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Six Mile Red Angus 38th Annual Bull Sale



  • 2We approach this sale with a grateful heart and renewed enthusiasm. In February we said good bye to Grandma Birdie Frazer, who along with Grandpa Ken, founded Six Mile Red Angus. They had a great life on this ranch, raising the cattle they love and we are so grateful for being able to share in their dream. So we dedicate this catalog to both their memories.

    Thank you for taking the time to look through our catalog and consider a Six Mile Bull as your next herd sire. We know you have many options when sourcing your next bull. Here are a few reasons we think we have what you need:

    1. In It Every Day Knowledge - We are a family owned and operated operation, and we personally work with these cattle every day so we know them very well. Every member of our family is an integral part of this operation and we take it very seriously.

    2. Experience - We have made our sole living (so far anyway!) in the cattle industry raising both Purebred and Commercial Cattle for over 40 years. Having no outside income, we have to make sure we are raising genetics that are profitable and efficient.

    3. Customer Service We want to sell you a bull but more importantly we want to sell you a bull that is right for your program. We would love to help you with sire selection. And if you run into a problem, please make sure we are the first ones to know and we will be there to try to fix the problem guaranteed.

    4. Breed Leading Quality We want to ensure you are buying top qual-ity genetics, when you buy a bull from us. Therefore, we put a great deal of effort and pride into sourcing out the very best genetics. And when we find those genetics we are not afraid to pay top dollar to bring them into our herd. I think it is safe to say that we are considered leaders and not followers in this industry and we are proud of that.

    5. Customer Support Programs The Six Mile hosted commercial bred heifer sale, where customers consign their best bred heifers, has become an overwhelming success. We are so proud of the customers who have achieved this result. We will endeavour to assist you in marketing as much as we can. Your success is our greatest accomplishment. Where Customers Become Friends truly is our goal.

    6. Here For The Long Haul We will always be cattlemen it is in our blood, our passion and all we do. We plan to be here many years down the road to support our customers and continue producing the best ge-netics we can. We are not here just in the good times. We are program you can depend on.

    7. AFFORDABLE Quality Where else can you go and buy the kind of quality and breed leading genetics that we offer for $3500 or less. That is right look at the proof we listed on page 52. We had a customer buy a bull from the middle of our offering and pay $4000. When he com-pared that bull to the high selling bull he bought at another sale for $10,000, he said our bull was hands down the better bull for his needs. Do not be fooled by the volume we sell. We calve over 400 cows, cull hard and only the very best are offered for sale.

    We are honored that you are considering purchasing your next herd bull from Six Mile Ranch. Please feel free to give us a call anytime.

    With Kind Regard,

    Clayton, Corinne, Callie, Cade and Coy

    Six Mile Ranch crew, clockwise: Daryl Leppa (show & sale cattle), Walter and Rosemary Wall (ranch foreman), Rae Tutor (office manager)

    S I X M I L E R AN C H Clayton & Corinne Gibson, Callie, Cade & Coy

    Box 8, Fir Mountain, Sask. S0H 1P0 Tel: 306-266-4895 | Cell: 306-642-8013 | Email:

    W E L C O M E T O S I X M I L E

    V I E W T H E C A T A L O G U E O N L I N E A T W W W . S I X M I L E R E D A N G U S . C O M

    Level 4 Highly recommended for heifers, expect little to no assistance on normal births.Level 3 Recommended for heifers, easy calving with minimal assistance on normal births.Level 2 Recommended on well grown heifers only, may assist a few normal births.Level 1 Not recommended for heifers. Use on mature females.






    Walter: 306-266-4230 | Rae: 306-266-4895 | Daryl: 306-858-7101

    Sebastian Stewart is a friend and former Angus breeder. When he dispersed we purchased many of his females and we have remained in close contact. Sebastian works with us at Six Mile on special assignment and will be available to help with your bull sale purchases when we are not available, or if you would like a second opinion. Sebastian will be one of the representatives available on the phone during the bull sale.

    Tel: 250-423-8020 | Cell: 250-423-1357

  • 3SALE DAY PHONE Call the sale barn at 306-266-2186. Clayton 306-642-8013 | Corrine 306-640-7970 | Callie 306-640-9275 Daryl Leppa 306-858-7101

    DIRECTIONS 2 miles south and 1 mile east of Fir Mountain. Watch for the Six Mile bull sign located on Highway #18. This sign is 1/4 mile east of the Fir Mountain turn-off. Or go 1/2 mile south and 7 miles west of Wood Mountain, SK. From the sign on Highway #18, go 2 miles south and 1 mile west on the gravel road.

