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  • 1. SIEGFRIEDThe Ring of the Nibelung Part III

2. Siegfried is the third of the fouroperas that constitute Der Ring desNibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung),by Richard Wagner. It received itspremiere at the Bayreuth Festspielhauson 16 August 1876, as part of the firstcomplete performance of The Ring. Thispart of the opera is primarily inspired bythe story of the legendary hero Sigfriedin Norse mythology. 3. LIST OF CHARACTERS Siegfried Mime Wanderer Alberich Dragon Woodbird Erda Brnnhilde 4. SIEGFRIED The hero who is predestined to vanquish thedragon and take the possession of the ring. Son of Siegmund and Sieglinde Grandfather: Wotan (Adolescence) wonder about his real parents Taken care by Mime Sick and tired of the loathsome dwarf and wants toexplore the world 5. MIME Belongs to the people of Nibelung Brother of Alberich An excellent blacksmith Offered shelter to the pregnant Sieglinde, who diedin giving birth. He took care of the new orphan 6. WANDERER Wotan Informed Mime how to reforge the broken sword,Nothung 7. ALBERICH Robbed the Rhinegold of the Rhinemaidens andforged the Ring of Power Lost the ring to Wotan 8. DRAGON (FAFNER) Withdrew to a far corner of the world after he killedFasolt, then, watched over his golden treasure. Changed himself into a dragon (using Tarnhelm) He has been foretold that a hero will come, strongenough to kill him. 9. WOODBIRD Entered the scene when Siegfried approached thedragon lair Indicated Siegfrieds way to Brnnhilde 10. ERDA Primordial Mother Earth, watching over the world Warned Wotan of his end Deeds of men corrupt nature, and Mother Earthsunk away into an eternal sleep 11. BRNNHILDE Child of Wotan and Erda She aroused Wotans wrath, by disobeying hiscommands. As a sentence, Wotan made her amortal woman ang put her into a deep sleep. Siegfried awake her with a kiss and a passionatelove flared up 12. Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 13. Mime responds by telling hername; Sieglinde, and showsthe pieces of Nothung toprove hes telling the truth. 14. Siegfried lied down under a lindentreeand listened to a woodbird. In an attemptto communicate with the woodbird heblew his horn 15. The woodbird advised him to retrieve theTarnhelm and the Ring from the dragonslair the dragonblood has also given him theability to see the true motives of people Mime friendly offered a drink to Siegfried Siegfried did not hesitate and killed Mime The woodbird told Siegfried aboutBrnnhilde Siegfried exclaimed that he is the one, andwithout delay he followed the woodbird toBrnnhilde. 16. Wotan saw Siegfried approaching and barred theway to Brnnhilde Siegfried learned that this Wanderer killed his father(Siegmund) He shattered Wotans spear with his sword Nothung Siegfried ascend the mountain and passedunharmed through the fire. He saw a warriorsleeping under a tree He cut through the armor of the warrior and for thefirst time, saw a woman Siegfried awaken Brnnhilde with a kiss Brnnhilde told Siegfried that she loved him sincebefore he was born. 17. GROUP 4 Arabaca, Kim Senrich G. Bacay, Juan Carlos V. Dela Cruz, Paolo C. Monis, Christian Anthony T. Adove, Jennery Mashiee A. Miranda, Ma. Jenny L. Mora, Jane Florie L. Ramos, Louise Larrylaine G.