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  • 1. SACRAMENTS OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION Initiantion means the action of beginning something, tobe introduce or start somenthing. introducing someone in a new group, community, or new family We going to start somethingbeginning, starting, commencement Since Apostolics times, to become a Christian a processis followed and the initiation cosist of many stages orsteps This process may be concluded fast or slowly, and itconsists of some esencial elements:1) The anouncement of the Word,2) the reception of the Gospel, that leads to Conversion3) Profession of Faith,(CREED)4) Baptismo,5) The pour of the Holy Spirit, (Confirmation)6) The access to The Holy Eucharist.

2. THE 3 SACRAMENTS OF CHRISTIANINITIANTION Christian Initiation is realized through a set of threesacraments:1) Baptismo that is the beginning of New Life2) Confirmatin that is the Strenghen, Reinforce ormaturity;3) Eucarista that nourishes all disciple with the Bodyand Blood of Christ to be transform in Him.(CCC1275) 3. TERTULLIAN TEXT, 2ND CENTURYThere is a Tertullian text from the 2nd Century, in (a small summary), what is Christian Initiation meaning, in the Rites ofInitiation, through the Christians SacramentsThe Flesh is Wash, to purify the soulThe Flesh is Anointed, to Consecrate de soul;The Flesh is Seal, to Revitalized the soulAlso the Flesh is Cover with Laying Hands, to Illuminate the Soul withthe Power of the Holy SpiritThe Flesh is Nourished with the Body & Blood fo Chirst, so the Soul isNourished abundantly with Gods Grace as well 4. The Christian Initiation expresses The Mistery thatintroduce the person to a NEW LIFE After hearing the mystery of Christ proclaimed,the person consciously and freely seek the living God and enter the way of Faith and Conversion, as the Holy SpiritOpens his/her HeartThe Person is transformed interiorly, and as an option ofFaith he/she is compromised to live as children of GodHe/she is integrated in the Community Which receives him/her as member (Baptism), inspires him how to act (Confirmation) And nourish him/her with the Bread of Life(Eucharist) 5. God wants to share His Divine Life with the humanbeings (we wants we dwell with Him forever in Eternity) Through the Sacraments God invites us to be part of HisFamily HE gives us Grace in abundance to become ONE withHim We can start participating of Gods Grace , down here onearth, through the Sacraments 6. Indeed, we dont need to wait to die, andthen go to Heaven to participate of GodsDivine Life.Today we will learn one of the many formsHow God Loves and wants to share HisGRACE, down here on earth with us.We will learn how The Sacraments become avery important part in Gods Plan of Salvation. 7. THE SACRAMENTS& THE BEGINNING 8. To understand the Sacraments we need to goback to the very Beginning of the Creation. THE SACRAMENTS are related to GRACE. God Created the Human Beingsa) to share us His love and goodness,b) and to share his Divine (Grace) life with us.c) Everything created in the creation, was preparedfor the human beings to use and enjoy The Human Beings are created to share GodsDivine Life and to be forever with Him. To Share The GRACE means: To Know, Love & Choose God freely. To love others beyond our own strengths & naturalabilities, A tendency to do good 9. HE INTENDED FOR THEMTO LIVE IN FRIENDSHIP AND HAPPINESS WITH HIM God created man andwoman in his images andlikeness and He made them friends ofhimself. He intended for them to livein friendship and happinesswith Him in Earth, knowingand loving Him And they then would betake to heaven, where theywill be happy with Him forever 10. GRACE = ORIGINAL HOLINESSLets talk about that Special Friendship that Adamand EVE had with God. The Scriptures say: God gave Adam & Eve thewonderful gift of Holiness: Original Holiness orGRACE ORIGINAL HOLINESS is the state of harmony withGod, with themselves, and with the created world.(before they sin) Friendship with God means Sharing in his DivineLife: To share in His Divine Live, it's also called:SANTIFY GRACE It is called SANTIFY because it make it HOLY. SANTIFY means to make Holy (Sanctity) SANTIFY GRACE makes us HOLY, because it make us Holy like God (his live come todwell in us) When we have Sanctify Grace, we becomeHoly. 11. Original Holiness means that Adam& Eve, have friendship with God, but also have friendship & harmonywithin themselves This means that Adam & Eve hadperfect self control, perfect self-mastery This means they always did whatthey knew was right It was easy for them to be good andeasy to control themselves, No one has to tell them to be goodbecause they have friendship withGod and because they have self controlthey were able to have harmony intheir relationship within each other. 