    SCHEDULE OF EVENTSF R I D A Y , A P R I L 1 25:30 p.m. BBQ Supper with Bulls on Display7:30 p.m. 7th Annual Six Mile No Limit Texas Hold Em TournamentS AT U R D A Y , A P R I L 1 311:00 p.m. Complementary Beef Dinner1:00 p.m. 38th Annual Six Mile Bull Sale(Food and Refreshments served all day)

    ACCOMODATIONS Please contact Corinne at 306-266-4895 if you would like assistance with accommodations. Host hotel, ask for the Six Mile Ranch block:121 Steakhouse/Lounge & Motel, 306-642-4662 (40 minutes southwest)Bar B Inn, Assiniboia, 306-642-5951 (40 minutes southwest)Wheel Inn Motel, Assiniboia, 306-642-3308 (40 minutes southwest)Gravelbourg Inn, Gravelbourg, 306-648-3182 (40 minutes north) Grasslands Inn, Mankota, 306-478-2909 (30 minutes west)Cottonwood Inn, Glasgow, MT, 406-228-8213 (60 minutes south)

    PAYMENT TERMS The terms of the sale are cash or check pay-able at par at the completion of the sale. If you purchased an animal as an absentee bidder, please make arrangements to mail a check or wire money within 48 hours of the sale. Please contact Clayton or Corinne Gibson prior to the sale, if you require special payment or financing terms.

    U.S EXCHANGE / TRAVEL U.S. Money will be accepted at the current rate of exchange sale day and will be posted prior to the sale.The closest border crossing to the ranch (Montana into Saskatch-ewan) is the Port of Opheim and is located abut 25 miles south of the ranch. The ranch is just over an hour northwest of Glasgow, MT.The closest airport to the ranch is the Regina, Saskatchewan Interna-tional Airport, about 2.5 hours from the ranch.

    1 P M M S T S A T U R D A Y , A P R I L 1 3 , 2 0 1 3 . F I R M O U N T A I N , S K

    SALE STAFFAuctioneer Brent Carey 403-650-9028Ring Staff Mark Stock 403-357-8104 Donnie Peacock 306-662-8288 Nathan Marin 306-869-7130Sale Consultants Sebastian Stewart 250-423-8020 Heartland Livestock Lee Crowley 306-741-5701 Bohrson Marketing Geoff Anderson 306-731-7921 Colton Hamilton 403-507-5416 Brad Buchanan 519-400-0668 Scott Bohrson 403-370-3010 U.S. Consultants Christy Collins 516-366-0734 Seth Leachman 406-591-5651 McCune Marketing Kent McCune 817-807-1511Online Broadcast Cattle in Motion 519-546-3352Photographer Grant Rolston 403-593-2217Videographer Cattle in MotionInsurance Stockmans Insurance 306-931-0088

    SIGHT UNSEEN PURCHASES If you are interested in any of the lots, but unable to attend the sale, please contact Clayton or Corinne Gibson in advance of the sale, preferably 48 hours prior to sale day. This will allow us time to discuss your needs and suggest bulls that fit your criteria. Cattle In Motion has produced a video of the sale lots allowing you to view the offering prior to the sale. Once we compile a list of bulls for you we will endeavour to buy one on your behalf from the sale. Your order will be held in the strictest confidence and handled with integrity and professionalism. This has become a convenient option for many satisfied customers in the past. Your SATISFACTION is 100% guaranteed when you have discussed your order with Clayton or Corinne prior to the sale.

    ONLINE BIDDING Those unable to attend the sale will be able to watch and bid online with, Sarah Buchanan, 519-546-3352.

  • 4herd bull producer with her big hip and stunning udder but she kept giving us daughters! Those daughters are hard to keep around they look so good selling to Brooks & Spain Red Angus, TX, Triple Play Cattle Co, SK and Nu Horizon Angus, SK. This is the first calf crop for his sire, Rawhide and he truly has outdone himself. We need to use a bull like this in our own herd but are offering you the chance to partner with us on one of the great ones. Selling half possession and half semen interest - Possession is negotiable and we will be very accommodating, please call for more details. Tuff Enuff will be ready for immediate delivery to either Hawkeye West at Billings, MT or Alta Genetics at Balzac, AB for Canadian or U.S. semen production if the new owner so wishes.

    Tuff Enuff is a definite herd bull with big time hip shape, dimension and width. He stands on a solid set of feet and legs and strides out freely. We have known he was something special since he was about a month old. Tuff Enuff has gathered a lot of fans being crowned Reserve Intermediate Bull Calf at Agribtion and being named the U.S. National Champion Junior Bull Calf at Denver 2013. His dam has done nothing but great things for us. We knew she was definite

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