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<ul><li> Veronica Diaz | PhD Associate Director EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative | EDUCAUSE BADGES FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING </li> <li> ? </li> <li> The T-Shaped Student/Employee Competency-Based Learning Analytics Connected Learning Quantified Self Movement Rise of Online Learning </li> <li> cross-disciplinary competencies project management, organizational culture, critical thinking, technology literacy, communication, teamwork, quantitative multi-disciplinary and multi-system understanding and communication Depth in a system or discipline (ability to think analytically and problem solve </li> <li> Becoming a Type T </li> <li> Supporting a Type T </li> <li> The Quantified Self Analytics Connected Learning The Portfolio MOOCs </li> <li> A highly connected ecosystem of technologies that support sharing, collaboration, and global links to specialists and students in every area of endeavor. An emphasis on connection and integration, enabling all participants in higher education to assemble components in unique ways to construct the pathways needed to accomplish educational goals, enabling the learner to uniquely integrate personal connections, in-class and out-of-class experiences, collaborations, and resources of all kinds. </li> <li> Badge </li> <li> Before: pre college During After: professional life </li> <li> Source: </li> <li> Source: DYN: New Media Badges in Informal Learning Environments </li> <li> degree resume interview test </li> <li> test interview resume credentials </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> Contact Veronica Diaz, PhD @drvdiaz Associate Director EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative EDUCAUSE </li> </ul>