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The 2012 Tenterden 01580 766 766 42 Residential Sales, Lettings Part of Kent life since www.hobbsparker.co.uk and surrounding villages and surrounding villages Delivered byDeliveredbyy


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Residential Sales, Lettings& Property Consultancy

Part of Kent life since

Tenterden 01580 766 766www.hobbsparker.co.uk




forTenterden &Ryeand surrounding villagesand surrounding villages

The village directoryDelivered byDelivered byy

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Tel: 07729 493044LICENSED - PRIVATE HIRE



4 SEATER & 8 SEATER NOW AVAILABLEAll Pickups After 11pm

To Be Pre-booked

G&J’s Private HireBased on the Romney Marsh, (Lydd).

Local and Airport JourneysAdvanced Bookings Taken - Seats up to 6

Please call to arrange

Mobile: 07715 406 672or Email: [email protected]

Start your Journey in a Relaxed Mode.

“A” Rated

13 & 15 Bank Street, Ashford, Kent TN23 1DE

Access to the entire mortgage marketBespoke life insurance protection

Call Now 01580 761 600


BATHROOM & KITCHEN SPECIALISTVery Competitive Rates • Free Quotes

Family Run Business • 15 yrs ExperienceQualified in Plumbing, Carpentry & JoineryT: 07402 191 883 / 01795 668 216

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3April Issue Deadline 1st March

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the March Issue, with March comes the anticipation of crisp and sunny spring days and the onset of British Summer Time. Sunday 25th March is a date to remember, the clocks will “spring” forward an hour. That is if the powers that be haven’t decided to change it after all these years! So don’t be caught out.

Another important date this month is 18th March - Mother’s Day, and I’m sure my 16 year old son will be showering me with fl owers and bars of mint Aero while he does the housework for me (I can but dream!)

Since November when the magazine expanded its coverage into Rye, the content has been such that I’ve been unable to fi t in our regular Wit & Wisdom feature. This has not gone un-noticed, so this month it’s back! Unbelievably the Village Directory is seven years old this year, and “Wit &

Welcome tothe village directory

Wisdom” has proven to be a popular feature. But after so many editions it’s becoming increasingly diffi cult to fi nd good, clean and inoff ensive content for this page. I do receive contributions from readers, but I often fear I’m beginning to scrape the bottom of the barrel. So please send me your jokes, if they are clean and funny and there’s no risk of off ending anyone (there’s a challenge!) why keep them to yourself! If we only raise a titter or even a “Doh”, it’s a welcome break from the doom and gloom we are often bombarded with. Apparently laughing is good for your health!

Have a great month

~ DebbieT: 01233 720488e:[email protected]:www.thevillagedirectory.co.uke:[email protected]

102 High Street, Tenterden Telephone 01580 762244 www.townandcountryhomecare.co.uk


We offer tailored packages of care that can help people stay in their own home for as long as possible, rather than going into a expensive care home before it’s really needed

Do you need help at Home? “Private Care Service”

rated by the Care Quality Commission

Mobility Shop in Tenterden


102 High Street Telephone 01580 761743


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the garden



Well it came as no surprise to me the change in the weather we have had, and it certainly gave the spring bulbs a bit of a shock as they tried to get to grips with their untimely growth from the earth. The warmer weather in January stopped my snowdrops from emerging and I only had four brave enough to pop their heads up into sunshine. I also had a bit of a shock when I noticed robins and long tailed tits collecting debris as if to build nests!!! But that’s all changed now, as I look out from the offi ce on to the patio. It’s a freezing cold day but still the hyacinths are emerging. I’m half expecting the paperwhite daff odils and crocus that are out to freeze solid!

Now this shall come as a bit of a surprise. I cannot do the compost bit as my garden is just not big enough, but I do spread paper shreddings etc on to the vege

patch, if only to make me feel that I am doing my bit for the environment. When I had my hair cut recently, chatting on as women do about the garden etc, my friend informed me that when she worked at the salon, she had an elderly chap who had an allotment turn up each week and take all the hair cuttings. These were dug into his vege patch, and apparently he grew the most amazing vegetables. On refl ection I should not have been too surprised at this, as I can remember my dad using the stuffi ng out of old mattresses on his garden. Weren’t they made from horsehair? or was it fl ok. Needless to say where my hair trimmings went, and subsequently the husbands too. I thought if the worms don’t want them, the birds could use it to line their nests. And very jazzy their nests will be too, as my hair is bright orange at the moment, a hairdressing disaster caused by too much talking!!!

