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Keyword In Domain Name

If you use your primary Keyword in Domain name, then chances of high ranking is increased in Search Engines because of your Reserved Keyword.

For Example Keyword is SEOAnd Domain is EARNBYSEO.COM


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Use Keyword in your post url. If there is no keyword use in post permalink then change it from your keyword. It is also helpful in seo ranking.For Example search engine optimization tips

Keyword In Post Url

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Title Tag, Headings & Body

Use at least one keyword in Title, headings and Meta description. But Remember, Don’t use too many keywords in the body. In SEO use keyword in a proper manner. Especially focus on the long tail keywords because they are more efficient.

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Optimize your images properly because it helps to reduce load time of website, which is very important SEO factor. Use ALT tags in all of your images.

Optimize Images

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 Internal linking is an important aspect of SEO and it helps in website navigation, defines the hierarchy of a website and distributes Page authority throughout the site. Interlink all your related post.

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