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STRENGTHENING HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (HBCU) PROGRAM Slide 2 Title III Part-B Higher Education Act 1965, as amended Higher Education Opportunity Act, Sec. 308 Amendments effective August 2008 Slide 3 Established prior to 1964 Principal mission was, and is, education of black Americans Slide 4 PELL recipients enrolled Prior year graduates Enrolled graduate school students Slide 5 Academic Programs Administrative Management Fiscal Stability Slide 6 REVIEW OF LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS and CIRCULARS Legislation, Statute, or Act Establish the law Regulation Implements the law OMB Circular A-21 Provides guidance Slide 7 Pell (50%) of Award + Graduates (25%) of Award + Percent of Grad. School Enrollees Award (25%) Univ. A s Total Award = $1,560,157 Slide 8 FY ALLOCATION/2 x UNIV. PELL RECIPIENTS TOTAL HBCU PELL $238,095,000/2= $119,000,000 $119,000,000 x 1,000 Pell students=$700,000 70,000 Total Pell Slide 9 FY ALLOCATION /4 X INSTITUTIONS GRADUATES TOTAL HBCU GRADUATES $238,095,000 = $59,523,750 4 $59,523,750 x 400 Univ. Grads = $466,853 51,000 Total Grads Slide 10 FY ALLOCATION/4 X UNIV. GRAD ENROLLEES Total HBCU Grads $238,095,000 = $59,523,750 4 $59,523,750 x.1567 % UNIV. GRAD. ENROLLEES 23.726 Total % HBCU grads Total = $393,304 Slide 11 SINGLE YEAR AWARD Pell $700,000 50% Grads $466,853 25% Grad School $393,304 25% Grant Award $1,560,157 100% Slide 12 1) Purchase or lease of scientific or laboratory equipment 2) Construction, maintenance, renovation of instructional facilities Slide 13 3) Support of faculty exchanges, faculty development 4) Academic instruction in which Black Americans are underrepresented 5) Purchase of library books, periodicals, and other educational materials Slide 14 6) Tutoring, counseling, and student service programs 7) Funds and administrative management, and acquisition of equipment Slide 15 8) Joint use of facilities, ex., laboratories, libraries 9) Establish or improve a development office to improve contributions 10) Establish or enhance a program of teacher education Slide 16 11) Establish community outreach programs 12) Establish and maintain an endowment Slide 17 13) Purchase of real property 14) Financial information to improve literacy Up to 2% of grant for needed services Slide 18 o Activities inconsistent with State plan for desegregation o Activities related to sectarian instruction or religious worship o Activities provided by a school of divinity Slide 19 Program Limitations Program Limitations Not more than 20% use for endowment 50% limit on construction of instructional facilities 2% limit for services to implement project Slide 20 Performance Period = ED commitment 10/1/2007 9/30/2012 Five one-year budget periods 10/1/2010 9/30/2011 Five year extension on unexpended funds ex. fiscal year 2012-2017 period Slide 21 Work closely with President & Administrators Coordinate application preparation Liaison with ED Program Specialist Review and approve grant expenditures Slide 22 Reconcile expenditures with Business Office Monitor & document project compliance Project evaluation Maintain records on grant activities Role of ProjectDirector (continued) Slide 23 Approving all changes to activities Maintain equipment inventory Slide 24 Maintain federal Title III grant as restricted fund Secure Title III project director authorization for grant expenditures Slide 25 Drawdown, reporting, audit (GAPS) (G5) Maintain record of all expenditures Reconcile transactions with Project Director Slide 26 Annual Performance Reports (APR) Final Performance Reports (FPR) Slide 27 Reasons include: Institutions monitoring index Complaints Request for technical assistance General program-wide assessments Exemplary project Slide 28 All funded applications Any modifications to the original application Annual Performance Reports (APRs) Financial records Audit Readiness Audit Readiness Slide 29 Approved budgets Project staff organizational chart Position descriptions Equipment inventory (labeled as ED) Project policies and procedures Slide 30 OMB Circular A-21 Cost Principles for Institutions of Higher Education ( U.S. Department of Education ( Institutional Services Slide 31 Contact Information Contact Information John L. Hunt & Associates Consultants Federal Higher Education Programs Washington, D.C. (202) 249-0540 [email protected]