The leeks are slowly coming to an end now, though I am trying to save a few back for the Spring Show. Leeks will stay quite happily in the ground until ready for use, just keep an eye out for rot, especially if we have had a lot of wet weather. One soon gets fed up of leek and potato soup,

The Garden Shed

By Jackie Witcher Tenterden & District Horticultural Society

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the garden• • Collection ServiceCollection Service• • HandstrippingHandstripping• • ClippingClipping• • DemattingDematting• • Nails •Ears •TeethNails •Ears •Teeth• • Anal GlandsAnal Glands• • Doggy Day NurseryDoggy Day Nursery• • Cat GroomingCat Grooming• • MicrochippingMicrochipping


TEL: 01233 732505www.smartdogs-kent.co.ukMarsh Rd Hamstreet,TN26 2JE

so try this leek, bacon and potato pie. Saute 4 slices of fi nely diced bacon till crispy and add a big knob of butter. Add ½ a fi nely diced onion and 2 fi nely shredded leeks and sweat down, don’t brown. Stir in a pot of Philadelphia cheese, (or be daring and try a pack of Boursin garlic and herb), add a good scrunch of black pepper and cool. Finely slice some par boiled potatoes. Line the greased pie dish with pastry, then starting with the leek mix, layer with the potatoes to fi ll the dish right up. Top with a pastry lid and pop a couple of slits in the top for the steam to escape. Give a good brushing with egg wash and bake gas 7 (or equivalent) for ½ hour or until brown, then turn down to Gas 3 for a further ½ hour to 45 mins. Absolutely delicious, hot or cold.

I have been through my seed box and noted that a few packets have gone out of date. In the past I have tried growing these, but what a waste of time. Seldom did they germinate, but did I learn? Nope. I still tried growing them, but this year I am defi nitely throwing them out and getting a new batch. I have also decided to stick to my “old faithfulls” though I shall still grow the climbing mange tout and climbing French beans. I had quite a good return from these, and they are quite expensive to buy in

the supermarkets. Note - I must try and pick the mange tout more regularly and not miss any. Like runner beans it only takes one or two to mature and the plant stops producing. Well look at the time, I’ve chatted on yet again!

Its so cold today that I am opting out of coff ee. Now don’t worry, I’m having hot chocolate and instead of cake, choccy bics to dip. Bang goes the New Years Resolution. (sigh) I’m so weak!!


Groundcare Machinery for the Garden of England G r o u n d c a r e D i v i s i o n

Lister WilderHenwood Ind. Est. Henwood RoadAshfordKentTN24 8DHTel. 01233 619 290Fax. 01233 637 575

. Est. ad

9 29037 575 www.listerwilder.co.uk

01233 619 290For Sales, Parts and Service call:

Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts


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the garden


Growing your own peppers is not much more involved than growing tomatoes, so why not give it a try? Pepper plants can be unbelievably pretty too, with fruits in a range of shapes and colour, generally on compact plants and preceded by small and very pretty white fl owers. This is a plant with great ornamental as well as edible potential.

Both chilli and sweet - or bell - peppers can be grown in a greenhouse border, in a sunny spot in the garden in warmer parts of the country, or on a sunny, sheltered spot on the patio. The heavier, earlier crop will come if you grow the plants in a greenhouse or conservatory, but it is well worth growing them outside too.

Sweet peppers, especially the red ones, are very high in vitamin A and both red and green peppers are also very high in vitamin C. Chilli peppers also have a good supply of vitamins C and A and in addition, contain both beta-carotene and something called capsaicin which is believed to have a useful eff ect on blood cholesterol levels.

The seeds are readily obtainable from many catalogues or garden centres but make sure you take into account the level of heat that each type delivers. Most seed packets and catalogues do make it very clear.

Sow the seeds between now and early April. I use a multi-purpose or a seed compost, but for good germination you will need to provide a bit of extra warmth, ideally from a heated propagator positioned in a spot where it receives plenty of natural light. If you don’t have the time or facilities to raise your own from seed, you can always buy a few plants in a garden centre or send off for them. We off er two tasty varieties as part of my ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ system (see www.pippagreenwood.com for details).

Keep the plants a tiny bit drier than you would a tomato plant and feed regularly

Growing Peppers

All Aspects Of Tree WorkCarried Out to the Highest Standard

• Felling, Pruning & Shaping• Conifers Reduced• Fruit Trees Pruned• Hedge Cutting• Stump Grinding• Seasoned Firewood

• Fully Insured and Qualifi ed• Free No Obligation Written Quotations

For a friendly & professional service please call:

01233 730800 / 07771 970570www.arbourtreesurgery.co.uk

Warehorne, Ashford TN26 2ER

‘ Trust your local experts’

A Multi-trade Company

Tree surgery - Landscaping - Garden WorkDrive-ways & Patios

Tel: 07979 003 291 / 01303 87524630 years Experience - fully insured - www.fabbuilders.com

Fast Aff ordable BuildersF.A.B

y p y

Hugh Nichols Garden Service

Free Quotes& Advice

• Mushroom Compost• Topsoil• Ornamental Bark• Manure• Crushed Concrete• Sand & Ballast• Road Plannings• Muck Away, Plant &

Tipper Lorry Hire• Trade Enquiries


Tel: 01580 766559Mob: 07774 757001

Advertise Here £19 per month plus VAT

T: 01233 720488E: [email protected]

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the garden

Chart FencingFor all your fencing requirements and more...


