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<ul><li><p>7/23/2019 SECURITY STRATEGIES IN CLOUD COMPUTING</p><p> 1/4</p><p>Findings:</p><p>84 percent of the large companies admitted to security threats in their midst inEurope.</p><p>80% of large companies in Latin America were vulnerable to security threats (Cloud Security</p><p>Alliance, 2009). Consequently, large companies were at the highest risk pertaining security of</p><p>cloud computing. Security measures are the only guarantee that the users and service providers</p><p>can obtain continuous benefits.</p><p>The research revealed that a majority of the companies that were exposed to the</p><p>impending threat were the larger companies (Che, Duan, Zhang and Fan, 2011). They are at a</p><p>greater risk because of the number of users and value of the information exchanged within the</p><p>cloud. Smaller companies have fewer workers, and the value of information sharedwithin the</p><p>cloud is relatively low compared to larger companies. As a result, in case lossof information,</p><p>larger companies could lose more than smaller companies. Additionally, the number of users</p><p>affected by the breach will be lower in the small companies.</p><p>The research also reported that a majority of the companies informed of the possible</p><p>security threats. Similarly, most of them have responded by implementing varioussecurity</p><p>measures to protect their cloud. However, only 20% of the current security measures were</p><p>capable of handling security threats. Also, out of the 20% only half of them were regularly</p><p>maintained. The research also postulated the importance of maintenance of the integrity of the</p><p>security measures that the sample companies had implemented. As a result, 90% ofthe security</p><p>measures put in place was unable to sustain any form of cyber-crime (Cloud Security Alliance,</p><p>2009).</p><p>SECURITY STRATEGIES IN CLOUD COMPUTING3</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 SECURITY STRATEGIES IN CLOUD COMPUTING</p><p> 2/4</p><p>Regarding security measures, the Platform as a Service (PaaS), was considered an</p><p>efficient model regarding protecting the data of the large companies and users (Che, Duan,</p><p>Zhang and Fan, 2011). Data from the research highlight that PaaS is the ideal system in</p><p>combating the prevailing challenges.</p><p>Summary and conclusion</p><p>Success is viable, as far as cloud computing is concerned. The research providesa series</p><p>of security strategies capable of enhancing security in a cloud computing network. From the</p><p>research a majority of the users utilize Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a</p><p>Service (IaaS) based on their ease of installation and low operational cost. Des</p><p>pite their</p><p>preference, PaaS seems the most effective regarding security and resultant costof operation.</p><p>Users or companies might go for cheaper models that would result in loss of dataor money</p><p>through the loopholes of the system (Che, Duan, Zhang and Fan, 2011). Also, thesuggested</p><p>model is difficult to install compared to the other models. In PaaS, users or the large companies</p><p>are supposed to obtain a server that should be under their control. A single-user server provides</p><p>monitoring and regulation services to warrant efficany.</p><p>? Restatement of the problem:</p><p>Currently, cloud computing receives implementation by large companies in the</p><p>telecommunication industry and others. Its application is vast, and the number of users is on the</p><p>rise. Moreover, the number of resources shared within the cloud is also on the rise.</p><p>Consequently, the cloud is overpopulated regarding users and resources. Subsequently, the risk</p><p>of data loss and resources malfunction also rises. However, the current securitymeasures are not</p><p>100% operational because there is a report of losses and unauthorized access amo</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 SECURITY STRATEGIES IN CLOUD COMPUTING</p><p> 3/4</p><p>ng the large</p><p>SECURITY STRATEGIES IN CLOUD COMPUTING4</p><p>companies and the users respectively (Cloud Security Alliance, 2009). Thus alternative security</p><p>measures should be explored. Alternatively, the prevailing security measures should be</p><p>overhauled to create space for a newer security model that has excelled elsewhere.</p><p>? Limitations of the study:</p><p>Studies are meant to ensure stakeholders obtain the value for their money. Cost</p><p>effectiveness and improvisation are some of the ever present objectives in eachresearch.</p><p>Therefore, a research should be able to suggest a cheaper model or modify the current model,</p><p>especially when financial stability is an issue (Cloud Security Alliance, 2009).The research</p><p>proposes the implementation of PaaS model in cloud computing. The model costs the users</p><p>more, and it is least preferable. Therefore, it means that a majority of the users have not installed</p><p>the system (Che, Duan, Zhang and Fan, 2011). Moreover, the users will have to neglect their</p><p>current application methods. Consequently, the cost for adapting newer applicati</p><p>ons will be high.</p><p>The research would have provided an alternative model that will involve utilization of the</p><p>resources from their preferable model.</p><p>The research only considers one solution to the existing software issue. Provision of a</p><p>single alternative will affect the performance of the companies or users that will be unable to</p><p>implement the system due to its cost (Cloud Security Alliance, 2009). Additionally, users will</p><p>refrain from services that provide anything else apart from the recommended model.</p><p>? Recommendations:</p><p>The Security of cloud computing unveils an opportunity for further research on the data</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 SECURITY STRATEGIES IN CLOUD COMPUTING</p><p> 4/4</p><p>and user management. Also, the research only provides a single alternative to amending the</p><p>SECURITY STRATEGIES IN CLOUD COMPUTING5</p><p>security threat posed by the SaaS and IaaS. Therefore, the research should be continued to</p><p>discover other models that can be implemented to address the security issue.</p><p>Moreover, the purpose of research, is to avail better ways of handling issues. The</p><p>research will ensure that the small companies are also ideal. In fact, reducingthe number of users</p><p>of cloud computing in large companies will neutralize the threat posed by many users.</p></li></ul>