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Taking Tests Center for Academic Advising and Retention Services (CAARS) Slide 2 Taking Tests O No. 1 Tip O Before the test O During the test O Types of tests O True-False and beyond Slide 3 Most Important * Practice* Slide 4 Before the Test O Study in advance -use good time management skills O Know what type of test will be given O Stay caught up on reading assignments Slide 5 Before the Test O Study the most difficult material first O Get help from teacher and a tutor O Study your teacher Slide 6 Before the Test O Predict likely questions O What have past tests featured? O Quiz Yourself Slide 7 What NOT To Do O Do not cram O Do not stay up all night Slide 8 The Day of the Test O Be careful about what you eat and drink O Do not talk with other students, about the testthis can give you unwanted anxiety Slide 9 The Day of the Test O Anxiety? O Arrive early for the exam O Write down your fears O Remember this is just one test Slide 10 The Day of the Test O Skim the test O Skip a difficult question but be sure to come back to it O Ignore other students O Dont Panic Slide 11 Types of Tests Slide 12 Matching Tests O Read items in BOTH columns first O Answer the items you know first O Recheck your answers Slide 13 True False Tests O Most tests have more true answers O Read the question thoroughly and look for words that may make the answer false Slide 14 True False Tests Look For: O Extreme Modifiers Slide 15 True False Tests O Extreme modifiers: best, always, none, all, never, certainly, everybody, nothing These phrases are often false. Slide 16 True False Tests Look For: O Qualifiers Slide 17 True False Tests O Qualifiers: seldom, often, may, unlikely, many, probably, a majority, and sometimes These phrases are often true. Slide 18 True False Tests O Double negatives. Example: not uncommon means common. Slide 19 Multiple Choice Exam s O Know how much time you have O Read the entire question O Answer the easiest questions first Slide 20 Multiple Choice Example Which of the following statements best characterizes delivery reliability? A company that a. delivers on the same day of the week b. delivers at the promised time c. delivers more frequently than its competitors d. delivers faster than its competitors Slide 21 Multiple Choice Exam s O Read the questions answer without looking at the choices O Decide which choice most closely matches your initial response Slide 22 Multiple Choice Exam O Mark out answers you KNOW are incorrect O Always guess unless you are penalized Slide 23 Multiple Choice Exams O Do not change your first response unless you are sure it is incorrect O Look for answers which use familiar language Slide 24 Essay Exams At the exam: O First- read all the questions O Answer easiest question first O Manage your time O Use a pencil Slide 25 Essay Exams At the exam: O Write down what you know about the topic, including key terms O Organize what you write O Your answers should inform & persuade Slide 26 Essay Exams Think in Threes O Include three main points about the topic O Support each point with three specific details. Slide 27 Essay Exams Cont. O Analyze O Compare O Contrast O Define O Describe O Diagram O Evaluate O Explain O Interpret O Justify O List O Outline O Summarize Look for a direction word Slide 28 Short Answer Test O Provide a definition or a short description O Flash cards can be beneficial Quizlet.com O Do not leave an answer blank O These tests will ask you to: O Define O Identify O List O Name Slide 29 **Activity** The Story of Billy and Tom An Inference Check Slide 30 References O Downing, S. 2008. On course: Strategies for creating success in college and in life. 5th edition. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. O Walther, D. R. 1994. Toolkit for college success. Belmont: International Thomson Publishing. O Muskingum College. (2010). Learning Strategies Database. Retrieved January 16, 2011, from Muskingum College: www.muskingum.edu/~cal/database/general/index.html. O Begley, S. (2011). Can you build a better brain. Retrieved January 16, 2011, from Newsweek: http://www.newsweek.com/2011/01/03/can-you-build-a- better-brain.html. Slide 31 For More Information Contact: Heather Unger-Robertson Learning Support Coordinator/Academic Advisor University of North Alabama Keller Hall 119 256-765-5949 hurobertson@una.edu


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