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Optimice Proprietary 1 Stakeholder Engagement Learning to Manage Horizontally

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This presentation describes Optimice's Stakeholder Engagement toolset


  • 1. Stakeholder EngagementLearning to Manage Horizontally
  • 2. Who are our Stakeholders?
    I know we have a lot!
    But perhaps some are more important than others.
  • 3. Ok I just have to manage these guys, right?
  • 4. Well maybe its not quite as easy as that
    How important are you to them?
  • 5. Stakeholders selected or added
    Roles surveyed for their critical stakeholders from predefined list
  • 6. Each selected stakeholder is assessed for influence, advocacy and attention
  • 7. Lets see ....
    I think we should focus here!
    These are the good guys
    These are the bad guys
    These are the nice guys
    These can be time wasters
    1 2 3 4 5
  • 8. Stakeholders classified according to influence, advocacy and attention
    Bubble size = attention
  • 9. Also we think Engagement is preferable to Management
    Management = 1-way
    Engagement = 2-way
  • 10. Social Worker Stakeholder Relationship Network
    • Nodes sized by inward connections;
    • 11. links sized by importance.
    Social Worker Reciprocated Stakeholder Relationship Network
    Non reciprocated links identify relationship improvement opportunities
  • 12. So what do you mean by Engagement?
    There must be an exchange of value
  • 13. And Value comes in two forms
    The tangible, expected, contracted
    Products, services, reports, money
    And the intangible, non contracted extras
    Tips, moral support, feedback, references, recommendations
    That sweetens the deal.
  • 14. Lets start by brainstorming your own value propositions
  • 15. What can I offer
    What will it cost me?
    Welfare Services Information
    Information on entitlements that the client may be eligible for.
    Social Worker
    Customer Service
  • 16. What would I like from them
    What is it worth to me?
    Timely and accurate information
    It helps our processing a lot if the application information can be compete and accurate
    Customer Service
    Social Worker
  • 17. Now lets change Hats to the Social Worker
  • 18. What would I like from them
    What is it worth to me?
    Fast response to our requests
    We are always directed to the call centre. How do we know there is really looking after us?
    Customer Service
    Social Worker
  • 19. What can I offer
    What will it cost me?
    Request details
    Document what our needs are and why
    Customer Service
    Social Worker
  • 20. Do you think my stakeholders will agree with my propositions?
    Lets put our cards on the table and find out!
  • 21. And I guess well have to negotiate an equitable exchange
  • 22. Its always best to negotiate face to face if possible
    ... Especially when trading intangibles!
  • 23. What can we do for each other?
    Personal follow up
    We will monitor cases and be a local point of contact for critical issues
    Customer Services
    Social Worker
  • 24. What can we do for each other?
    Help with your paperwork
    We will provide and check requested information in precisely the form you need it, to ensure smooth processing
    Social Worker
    Customer Services
  • 25. So far so good but what wed like is certainly not happening now!
    We need to build some bridges
  • 26. Partnership Scorecard
    Agreed Value Exchanges can be documented in your partnership scorecard for either self assessment, or peer to peer assessment for sustained stakeholder engagement
  • 27. In Summary Why do we think we have a superior approach to Stakeholder Engagement?
    We consider the Whole Stakeholder Network of Influences
    We provide tools for identifying, visualising, analysing and then selecting critical stakeholders
    We go beyond simply communicating, by providing tools for negotiating agreed value exchanges with critical stakeholders
    We provide peer to peer scorecard tools to assist with building and sustaining your stakeholder relationships
  • 28. About Optimice
    We build tools to help organisations optimise their business relationships
    Our Stakeholder Engagement Toolset supports both Workshop and On-line use.