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Submersibles and ROV. Technology. The First Submarine. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Submersibles and ROVTechnology

  • The First SubmarineDavid Bushnells Turtle, the first American submarine. Built in 1775, its intended purpose was to break the British naval blockade of New York harbor during the American Revolution. With slight positive buoyancy, Turtle normally floated with approximately six inches of exposed surface. Turtle was powered by a hand-driven propeller. The operator would submerge under the target, and using a screw projecting from the top of Turtle, he would attach a clock-detonated explosive charge Built by ________________ in ______Named the TurtleIntended to break the British naval Blockade of New York HarborDuring the Revolutionary War

  • The AlligatorHunt for the Alligator

  • The Civil War SubDesigned Brutus de Villeroi On April 2, _____it was lost while being towed during a storm never to be recoveredThe United States, surrounded by protecting oceans, had little need to continue to develop a submarine force at this point in its history.

  • William _____ descended ______ ft. in the first bathysphere in 1932. A record which remained unbroken for 15 yearsThe name comes from the Greek meaning ______ _______The entire apparatus including the cable and associated lines weighed approximately 10,000 pounds (4,536 kg) submerged. It consisted of a hollow sphere of one inch (2.54 cm) thick cast steel which was 4.75 ft (1.5 m) in diameter.

  • On 23 January ____, she reached a record depth of _______ feet in the Challenger deep, off Guam, the deepest point in any of the World's oceans. Jacques Piccard (right), co-designer of the bathyscaphe, and Ernest Virgil loading iron shot ballast into Trieste, prior to her record 18,600 foot descent in in the Marianas Trench, off Guam. The dive was made on 15 November 1959.

  • In 1927, 42 men died in 100 ft. of water in the S-4 near Cape Cod.In 1963, ________, a nuclear submarine, lost its entire crew off the coast of Maine at 1-2 miles down. High pressure seawater line failed, uncontrolled flooding. Black boxes were developed after that.USS Thresher SSN- U593Alvin was built for the ______ in _____, a year after the second submarine tragedy. Named for Allyn _____

  • Alvin is a deep submergence vehicle (DSV) deployed from the R/V Atlantis II. It can transport a crew of ___ people to _________ft.When Alvin is retired in _____, it will be replaced with a DSV that has a range of 21,000 ft.

  • In ______, a U.S. Air Force B-52G bomber collided with its refueling tanker over Spain, destroying both planes.Four unarmed Hydrogen-bombs fell out of the wreckage;

    3 fell on land, one fell into the ocean. It took Alvin 80 days to find it.

  • 1966 recovery of Hydrogen bombs off the coast of Spain1979 First to study the hydrothermal vents at close range1985 Finds the _______ with Dr. Robert BallardStill in Operation for over forty years and over _______ DivesFound the Bismark

  • Alvin and her support ship R/V Atlantis

  • The R.O.V.sR_________O ________ V_________

  • Why ROVs?

    ROVs are safer than sending diversROVs can stay in the water longerThey are becoming cheaper and more reliable to operate

  • ROV BasicsUnderwater vehicles which can be controlled from the ________Used by Oil companies, Marine Archeologists, Homeland Security, Marine Scientists and Hobbyists

  • Types of ROVsSmall used forresearch.


  • Massive- Heavy Work Class225 Horsepower - _______ pounds of vertical liftMultiple heavy tools

  • 500 Horsepower Cable and Pipeline, Trencher

  • Is it an aquatic back hoe, an ROV?

  • Scimitar North Rankin A Platform Northwest Shelf Australia

  • SIM System Control roomThe Future of the ROV Industry

  • SIM

    250 TONS

    85 FEET TALL

  • How Big is the ROV Industry? >500 Work Class Systems $2 Billion>1,500 Observation Systems$ 20 Million
  • The Industrys Greatest Challenge - People Cyclic nature of the industryDemand from other technology segmentsComputer, Entertainment, Auto, Aviation & space

    Training Mentoring OJT

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