Installation Available


Huge Stocks

CALL FOR FREE BROCHURECALL FOR FREE BROCHURE01233 62618801233 626188by Pippa Greenwood

with a high-potash liquid feed (most readily available as a ‘tomato food’). This helps to keep the plants growing strongly and the potash will encourage plenty of fl owers and so fruits to form.

If you are going for plants in pots, choose a planter that has good drainage and is 30cm (12in) or more in diameter, adding broken pots for extra drainage. Once there is no danger of late frosts you can put them outside in a sheltered, sunny spot.

If you’re after the hottest possible heat from your chilli peppers, then you’ll fi nd this comes from fruits that are totally ripe and from peppers that are grown in warmer conditions.

If you are growing sweet peppers in patio pots then you are likely to fi nd that there are still some unripened fruits on the plants when temperatures start to fall at the end of summer and well into autumn. To increase the chances of these ripening and increasing to full size, move the pots to a warmer spot or, if possible, to a porch, conservatory or greenhouse where they’ll get extra warmth and also plenty of natural light.

If you want chillies that look particularly good on the patio there are plenty to choose from. ‘Black Pearl’ is a hot chilli pepper with a distinct blackish tinge to the mature leaves and fruits that are black early on and mature darkest red. For classic chillis with bright red, fi nger shaped fruits try ‘Thai Dragon’.

Visit www.pippagreenwood.com to make veg growing easy. You’ll receive garden ready veg plants PLUS every week Pippa emails you hints, tips and advice about your chosen veg. From just £39 for up to 66 garden-ready plants, 6 packets of seed and the weekly emails.

Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts


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Rye Lions Are Winners Five members of Rye and District Lions Club have just attended the 41st Annual Convention of District 105SE of the Lions held at Chichester. This District covers the counties of East and West Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London south of the Thames and consists of some 70 clubs. At the Convention various awards are made and Rye Lions were delighted to be awarded the shield for their fi rst entry in the District Scrapbook Competition, which was the fi rst time a year’s events of a Lions Club had been produced on a CD. The Scrapbook covered the Lions year 2010/11 and a copy is given to each of Rye Lions, and as it contained well over 200 various items from the media, it has been necessary in recent years to produce this as a CD for each member. The retiring Club President, however, receives a bound hard copy.In addition to the delegates from the south-east, there were representative Lions from France and Germany and

the guest of honour was the Past International Director Dr Patti Hill from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The guests were escorted into the hall by members of the Sea Cadets carrying the fl ags of all the countries represented that day followed by the playing of all their national anthems. It was announced that membership of the clubs within the south-east had increased by 188 new Lions in the last year.

A highlight of the Convention was a presentation by Allen Parton, Founder and Vice-Chairman, of the charity, Hounds for Heroes. Allen was severely wounded in the Gulf War and spent fi ve years in hospital recovering from his injuries. Allen explained that the objective of this charity is to provide specially trained assistance dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK armed forces and the civilian emergency services. Through this provision their aim is to provide help and practical support leading to an enhanced quality of life for their clients. Lions District Governor, Frank Lees, then presented Allen with a cheque for £1,000 from the Lions and said that the target was to increase this to £5,000 from the Lions in the south-east. Delegates were so moved by Allen’s talk that it was d e c i d e d to hold a c o l l e c t i o n that day and £348 was collected.

International delegates and their fl ags

Hounds for Heroes – Lions District Governor, Frank Lees, with Allen Parton and his dog EJ

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the home


Wood You Like’s

Wood You Like, Natural Wooden Flooring

Antique and Second HandFurniture For Sale

Restoration and Quality French Polishing

Passionate About RecyclingAll Things Wooden

Tel: 01303 813824Mobile: 07818 032088

Unit 3,Wembdon Farm, Bower Road,Smeeth. (Nr Evegate)

email [email protected]


Made to Measure in Your Fabric or Ours.Personal Service from Measuring to Fitting

Call Sue 07760 776496or 01580 761279

email [email protected]

&Mike PepperMike PepperCarpetUpholsteryCleaning Specialist

Call: 01797 363441 Mob: 07910 386836

• Carpets Dry Rapidly• Living Room

from £45• Hall, Stairs &

Landing from £40 • Bedroom from £35• Quality Service• Sensible Rates

Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

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the home


Investing In Your Kitchen? J M Interiors

Share Th eir Top Design& Planning Tips

Think about these fundamental questions to create your perfect kitchen:

1) Functional use. Are you looking for a kitchen come family room? A kitchen/diner or a simple kitchen only space. The function will dictate its style and ultimate plan.

2) Storage – too little, too much? Too little you’re disorganised and your kitchen can’t function properly, too much and you’re wasting valuable design space. Think about dead spaces - gaps between cabinets & ceil-ings, redundant corners, sloping ceilings or obstructions such as beams. Bespoke cabi-nets mean these spaces are fully utilised.

