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Adicript, Infinite Vastness, Zen Arcadia, Jimmy Allen: The Guitar Gods Smiled Upon Me, Mourning Mountains, Ask Hellen Back, That Metal Chick, Sacramento Reverb Charts, Featured Poetry, NOV/DEC Flyer Gallery


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    Founded: 2013 Hometown: Santa Rosa, California Genre: Rock/Progressive Rock Adicript is an intelligent blend of well composed, beautiful, progressive, hard rock. Smart lyrics with substantial mean-ings and messages supported by creative, energetic guitar riffs bring to life deep sentiment relatable by all. Drums and powerful bass tracks move every song forward with a distinct progressive fashion.

    George Cudworth (Lead Guitar/Vox), David Mammoth Gray (Drums), Dustin Covington (Lead Vox/Keys)

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    How did Adicript get started?

    George - I met Dustin when I was 20 and we played in a band for like 3 weeks, the band fell apart and Dustin went in the military and got stationed at Fort Hood. I then moved to Hollywood where I went to music college. Dustin called me and said he was bored and I should move out to Texas after I graduat-ed I was like ok and I sold everything and went to Texas.

    Dustin - George came back 2 years ago.

    George - When I moved back I moved in with Brei and started a project where I wrote mellow stuff. A year after I got back, I met David and he had an ad stating he was looking for good musicians. We got in contact and 3 weeks later David bought a new drum set and I bought a new guitar. I went through this huge classic rock faze.

    David - Yeah, I then played this crazy riff and we went from there.

    Dustin - I got involved a few weeks after all that. I was like behind the closet not remotely ok with being in a classic rock band. I knew where his head was at in the past and I just waited it out to see where it would go.

    When Adicript was in its feeling out stages, did you know you all would be a progressive Rock band or did it just happen.

    David - None of us knew how progressive we could play until all of us started jamming.

    What can fans expect from the EP?

    Dustin - More dynamics

    George - More progressive

    Dustin - This EP, in general, features us playing a lot harder for one, 2 songs are a lot harder, dynamics like I said.

    David - Definitely more progressive.

    Dustin - Our demos were pretty straight forward, a couple singles and a ballad. I feel like if the North Bay Underground was still going on, we would put Through The Gray on there.

    Why did you name your band, Adicript?

    George - I wrote a song, Adicript. It was about taking acid 7 years ago and then I met him and said we should use it as our band name.

    Dustin - Its great for search engines because when you type it in, you will find Adscript or Adicript.

    I heard the Bay areas local scene is doing well and heard from others that it is not. What are some obstacles you guys have faced?

    George - There is no scene.

    Dustin - I am on the opposite side of this spectrum. I dont know what scene they are talking about. If youre a DJ and want to play in Sonoma County. you will find a gig and make good money doing it because everybody wants to hear that all day. For a band that is trying to be progressive, there is no scene for that.

    David - there are performers with good stage pres-ence but there are all these bands that have one real-ly good musician and the rest kinda bring that down. Thats a part of the hard rock metal scene that I see.

    What is your opinion on The Prog Rock metal scene in Norcal?

    David - I havent really seen any other progressive rock bands.

    Dustin - 7 years ago, I was in a progressive rock band but we were more like Dream Theater progressive rock. I used a keyboard kind of deal with consistent change all over the place.

    George - There was a really good metal scene when I was in High School but that died out quickly too.

    I can hear specific genre influences in your music like In the Name Of, what genres are the most influential and does that make it challenging to place your band in a particular genre?

    George - I think progressive rock is the easiest to put up front.

    Dustin - I would like to just say we are a hard rock band. Throwing the word Prog in there just opens it up more than we are actually going for. We do have influences but what we are doing is relatively easier to follow.

    George - And we have good rock choruses.

    What are Adicripts plans?

    George - Play shows, and more shows.


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    I t was a nice, warm, beer fueled day at the Press Club, in downtown Sacramento. where I first saw Infinite Vastness. The first thing that caught my

    eye was the impressive set up their keyboard player, Alex Severson, brought with him. It seemed to domi-nate the stage left area, and I knew there was some-thing special about these guys. Once everything got set up, the rest of the band hopped up on stage and immediately blew my mind. Taylor Clark, their guitar-ist and lead singer, had a mellow and raspy voice to him that complemented his old-school rock style of guitar playing. Clarks driving rock mixed really well with Seversons keyboard additions, that went all over the place, in terms of sounds. Backed up by Bill Bur-nett on bass, and Julian Herbert on drums, they not only brought old school, space rock to the table, but they showed an unbridled passion on stage. As their music hit its incredible crescendo, you could see that each and every member of the band was pouring their all into their performance. Herbert was pounding his kit like there was no tomorrow, and Burnett had the hair flying to complement his thundering bass. By the end of it, I had a serious case of whiplash.

    After that whirlwind of musical fusion, I caught up with them a few days later out in West Sacramento. They were all hanging out, minus Herbert this particular night. I was able to speak to Herbert outside of this

    particular instance, but he had plenty of things to say that went along with what the rest of the band told me.

    Infinite Vastness formed in February 2013, with Bur-nett joining the band later in February 2014, and has been playing all over Sacramento since then. And throughout their musical journey, they have been able to utilize their wide variety of musical influences. Clark and Burnett have both been brought up on a lot of classic rock, with Burnett focusing on a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Primus since picking up the bass. Severson is a bit of the odd man out, when he tells me, "I was a rave kid, and then I've been producing hip hop for about 6 years. Then I met up with these cats, and I knew like 2 or 3 Zepplin tracks...I also like the blues, so that helped as well. He also adds, I like weird noises. I've been producing for so long, that if it's weird, it adds something, like a new element Herbert tells me later, that his main influence for his drumming is, John Bonham. there is no other when it comes to rockin peoples faces. He also says, I know if I play with my heart, its gonna be loud, kinda like Bonham.

    You would think that a bunch of guys so like minded and passionate would have known each other before, but thats not the case. They all happened to meet at Sac City College, where Clark was taking recording

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