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How to implement social media for B2B marketing.


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Social Media & B2B

Ryon Harms –

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Does B2B and Social Media Mix? You Are the New Media Becoming A Connector 5 Ways to Get Started Now Tools of the Trade

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B2B Social Media Spending (2010)

60% Plan to Spend More on Social Media

54% Currently Use Social Media (up 9%)

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How They Use It

Page 6: Social Media & B2B

Measuring Success

Page 7: Social Media & B2B

You Are the New Media

Page 8: Social Media & B2B

Skip the Gatekeepers

Page 9: Social Media & B2B

The You Chronicle

Page 10: Social Media & B2B

Authenticity & Expertise Are Key Social voice

doesn’t follow communication guidelines or identity standards.

Demonstrate your expertise through social media: have a measurable impact on your sales efforts.

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Becoming a Connector

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“Givers Get.” Web: A Platform for Delivering Value to


Delivering Value to One is Good, Delivering Value to Many is Better

What Goes Around Comes Around in Spades

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Word of Mouth

Messages Don’t Spread From One Person to the

Next. They Spread When a Message Reaches a


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Be the Connector

Leverage technology to become a connector

Smart networkers seek out connectors

Connectors attract other connectors

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The Power of Connectors

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5 Ways to Cash in on Social

Page 17: Social Media & B2B

#1 Write About Somebody Else Who Does Your Customer Base Want to


Page 18: Social Media & B2B

#2 If You Filter, They Will Come Become a curator of the information

they need

Page 19: Social Media & B2B

#3 Start A Community

Customers helping customers

Page 20: Social Media & B2B

#4 Crowd Source Content

Where are your human assets?

Page 21: Social Media & B2B

#5 Start a Movement

Is there an injustice? Do you have a groundbreaking Idea?

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Executive Branding Trinity


Tools of the Trade

Page 23: Social Media & B2B


Page 24: Social Media & B2B

5 B2B Blogging Rules

1. The 80/20 Rule – 20% You, 80% Them

2. Relationships – Comments, Comments, Comments

3. Seem More Human, Less Corporate

4. Always On Focus Group5. Define Your Business Niche

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Hidden Benefits of Blogging

Makes you a better thinker Makes you a better writer Makes you a better

salesperson Makes you a better speaker Keeps you focused on learning Allows you to test out ideas Makes you a better networker

Page 26: Social Media & B2B

LinkedIn – A Walled Garden

Closed Circuit Networking

Self-Updating Rolodex

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Page 27: Social Media & B2B

Twitter – Never Eat Alone





Page 28: Social Media & B2B

Email is Still Powerful

Stop Asking for Help

Deliver Value

Get Them Talking

Say Something Different

Page 29: Social Media & B2B

What if I don’t?

Page 30: Social Media & B2B