Quick Crossword1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 9


11 12 13


15 16 17

18 19

20 21

Across1. Bewitched (7)5. Trimmed (5)8. Loosens (5)9. Evil (7)10. Vertical (13)11. Without trouble (6)12. Teeth (6)15. Display (13)18. Detonate (7)19. Business transactions (5)20. Stairs (5)21. Destroys hearing (7)

Down1. Crawl (5)2. Soaks up (7)3. Sundry items (13)4. Split (6)5. Book of facts (13)

6. Guttural noise (5)7. Arid regions (7)11. Perpetual (7)13. Shake briskly (7)

14. To be present at (6)16. Type of syrup (5)17. Facial features (5)

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the home

11MINTERIORSJThe painted kitchen and bedroom specialists

Let our showroominspire you

Telephone: 01580 291221Website: www.jmi-kitchens.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

J M Interiors, Park Farm, Frittenden Road,Biddenden, Kent, TN27 8LJ

3) Work surfaces are always a big area of discussion and ultimately come down to priority – practicality, style or cost? Combining 2 surfaces such as stone & timber can provide warmth and reduce cost, worktops with built in antibacterial protection really benefi t young families or for low upkeep – granite is no 1 in terms of style & maintenance.

4) Cabinet style - solid wood or a paint-ed fi nish? Where to start on colours? We fi nd it’s usually dictated by the amount of light your room has. If south facing then you’re lucky to have lots of natural light, north facing and you may need an extra helping hand to inject some brightness - this is where choice of colour can make a huge diff erence. J M Interiors off ers a full colour advisory service understanding what coordinates well together. Having our own paint shop & spraying facility gives us a limit-less colour palate and the ability to use a paint with proven durability.

5) Appliances – what are your must haves? What’s your cooking style? Looking to cut down on cleaning & maintenance? Fed up with a noisy dishwasher? Ever heard of a long, fresh fridge? All things to consider, prioritise and get guidance on. Being an AEG premier partner, we’re lucky to get access to the best in the market, suiting all budgets with the added bonus of a 5 year guarantee on most appliances.

With so many factors, planning a new kitch-en can be a confusing minefi eld – be sure to choose the right company to help advise you. J M Interiors is a family business who plan, design, manufacture & install bespoke kitchens & bedrooms; with over 38 years ex-perience you can be reassured you’re in the right hands.

Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

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In S



Serves 4

4 x salmon fi llets, skinned

6 tbsp teriyaki sauce

1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed

250g packet medium egg noodles

2 tsp sesame seed oil

1 tsp grated root ginger

6 salad onions, trimmed and thinly slices

40g radishes, trimmed and thinly sliced

2 tbsp sesame seeds

30ml honey, warmed

This is a great way to jazz up salmon – with a Japanese teriyaki sauce glaze served with sesame fl avoured noodles. Soak the wooden skewers in water for 30 minutes before threading on the strips of salmon to prevent them from burning under the hot grill.

Glazed Salmon Skewers with Sesame Noodles

1. Slice each salmon fi llet widthways into 2 strips and place the strips in a shallow dish. Mix together the teriyaki sauce and garlic and pour over the salmon. Cover and leave to marinate at room temperature for 30 minutes.

2. Preheat the grill to medium. Thread the strips of salmon onto 8 wooden skewers. Grill the salmon skewers for 3-4 minutes on each side until just cooked through.

3. Meanwhile, cook the noodles according to the packet instructions. Drain well. Heat the sesame oil in a wok or large non-stick frying pan and add the ginger, spring onions, radishes and sesame seeds. Stir fry for 2-3 minutes then Add the noodles and toss well to mix.

Ready in40 minutes

plus 30 minutes marinating

Seasonal Delights


VegetablesCabbageCaulifl owerChicoryGreens

KaleLeeksParsnipsShallotsSpring Onions

SwedeTurnipsSpring Greens


Page 13: Tenterden Mar 2012


TIP: To save time buy a small jar of ready prepared ginger puree rather than buying fresh root ginger – once opened it will keep in the fridge for a few weeks and is great for adding an Oriental fl avour to rice and stir fries.

4. Just before serving, brush the salmon skewers with the warmed honey and grill for a further minutes. Divide the sesame noodles between four serving bowls and top with the salmon skewers.



01233 632329

FishCocklesHakeJohn DoryLemon SoleMussels

OystersSalmonSea Trout

Meat & GameBeefGuinea fowlMuttonPorkRabbit

VealVenisonWood Pogeon

Open 7 Days A WeekMon - Sat 9am - 5.30pm & Sundays 10am - 4pm


Gibbet OakFarm Shop

Appledore Road,Tenterden TN30 7DHTel: 01580 763938

Fax: 01580 763938

(Just 2miles outside of Tenterden on the B2080 Appledore Road)


Frozen Ready Meals



FCOOKBird Seed, Nuts & Feeders, also our very popular 10lb bags of apples for birds, wild animals and horses only £1.70





FREE TASTINGS OF OUR FRESH JUICES, Cox/Bramley, Falstaff , Jonagold Russet and Pear Juices - Pressed fresh from our own orchards.

