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Gamifying Music Marc Ruxin, CEO/Co-Founder, TastemakerX CONFIDENTIAL July 2012

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CONFIDENTIALJuly 2012Gamifying Music

Marc Ruxin, CEO/Co-Founder, TastemakerX

2Music Matters


It moves us ... 4Spans time and place ...

5In the old days we read, watched and listened ...


People turn people onto music ... 7But now algorithms have taken the place of people and curation

Music is ripe for games 8

Two divine inspirations

9True Gamification has only been successfully realized once:Fantasy sports: 35 years, 50M+ Global users from Cricket to Football .People looking at data. Limited licensing costs. Drive $4-5B in revenue for the sports industry

Cultural discovery is still a flawed, subjective art/scienceCollaborative filtering has obvious limitations (Amazon/Netflix)Pure algorithms are also imprecise (Pandora/Last.fm)Human curation at scale is still the most effective solution, but most still happens through an editorial bias10

1. Its social ...

112. Its mobile


3. Its universal 134. Its always evolving

145. Never stopping


6. Formats change, but its the music that matters

7. Discovering music first is a game 17

Hip HopJazzIndie RockBlues

Classic RockDeath Metal8. Now we are all connected EDM



9. It brings together niches of niches, so you dont feel like an Outsider.

10. Games need players who actively seek to find the next big thing & share it 2011. Its a core social organizing principal

Coachella or Bonnaroo?

12. Authenticity is core ...

13. The best games have you yelling with joy

14. Games with inside jokes are usually the most fun 24

When I was younger I wanted to be a tastemaker.