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@danmcquillan 19/2/10 #socialmediacsr

Will embracing stakeholder engagement through social media drive corporates to be more sustainable?

engagement is a platitude that avoids issues of power

sustainability that doesn't challenge core business values is superficial

its too late for cluetrain

conversations wont solve crises

social media is surfacing social deficit

bankers bonuses are based on the invisible labour of women, carers, migrant workers

the real social is social capital and the core economy (people and planet)

corporates & NGOs see themselves at the centre,surrounded by buzzing stakeholders

but digital gives people the chance to socialise solutions

its not about confrontation or collaboration; the keyword is construct

Social Innovation Camp builds web-based solutions to social problems

Digital gives us the means to construct alternatives like direct democracy...

So what can companies do?

"first, do no harm"

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary is trying to squash Mypolice

make your data open...

...make your stuff hackable...

(check out IKEA hacker)

The problem starts at school...

the organisation is in our heads

social tech + critical pedagogy can empower

free your mind

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