PLUS: Fresh Bread Daily,Locally Produced Free Range EggsFull Range of Korkers Sausage ProductsLocally Made BaconA Wide Range Of CheesesLocal Handmade PiesFruit & VegetablesWide Range of Ready Prepared Frozen Fruit & VegetablesRomney Marsh Potatoes 12.5K & 25K SacksHoney & Honeycomb from Our Own HivesCakes, Jams and Marmalades and lots more.Dry, Seasoned logs & Coal Oven-Ready Pheasant, Duck & Wild Rabbit.Local Free Range Lamb Ready jointed & frozen.

sage Products


pared Frozen Fruit &

sage Proddddducts

d F F i


pp edoTe





Hampers & Fruit Bowls

Made to Order

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• Professional unique intensive valet process

• Range & AGA specialist

• All ovens, hobs, extractor fans & microwaves

• Environmentally friendly, no toxic chemicals, no fumes

• See ovenu.co.uk for a video of the valet process

• Ovenu Ashford is approved by Trading Standards

• Contact Richard at Ovenu Ashford

• 01233 380023 or 0800 1409800


Challock Memorial Hall, Blind Lane.1st & 3rd Friday of each month 1pm to 4pm

Contact Pauline Hickson 01233 740979

THE BARN SHOP TRADITIONAL MARKETChallock - 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month

10am – 2pm Contact 01233 740237


9.30 -11.00 every Thurs morningContact 01233 740176

EGERTONEvery Friday 2 - 4.30pm Millennium Hall

ROLVENDEN - 01580 240763Every Thursday 10am -12 noon

St Mary’s Church and the Village Hall

RYE FARMERS MARKETEvery Wednesday at Strand Quay 10am - 1 pm

(12pm Oct - April)

RYE MARKETEvery Thursday at the Cattle Market Car Park. Early till around 3pm (depending on the weather)

RYE COMMUNITY MARKETRye Community Centre, Conduit Hill. Every

Friday 10am -10.45am

TENTERDEN COUNTRY MARKETEvery Friday 9.30am -11.30am

St Mildred’s Church Hall, Church road.

WAREHORNEWarehorne Village Hall 10am -1pm

4th Sunday of the monthTel: 01233 733718 or Mob: 07979 905600.

WITTERSHAM MARKETEvery Tuesday Village Hall 9am. - 11am

Tel: 01797 270757

WYE - 07804 652156First and third Saturday of every month

on the Village Green in Wye. Tel: 07804 652156www.wyefarmersmarket.co.uk

Single Oven £35.00Single Oven £35.00Small Oven/Grill £17.00Small Oven/Grill £17.00Large OvenLarge Oven(90cm wide)(90cm wide) £42.00 £42.00Hobs from £12.00Hobs from £12.00Extractors From £12.00Extractors From £12.00AGA’S, Ranges AGA’S, Ranges Priced AccordinglyPriced Accordingly

An independent, family run business

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Barbara-Ann ClarkFine Foods

Coffee - Lunches - Cream Teas - Dinner

The Courtyard, Evegate, Station Road, Smeeth, Ashford, Kent TN25 6SXwww.barbara-annclark.co.uk Tel: 01303 813175

As from Tuesday 21st February Barbara-Ann will be opening the Roundels for Evening Dining -

Contemporary English Cuisine accompanied by a Fine Extensive Wine List.

- Or just join us for a Glass of ice cold Beer or Wine to soak up the atmosphere.Menus will be on Display.

We look forward to welcoming you.Please book to avoid disappointment.

Opening Hours:10am - 11pm

Tuesday - Saturday

Barbara-Ann ClarkFine Foods

Coffee - Lunches - Cream Teas - Dinner

Barbara-Ann Clark’s has now been established for 5 years on the Evegate site at Smeeth, serving freshly ground coff ee, light lunches & cream teas amongst delicious homemade cakes & pastries, their sausage rolls, cheese & fruit scones are the talk of the town! Gluten free goods available.

As from the 21st February you will be able to join her in the “Roundels Restaurant” for contemporary English cuisine, boasting an extensive wine list, including local Chapel Down wine.

Barbara-Ann also has some great gift ideas on sale in her shop, laden with food, from pasta and sauces to local jams & ice cream.

Hampers can be made up to suit your palate and budget, food can be ordered to take away for that special dinner party or event, vouchers can be purchased for that person who has everything!

Roundels are available for private functions, including Breakfast Meetings and Business Lunches, menus are available to peruse inside and outside the shop and are changed regularly.

Please feel welcome to come and enjoy a glass of wine or beer with a pot of olives, to soak up the atmosphere.



• Roundels RestaurantTues-Sat 7pm-11pm

• Sunday Breakfasts - Roast Lunches

• Senior Citizen Weds Lunch Special

• Daily Coff ee, Light Lunches, Afternoon Teas

• Wine Merchant

Tel: 01303 813175 (Booking Advisable) New websiteunder construction

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Atlas Business Park

Call now for further information 01797 222277H A R B O U R R O A D , R Y E , E A S T S U S S E X T N 3 1 7 T E

“The cheapest andthe best” storage space available in Rye

Self storage containers to suit all purposes from £18 + vat per week

24 hour access and security

Offices and Industrial Unitsfrom 500 to 10,000 square feet

Conference Room £30 per day









Canvases &

much more!





