 10x faster product development (29 vs 300 days) Google Ventures Investments 2.5x more investments in early stage start-ups 10x faster through design process Valve Gaming 30x more market cap per employee Tesla Automotive 30x more market cap per employee Tangerine (formerly ING Direct Canada) Banking 7x more customers per employee 4x more deposits per customer 9. Strati First 3D Printed Car (Local Motors) 10. Exponential Market Cap Improvement Age (years) 2011 valuation 2014 valuation Increase Haier 30 $19 billion $60 billion 3x Valve 18 $1.5 billion $4.5 billion 3x Google 17 $150 billion $400 billion 2.5x Uber 7 $2 billion $40 billion 20x AirBnB 6 $2 billion $10 billion 5x Github 6 $ 500 million (est.) $7 billion 14x Waze 6 $ 25 million $1 billion (2013) 50x Qirky 5 $ 50 million $2 billion 40x Snapchat 3 0 $10 billion 10,000x + 11. I am My Data... and its Used Poorly 12. Nanotechnology / Atomically Precise Manufacturing 3D / 4D Printing New Computing Architectures Hyperconnected Internet of Humanity Immersivity / Mixed Reality Living Food Chain Transformation Energy Innovation Robotics / Drones Brain Uploading A Possibility Explosion from Exponential Science and Technology Developments Blockchain Technology Healthcare Transformation Artificial Intelligence / Conscious Technology Synthetic Biology Human Augmentation 13. Embracing the Transformative Role of IT Customer Centric Hive Mind Talent: Develop and Leverage Staff Innovate to Differentiate Re-engineer Processes 14. Technology Timeline 15. Our Technologies are Evolving From the Desktop... 16. Portable and Mobile ... 17. ...Wearable... 18. ...Embedded... 19. ... And Connected to an Augmented, Immersive Multi-Sensory Internet of Everything 20. Artificial Intelligence 21. Intelligent Assistants and Digital Twins 22. The Next Internet AI / 3D / VR / AR / Embedded? 23. Human vs. Machine Intelligence 24. Collaboration e.g. Airport Operations Control Centre Multi-party Collaborative Decision Making, Real-time Business Intelligence (BI), Shared Analytics 25. Airport Robots 26. Robot Bar Staff 27. Robots and Conveyer Belts the Future of In-Flight Meals? 28. Laser Molecular Scanners Detect Traces of Drugs and Explosives 29. A World of Multiple Actors Robots, Androids, Holograms, Display-based AI Manifestations 30. New Possibilities 31. Deeper Comparison e.g. RouteHappy 32. From Classes and Segments to Choices on the Service Spectrum Experience Service Seat Food and Beverages Boarding Entertainment Language FFP Miles Luggage Lounge Offers Ground Transport +++ 33. Eye Tracking IFE 34. Virtualising the Experience 35. Augmented, Broader and Deeper Retail Dynamic, Real-Time Offers Tied to Destinations 36. Brand Engagement Airlines and Beyond Whats the Potential of a Captive (and Bored?) Audience 37. Social Interaction Zone (Airbus) 38. Smart Tech Zone (Airbus) 39. Vitalising Zone (Airbus) 40. Alternative Revenue Models E.g. Auctions $5190 (3088) $14,770 (8791.50) $136 (81) 41. Bitcoin, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Distributed Accounting Ledgers Im an asset, and I belong to XYC Company, heres a digital signature to prove it. 42. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations / Software Defined Companies / Corporations as a Technology Automation Junkies 43. The Non- Owned Aircraft 44. Virtual Collaboration Novel and Adaptive Thinking Social Intelligence Trans Disciplinarity New Media Literacy Computational Design MindsetCross Cultural Competency Sense MakingCognitive Load Management 45. Conclusion Critical Choices 46. Get a Free Copy of the Book 1. Mention The Future of Business on Twitter or Facebook before 4pm - use #futrbiz 2. Follow us @futrbiz 47. DISCLAIMER Any use, republication or redistribution of this content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of the Author. Permission to copy and reproduce content may be granted by the author, at their discretion, and by request only. Source: presentation of Rohit Talwar, Fast Future Research at the 2015 SITA Air Transport IT Summit, Brussels. 2015 Air Transport IT Summit

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