talk about teaching 2015 - open badges: how do they enable on teaching and learning?

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Can Open Badges enhance inclusive teaching and learning?

Can Open Badges enhance inclusive teaching and learning?Kerry Sorby, Eden Marrison and Daniel Mackley January 2015

Why open badges?Brand new module: opportunity to create fresh materialPractical sessions have always been well received by students and features informal feedback but does any learning take place?Practical sessions do not overtly contribute to the summative assessment. Is there a way to recognise this informal learning? Concern that too much material could be shoe horned into 3 hour session. Can acquisition of knowledge, skills & attitudes be effectively achieved in 1 session? What are Open Badges?Open Badges is a digital accreditation infrastructure from Mozilla. Open Badges are images with metadata hard-coded into them.

Ok, so just put that into context, here is a badge titled issued by Kerry at York St John University for their Professional Skills and Reasoning module. This badge was automatically issued through Moodle our learning management system.

5What are Open Badges?Open Badges is a digital accreditation infrastructure from Mozilla. Open Badges are images with metadata hard-coded into them.Visual representations of achievements, learning, skills, competencies etc.They can accommodate formal & informal learning pathways.Open Badges ECO-System

Ok, So lets have a look at how it all works, we will start with the learner7Open Badges ECO-System

A learner can earn badges from a number of places this could be an organisation, training provider, a University. Within a HE institutions, badges could be delivered by different teams such as the programme team for the degree theyre studying, Careers, student union etc. We are going to share with you later in the presentation how different departments within our institution are using Open Badges.

8Open Badges ECO-System

Badges the learner earns are stored in their backpack

9Open Badges ECO-System

Badges can then be shared on social media profiles (such as LinkedIn), online portfolios and personal webpages where learners can build a digital resume/CV. This could lead to unlocking new possibilities such as job opportunities and accreditation. For example, Badges could be used as evidence for gaining fellowship of the HEA.

10Format of practical sessions an exampleBuilding on students previous experiences of learning from level 1:

Using a flipped classroom approach Pre-session SOL : 15 min Screencast = guiding students to the theory underpinning the practical sessionPre-session quiz: to self-regulate learning Active participation in 3 hour practical session Post Session SOL : reflection on professional skill Building on students previous experiences of learning from level 1: SOL informs discussion in workshopThe pre session SOL was designed to enable students to develop knowledge and comprehension prior to the face- to face session. The workshop was designed to provide an active learning experience where application and analysis were the focus . This enabled more opportunities to develop students professional reasoning skills (which was the focus of this module) for all badges students needed to attend the session and complete the post session SOL.11Resources required to achieve thisTime ++++Support (and education) from TEL team to create screencast and on-line quizSupport from technician to facilitate formative feedback within session.12Impact on Learning .a lecturers perspectiveEnd of module review Attendance for practical sessionReviewing each of the reflections took time but affirmed learning had taken place (reflection)Formative feedback on reflections provided via Moodle1 badge endorsed by external company.End of module review : only 5 students responded .

3 had not any completed badges due to time/illness, 1 student was planning to complete badges over Xmas (time) and 1 student found it useful

Attendance for practical session variable why?Splinting only 7 absences Wheelchair skills 17 absences. Visual impairment

For example studies by Smith, KandMorris, NP(2014) and Ford, Burns, Mitch and Gomez (2012) found that lecture capture enhanced attendance and student engagement.

13Inclusivity?Screencast and quiz enables students to rewatch /revisit material in their chosen environment and in their own time opportunity to formatively check their understanding of the subject area. Supports different learning styles as different media available to support learning. (screencast , documents to read , practical session)Opportunity to formatively check own learning and ask questions in safe learning environment (practical session) . This gives students the confidence to reflect on their own skills evident in the post-session reflection.Additional folder supporting evidence for practical session accessed by 34 students (39%) - evident in reading some of the reflections which incorporated professional reasoning skills and evidence.14Results55% students earned at least one badge. Interestingly, 7 students earned open badges over the Christmas period.Benefits to students..a student perspectiveAllows student to track own progressSense of achievementEngaging & motivatingUsefulPost session reflection enables students to recap on session, fully understand the materialGood for CPDBarriers to complete the open badgesa student perspectiveTIMELack of info re.badges : purpose, what to do with themWould a printed certificate be more beneficial, especially for CPD ?Some badges were too lengthyWhat have we learnt?. Or future aspirationsRestructure Moodle site: navigation is easy and intuitive.Each badge to clearly identify the criteria for completion. Introductory lecture to include rationale for the open badges and promoting the benefits for the student.Enhance inclusivity of screencast to include subtitles & more interesting/ diverse visual materials (photos)18What skills, knowledge, behaviours would you like to promote ?

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