7 The Fairings, Tenterden, Kent, TN31 6QXTel: 01580 766667Email: [email protected]

13A Tower Street, Rye, East Sussex, TN30 7ATTel: 01797 226089

Email: [email protected]

Spruce up your spring


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Peace & Plenty Cafe Bar & BistroTel: 01797 280342


Cafe Bar & BistroC f B & BiTel: 01797 280342


Tudor Builders & DecoratorsOver 20 yrs experience - References availablePlastering • Carpentry • Tiling • Wall Papering

• Flooring • Fencing & PatiosCall 01797 224629

Rye Lodge HotelRefresh yourself with a chilled glass at

THE CHAMPAGNE BAR(Snacks Menu available)

Hilders Cliff , Rye TN31 7LD t: 01797 223838


t: 07816 215 432Needles Passage Rye TN31 7EN

[email protected]

Boutique Bird

T: 01797 229927 113 High Street, Rye TN31 7JE



Antiquarian Rare and Secondhand Books5 Lion St, Rye T: 01797 225410


Old, Designer & Vintage Clothing1 Wish Ward T: 01797 458 081


The Newly RefurbishedPeace and Plenty

will be reopening in time for

Mothers Day Mothers Day March 18thMarch 18th

Bookings will be taken fromTuesday 21st February and menu details

will be on our website from that date.Early booking advised as limited

places are available.

Telephone 01797 280343or email

[email protected] further details.

Salon 15Hairdressing01797 223132

ColouringCuttingMen, Women & Children

18 Landgate, Rye Now open Tuesday - Saturday

£5OFFany servicewith thisvoucher

Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

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Pengelly& Rylands


• House Sales & Purchases• Wills & Probate• Family & Cohabitation• Elderly Client Care• Company Formation• Employment• Fixed Fee Interviews

39/41 High StreetTenterden

Kent TN30 6BJ

Telephone (01580) 762248www.pengelly-rylands.co.uk


In another of our regular series on legal matters, this month Laura Hails, Legal Executive at Pengelly & Rylands Solicitors, talks about a new free legal advice service in Tenterden.

Following the success of our free family law clinic, we are pleased to announce that we will be running a free drop in service at the Sure Start Centre, based at the Little Explorers Children Centre, Recreation Ground Road, Tenterden. This is specifi cally for families with children aged under 5 years of age.

We will be available at the centre every Wednesday from February, to discuss topics including divorce, cohabitation disputes, fi nancial settlement after divorce and children issues. If any families have a legal issue or concern about their family, we will be available to talk things through, so that we can advise you of the best way forward in your situation, so that you can make an informed choice as to how you wish to proceed.

It is a sad fact that we meet a number of families, often with young children, who are separating or in troubled relationships. There are a number of facilities available in the local area to provide families with additional support, and we are proud to work in partnership with Sure Start to assist families with under 5’s.

We understand that costs are a factor in family matters, and people are concerned about instructing solicitors. We are aware that there is a need in the local area, particularly with families with under 5’s, to meet with a lawyer to discuss their concerns and to receive some initial free advice.

At Pengelly & Rylands we encourage couples to communicate with each other and to try to keep matters as amicable as possible, by discussing what they want. We now have the

added benefi t of being located at the Sure Start Centre, which has other facilities available for families with under 5’s, and we will be able to advise them whether any additional services, which are available through the Sure Start Centre, would be benefi cial to them.

Laura Hails will be pleased to meet with you at the Centre and will be available on a weekly basis.

Laura Hails, Legal Executive at Pengelly & Rylands

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Getting Getting ITIT Sorted Sorted

Your IT Problems Your IT Problems Solved!

* Breakdowns * Hardware Repairs

* Upgrades * Virus & Spyware * Data Recovery

* Software Support


[email protected] 01233 888793 - 07725 742281 - 01797 208189

Wired & Wireless Networks Small Business Server Specialist

* No Call-out Charges * Remote Monitoring

& Management * Managed Support

Services * Data Security

Business & Home ServicesBusiness & Home Services

Canterbury Law Solicitors in association with Moon and Co Solicitors

and Andrew M Johnson & Co Solicitor & Notary Public www.canterbury-law.co.uk

‘Looking after You and Your Family’ We are able to offer a wide range of legal services and pride ourselves in being approachable, professional and sensitive to all your legal needs

Family Mediation Collaborative Family Law Family Separation Divorce Children Accident Claims Personal and Medical Injury Employment Probate and Trusts Civil Disputes Wills Elderly Client Care Spanish Property and Probate Law Notary Public

The Innovation Centre University Road Canterbury Kent

Telephone 01233 712040 Email: [email protected] We are always very happy to undertake home visits and offer evening appointments

