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  • Scrum, cross-functional teams and technical writers

    Can it work? November 21st 2013, tekom Denmark

    Mads Troels Hansen, Lean-Agile Thinking @MadsTH

  • Exercise with flipovers

    • Put a mark on the 4 sliders where your see your organization

    • Put a mark on the slider where you see your Scrum Knowledge

    -> Stand up and go to the flipovers

  • –noun

    1. The ability to rapidly and deliberately respond to changing demand, while controlling risk.

    2. Flexibility, the capacity and capability of rapidly and efficiently adapting.

    3. The ability to innovate.

    Definition of Agility (n)

    React Explore

    (options) Lead

  • –framework

    1. Helping people address complex problems.

    2. Productively and creatively deliver products of the highest possible value.

    Definition Of Scrum (n)

  • Plan Design Code Test Documentation Release

    Working software is available.

    Phases vs. Activities Waterfall


  • MIN

    In your organization, is documentation done

    1) As a separate phase?

    2) As an activity (fx. in a Sprint)?

    Do you have

    3) Feature teams?

    4) Component Teams?

    How do you organize our work? 5

  • MIN

    (a) Do you have a Definition of Done in your team?

    (b) Does it include Documentation?

    Completeness & transparency in your org? 5

  • MIN

    User documentation is part of XYZ’s Definition of Done. However, there aren't enough technical writers available for all teams. Your Team doesn't have one.

    What would you advise according to Scrum?

    (a) Leave the writing undone

    (b) Do the writing every 4 Sprints, just before the release

    (c) Don't start new Sprints until a technical writer is available

    (d) Stop and hire an external writer

    (e) The team is still responsible for doing the writing, understanding that their work may not be as good as a skilled technical writer’s (impediment)

    Skills vs Definition of Done 5

  • Definition of Done @MadsTHMads Troels Hansen, Lean-Agile Thinking