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Presentation in educational technology 2

Presentation in educational technology 2

Social media :FACEBOOK: is a social networking service launched on February 4, 2004. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University student Eduardo Saverin.

1.) Assess and report your perception/experience(good and non-good) of Facebook social media.

Our good experiences on Facebook are the following:


It is a way to communicate with our long distance family, friends, love ones.

We can freely express our feelings, opinion, and reactions toward issues.

We became more updated.

We can upload photos ,and videos.

It has photo album that collects our pictures, videos permanently.

We can get current information inside and outside the world.

It can be useful for collecting data and facts for investigation.

Facebook social media was became part of our life as a student and as a individual. Through this we became updated and aware on everything happened around us. We met new friends around the world. We communicate w/our friends , families , and love ones through chatting and video calls. We express our feelings, reactions and opinions freely towards hot issues on society. Furthermore we can also collect photos and videos permanently. However we also have bad experiences on using Facebook such as receiving unwanted photos , videos , and messages from other Facebook users. Aside from that using Facebook is much relying internet connection. In order to ewe should be more careful and secure our account.

2.)Prepare a grid chart differentially the past-30 years old generation and the new digital generation.

DIGITAL GENERATIONChildren are exposed to new gadgets like tablets

Students depend on books and journals for research purposes.

Students use computers and internet in researching.

Traditional method and materials are used in teaching instruction.

Technologies are integrated in learning-teaching instructions.

Letters and telegrams are used in communicating friends in faraway places.

Communication has been made easier with internet and computers like e-mail and video calls.

Computers have bigger monitors.

Computers are more convenient and updated in todays generation.

Children are much closer to the elders and respectful.

Children are more aggressive and tend to do what they think is right.

Prepared By:Pilma AcostaCriselda EtomVanessa MutiaMaribeth DoctoMary Ruth TupasAlpha BelnasRemie Joy AlilanoMariana JaafarCharmaine MadronaRose Ann VallesJennifer BacosaClayds AuriraJulieta BaracquiasIvy Kris Delos AngelesKaren Joy Romano


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