12. GRACE is a great gift for us God didnt haveto give it to us, but He wants it, to make us holy! God had a plan for his Creation, and Heintended for humans beings to live in harmony (friendship) with him and witheach other. To work with Him to perfect the created world,making it more perfect to reflect his goodness,beauty and Glory. Also this ORIGINAL HOLINESS means thatAdam & Eve enjoyed harmony with the worldaround them. Work for them wasnt difficult, wasnt hard. It wasa delight for them Also they did not have to died or they do not haveto suffered. 13. Since Adam & Eve were Holy, they did not have to die. God is Going to take them into Heaven, at the end oftheir lives, so they do not have to suffered A Spiritual death Or Physical Death At the end of Adam & Eves human life, would be takento heaven to be perfectly happy with God forever, sharinghis Divine Live. Indeed, God wants all of us to be Holy, and to beperfectly happy with Him in Heaven, He says:Be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy. (Leviticus 19:2) Everyone of us is call to be Holy, to be Saint! Jesus Saysto us:Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect(Matthew 5:48) 14. Share in His Divine Life, is something God has to give us,BECAUSE God himself is the only source of all GRACE. We cant be friends (be Saints) with God, just because wewant it. God gave to our 1st parents (Adam & Eve) the gift ofsharing His Divine Life. He fills them with His own Holiness and Love Since they have Gods Grace, it was easier for them todo good & reject evil. 15. GRACE = ORIGINAL HOLINESSSince Grace is related with theSacraments, lets Review it again, toUnderstand the Sacraments: GRACE is a gift of God, which is thefollowing: Gods Divine Live (Eternal Life) Sanctity / Holiness The state of being Holy Sharing Gods Divine Life Friendship with God Ability to love & live in harmony with others God Super natural power Power to know and love far beyond ourhuman natural abilities. To Love Supernaturally Ability to love as God loves, and ability toknow & discern as God knows. 16. All this beautiful Gift was lost: the gift ofOriginal Holiness, the Gift of Grace thatGod pour us in our first Parents, all gifts graces were lost for the sin of ourfirst Parents. They rejected the friendship of God, andlost His Grace. When Adam and Eve freely chose to turnaway from God, and rejected hisfriendship, they lost His Grace, and their Sin was passon to all people. Or In other words, they passed Nothing to Us. So humans born Not in a STATE OFFRIENDSHIP with God, but in State of SIN 17. Since they lost His Grace, they can't transmitGods Grace to others (to us) They have nothing to transmit to us Therefore, Our human nature is hurt, our willis weaken,1) Our flesh is subject to our passions, andour reason to error.2) It is harder for us to do good, it is easyfor us to do evil.3) We born with a tendency to sin. They lost the Gift of Grace for them andall their descendants Since that day for humans being is moreeasy to do evil and is more difficult to dothe good, 18. After they sin and rebel againstGod, human started suffering someconsequences: Now, it becomes difficult for themto do what is good.1. Physical and Spiritual death enteredthe world because of sin.2. Original Sin affected human beingsrelationship with the World aroundthem3. Also, this Sin, affected Adam &Eve, relationships with each other4. indeed all Humans relationships! 19. The Original Sin hurt our human nature Our human nature is hurt. We born in state of Sin: WE born without Gods Supernatural Grace Usually is not a clear vision of evil, everythingseems normal. We are selfish and egocentric We dont thing about others first, but rather, we think aboutus being first, and about us only We dont have the Agape Love that Gods has foreveryone. We born with our tendency to sin, calledCONCUPISCENCE1) Our Will is weaken2) It is harder to do the good and easier to do the badthings.3) Our Flesh is subdue by our passions4) and our intellect is subjected by all error. The things are not the way God created them toBe! 20. Harmony turned into disorder: The things are not the way they supposeto be;This DESORDER consequence of sin, is called CONSCUPISCENCECONCUPISCENCE is our tendency to Sin. It is our tendency to do the wrong things. It is easier to do the wrong things, and it is difficult to do the good things.Instead of acting like directing our will, our emotions, and our desires,Now we move more easily by our wantsOur tendency to sin or CONCUPISCENCE increments more, and moreevery time that we sin.Every time we sin, we turn away from God, and it becomes easier to rejectHim. 21. Sin has caused a terrible problem,and it is a problem that we can notsolve for ourselves and our ownstrength.+ Remember our human nature is hurt,+ and we born with concupiscencewehave a tendency to sin. So, the only one who can solve theSin problem for us, is God Himself.+ because He is the Only One who havethe Grace.+ We dont have it; we lost it by sin. God is all source of Grace 22. If we do not have Gods super natural love(GRACE), we cant love others. i


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