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1 Driving Business Growth Using Digital Marketing On the Edge Digital Manchester 23rd May 2013 Dr Dave Chaffey CEO: Download presentation: 2 Latest 2013 inbound marketing research 3 Growth example: 4 Growth example: Cities sending traffic in February 2013 5 6 7 8 9 Learning from the Growth Hackers Source: Learning from Growth Hackers post 10 Growth hacking tools? 11 A Growth hacking example Test 1 12 Test 2 13 14 15 Books Online advice and consulting About Dave Chaffey Code: SMARTEDGE (25% discount for 1 week only) 16 Strategy success factor 1 Digital marketing is marketing 17 One value proposition against another Source: Marketing Experiments 18 19 20 Autoglass mobile optimised site Mobile Value Proposition (MVP) 21 Strategy success factor 2 Develop your strategy 22 23 24 Strategy success factor 3 Apply customer insight 25 Customer feedback tools 26 Use on/offline personas 27See 28 Strategy success factor 4 Measurement and Optimization are your foundation 29 Will you get the balance right? Investment in CRO? Mobile and social are sexy, and important for the future. But today 98% of your revenue comes from Email, Affiliate, Display, Search. At least 50% of your attention / love / obsession should be to continuously get good at 98% of your revenue. You'll likely survive longer. : ) 30 Landing Page Lifetime: Continually Evolving Success Conversion rate has increased over ten times since 2008. We continually test and try new ideas and messages. Angel Springs now sets the standards others follow. 2008 2009 2011 2013 31 32 Source: Google Analytics vs Universal Analytics 33 Use Google Analytics MCF to understand true value 3 3 Measuring assists in Google Analytics Googles new social reports 34Tool: Googles new customer journey to online purchase tool 35 Strategy success factor 5 Create joined-up omnichannel journeys Smart Insights: ROPO summary of Google case 36 Consumer digital platform demand at Debenhams 0.00% 2.00% 4.00% 6.00% 8.00% 10.00% 12.00% 14.00% Total Hourly Demand by Device Dotcom iPad Mobile Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams 37 88% Debenhams customers use mobile to browse vs. 12% purchase 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% Store Website msite Apps Browse vs. purchase channels Browse Purchase Mobile influencing store sales Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams 38 Barcode scanner driving mobile interactions in store Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams 39 Reviewing satisfaction levels by channel / platform Source: With thanks to Sarah Bailie, Mobile commerce manager at Debenhams 40 Strategy success factor 6 Integrate search, social and email marketing 41 Group common search behaviours NOT keyword LISTS: Need: treatment/surgery Concerns: risks/costs + Google Agency Toolkit 42 Defining consuming search behaviours / targeting with qualifiers 43 44 45 Strategy success factor 7 Engagement is the biggest challenge 46 The problem with blogging 47 More what were looking for! 48 49 Example of an integrated social media campaign 50 Strategy success factor 8 Use the latest best practice 51 2013 Best Practice SEO Outreach, e.g. guest blogging Engagement still Long Clicks Personalisation Google+ / SPYW? Rel=Author Google+ Local HREFLANG for international, etc AdWords Enhanced campaigns inc mobile Social extensions Google Shopping Re-marketing / Re-targeting Download presentation: 52 Lets Connect! Questions & discussion welcome Blog Feeds ghts Email Newsletter 2013691