Law Society Panel Accredited Specialists in * Advanced Family * Personal Injury * Family Mediation

Nigel Clarke is a Resolution Accredited Specialist Collaborative Lawyer & Family Mediator

Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

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what’s on


Events MarchTenterdenTenterden & District Horticultural SocietyDo you suff er from bottom end rot, get club root, eel worm, ring spot or heartless cabbages?Don’t worry!, we can help. Come along to one of our meetings and see what we’re about. Experienced or inexperienced , all are welcome.Activities include, talks on various gardening topics, outings & social events, plant exchange & quiz, fl ower arranging, workshops, lunches & dinners, shows & plant sales/fair. And of course, the all important advice (if required!) on your tomatoes bottom end rot. For meeting dates & times, check our board at the left hand side of the Woolpack Inn, Tenterden, or in the Whats On section of the Village Directory. Further information:- Mrs Lindy Bates (secretary) 01580 764505Wednesday 21st March The Weald of Kent Computer Club will meet in Biddenden New Village Hall at 8pm. The topic this evening will be:- ‘Setting up a web based e-mail. There will be the opportunity to set up your own web based account that you can use anywhere’.Annual membership £10 plus £2 per meeting. Non-members are welcome (£3, but fi rst visit is free). www.wealdofkentcomputerclub.co.uk Enquiries: [email protected] & District Local History SocietyThe programme for 2011/2012 will include seven lectures on Monday evenings. All meetings will be held in the ZION BAPTIST CHURCH, High Street, Tenterden at 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm.8th March Women in Print, Mr Monty Parkin26th March Coff ee Morning at St Mildred’s Church Hall, Church Road, Tenterden. 10 am – 12 Noon. Entrance £1 – Coff ee and Cakes Tenterden Scrapbooks available to view

RyeRYE HARBOUR NATURE RESERVE EVENTSSat Mar 10th 10am - 1pm Spring Beach Clean We should see the fi rst Wheatears and Sandwich Terns while helping to remove the winter’s rubbish. Hot soup will be served at the end. Meet at Rye Harbour car park with work gloves if you have them.

Sat Mar 17th 7.30pm Winter Lecture: Extreme Mothing An illustrated talk by Graeme Lyons, Sussex Wildlife Trust. Some of the more exciting moth-related stories Graeme and other moth-ers have experienced over the last 20 years. Organised by the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. Winchelsea Beach Community Hall. Open to all, donations appreciated.

AshfordMon12 March Ashford Music Society - Chamber Ensemble Of London Directed by Peter Fisher. This concert will be the fi nal one in our present series. The CEOL was founded in 1997 and draws its players from amongst the most distinguished musicians in London-based orchestras and chamber groups. The CEOL repertoire is wide ranging and on this occasion their programme will be a feast of British music for strings, from Purcell. Handel & Boyce to the present day, including Elgar’s Serenade for Strings in E minor, Op.20. Venue: The Norton Knatchbull School at 7.30 p.m. Tickets: £12 (Adults); £3 (Students) Contact: Brenda McCormack on 01233-622971 or Hilary Pittock on 01233-623700.

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Tenterden Tennis ClubT: 01580 762440Homewood Badminton Club Tuesday Evenings At Tenterden Leisure Centre. Contact Doreen Mackey 01580 762965Lions Club Of TenterdenJohn Mills Tel: 01580 761962Free Lipreading Tuition for the hearing impaired; Friday afternoons, Tenterden. Contact Susan 01233 613198 (5 - 7pm)Tenterden & District Motor Cycle Club Keith Francis 07740 974592Info@tenterdenanddistrictmcc.co.ukwww.tenterdenanddistrictmcc.co.ukTenterden & District Horticultural Soc. T: 01580 764505Tenterden & District Local History Society T: 01233 770082Tenterden & District Museum Assoc. Tenterden MuseumT: 01580 [email protected] Warblers Mr. D. DedrickT: 01580 763377www.tonysing.me.uk/mw/Homewood And District Astronomical Association (Hadas) www.hadastro.org.uk Meets 2nd Thurs of each month, 7.30pm, Homewood School. Martin Frey: 01233 758222Royal British Legion. 2nd Tuesday of every month (except Jan, Aug & Dec) 7.30pm White Lion Hotel.

TenterdenNo Partner Required! Two Left Feet Cured! Come and join the new beginners course at Tenterden’s line dance club. Thursday evening at 7pm . Call 01233 850565 or 07873579581 for more information.

