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SoFi is a new lending company offering both student and private loans. SoFi offers a novel service by providing peer-to-peer lending geared towards student debt. The have awarded over 840 million in student loans and provide top-notch customer service. We rate them a 7.8 out of a possible 10. To learn more about SoFi, read our review here or visit:


  • 1. SoFi!
  • 2. Who Are They?! SoFi is a peer-to-peer lending service. They were founded in an effort to help relieve those who seek student loans, but are worried about falling into the trap of endless student loan debt for years and years to come. Not only do they facilitate lending for those looking for alternatives to the traditional student loan process, they also offer loan renancing to qualied graduates. ! ! SoFi has issued, over $730,000 in loans to 8,650 members. ! ! !
  • 3. What Services Do They Offer?! SoFi oers student loan op.ons, loan renancing and investment for lenders and borrowers alike. Borrowers are able to renance student loans and even have op.ons for federal student loans with the private student loans they receive.
  • 4. Specic Services! Specic services offered by SoFi include:! ! Career Coaching! Entrepreneurship Support! Unemployment Protection! Investment Opportunities! Financing for Lifes Big Milestones!
  • 5. Do They Offer Debt Education?! They provide a blog with lots of educational material as it relates to student loan debt, job search strategies, resume tips, renancing advice, interest rates and saving money to name just a few topics. ! ! Though they dont offer ofcial debt education courses as a part of their regular services, they make quite an effort to provide helpful information and articles to their visitors and consumers. !
  • 6. How Do They Rate With The BBB?! SoFi has been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 2013 and has an A- rating with the BBB. The main reason SoFi doesnt hold an A+ rating is because they havent been in business for very long and havent been able to establish themselves as a long standing, well trusted service provider. ! ! However, they have received very few complaints against them as a company for a business of their size and they have responded quickly to resolve those complaints which they have received. !
  • 7. What Do Their Services Cost?! The minimum amount of debt that a person can borrow with SoFis services is $10,000, except in Iowa where $50,000 is the minimum. They offer xed-rate loans with competitive rates, though there is some variance. Overall, borrowers can expect to pay somewhere between 4.99-6.74% for a xed rate loan and as low as 2.9% if they choose a variable rate loan. ! !
  • 8. Website Resources! Their blog is probably one of the best resources on their site. Each post is long and covers a lot of material and really goes in depth explaining the topic at hand. ! ! Theres also a helpful FAQ section with dozens of questions related to renancing, personal loans, MBA loans, mortgages, parent loans and so forth. !
  • 9. Refund Policy?! An application can be cancelled with no fees before its fully completed, but there really isnt a refund policy in place because once the loan has been funded, any loans borrowers had previously are then paid off with the new SoFi loan which makes it impossible to cancel at the point. !
  • 10. What Makes This Company Stand Out?! This company stands out largely due to their creative business idea for changing the way student loans and other personal and business loans are nanced and paid off. Its a very unique concept and as such, SoFi has currently over $720,000,000 out in loans, which is a huge amount. Theyve built a reputation of trust and innovation many people are investing in and counting on. !
  • 11. Do They Maintain A Social Media Presence?! As an up and coming modern business, SoFi has a strong social media presence on just about every major social media channel available, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. They have thousands of followers and are growing by the day. !
  • 12. What Does the BDC Think of This Company?! BDC rates this company highly with a 7.8 out of 10. They werent higher because they really havent been in business very long, only 3 years, so they still need to prove themselves as a solid, long lasting organization. However, they do offer a free consultation, no upfront fees, a mobile-friendly site and a very unique and appealing service that can help thousands of people avoid and manage debt effectively. !
  • 13. Potential Negatives! Those with low income levels or poor credit wont nd any relief with SoFi, which will rule a lot of people out, but that can be expected of an up and coming lending service.!
  • 14. Learn More! View BDCs full prole on this company by following the link below:! !!
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