Tenterden Singers T: Martin Bailey 01233 820322 Rehearsals on Tuesday evenings 8pm in the Music Block of Homewood School. Musical Director: Stephen PuseyAshford Ramblerswww.ashford-ramblers.org.ukT: 01233 668762The Tenterden ClubChurch Road, TenterdenT: 01580 762888Angling Society 01580 765157Tenterden Badminton ClubT: 01233 633488Bowls Club T: 01580 766659Tenterden Cricket ClubT: Mr. J.r. Gillett, 01580 762087Tenterden Golf ClubT: 01580 [email protected] London Beach Golf ClubT: 01580 766279Tenterden Angling & Preservation Soc. Mac Lawrence 01580 765157 [email protected]

CLUBS & SOCIETIES Call Bill Chantler. 01580 763 266.Women’s Institute:Tenterden:Mrs A Miller, 01580 761994St. Michaels:Mrs B. Watkins 01580 765085 Tenterden Glebe:Judith Pickford Tel: 01580 762200 Young Wives: St. MichaelsMrs. J. Coombs 01580 763733Tenterden and District Twinning Association, (twinned with Avallon, France) Contact Jean Anderson 01580 [email protected] ce.co.ukTenterden Day Centre, Church Road, Tenterden. Contact Sally Pettengell 01580 762882Weald Of Kent Art GroupMrs Pat Lock (Secretary)T: 01634 865395 or Mr Gareth Smith (Chairman) 01233 850508Sinden TheatreHomewood School Contact: Dave Hutton T: 01580 764222 Ext 284, or 07821 608342 W:www.sindentheatre.comBenenden Playerswww.benendenplayers.co.ukTenterden Operatic & Dramatic SocietyMrs. A. Patrick 01580 241966 www.tods.me.ukTenterden Youth ClubMr K Thornton 01233 850310Tenterden U3A T: Caroline Wycherley 01580 766878. If you are over 50 with time to spare, the U3A off ers you leisure activities

WOODCHURCH GARAGE LTDWOODCHURCH GARAGE LTD ■ Used Car Sales ■ Brakes, Tyres and Exhausts ■ All Make Vehicle Servicing ■ General Repairs ■ All Mechanical Work Undertaken ■ Breakdowns

MOTMOTSS While You WaitEST 1975

Contact either Graham or Jeremy for a friendly and professional service on

Please Phone for an Appointment

01233 860477 We open at 7.30am, Saturdays open until 12pmWoodchurch, Ashford, Kent TN26 3SA

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and an opportunity to meet like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.Weald U3A - For the dynamic over-50’s, friendly monthly meetings in Tenterden & wide choice of Interest groups Contact Jean Morgan: 01233 770321 [email protected] Michaels Village Community GroupMeet once a month, please check our website for event information and details of our next meeting www.stmichaelsvillage.comLearn Real FrenchWeekly discussion group, in Tenterden T: 07771 601986 www.learnrealfrench.comParkinson’s UK, Ashford Branch. Meets 1st Wednesday of every month at Godinton Village Hall, Loudon Way, Ashford. For information call Mike Wharrad – 01233 623530Tenterden Active Retirement Association (TenARA) Maggie Rennie T: 01580 766276 [email protected] Teri Witcher 01580 763892 [email protected] Spiritualists - Highbury Hall. Highbury Lane. TN30 6LE, every Sat evening, from 6pm to 8.30pm. Evenings of Clairvoyance with a diff erent medium every week, healing is available, and refreshments afterwards, all are welcomed. Contact David Burgess 01233 756127 [email protected]

RyeRye Harbour Sailing Club membership is open to everyone who is interested in cruiser or dinghy sailing on tidal waters. Contact Richard Hopper Membership Secretary for full details. Phone 01797 222291, email [email protected] or visit our website www.rhsc.org.ukWriters Ink - Wednesday writers group: Meet and discuss ongoing and prospective work with fellow writers in the light and airy space above the Paper Place. 11am-1pm every Wednesday.

Oakland Cars 01233 860 493

New and Used Car SalesWe are based near Ashford and have

over 30 years experience in themotor trade.

Woodchurch, Ashford, Kent TN26 3SA UK

www.oaklandcars.co.ukOpen Seven Days a Week • Evening Viewing Available



Supply Any Make of Vehicle Both New and UsedArrange All Types of Vehicle Finance & Leasing

Provide Service, Repairs & MOT TestingRepair Accident Damage or Bodywork

RestorationTyres, Exhausts & Batteries at Competitive Prices


“For a friendly service from a family business”


Telephone: (01580) 764444www.centralgaragetenterden.co.uk


If you enjoy writing children’s stories, are working on your

memoirs, or wantto know more about



Call 01580 762993/07788485424or email: [email protected]

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Children’sClubs & Societies

Guides And Brownies:1st Tenterden Guide Co. Mrs K. Craggs, 01580 764441 - St. Michaels Guide Co. Brownies: Mrs. S. Docker, 01580 762492 - 1st Tenterden Brownies Libby Jones, 01580 761868Scouts And Cubs Scout Hall, Bells Lane, Six Fields, Tenterden. The Scouts Movement Welcomes Both Boys And Girls.www.tenterdenscouts.co.ukMusic Kindergarten (age 1 to 4)Fridays in term time 2pm Zion Baptist Church,Tenterden (side door). Clare (Trained music teacher 07775-811774) Celebrating 10 years of musical adventures.Tenterden Tigers JFC Sec: Ms Lesline Clarke Tel: 01580 291766 Mob: 07710 125217Feet Beats Dance SchoolContact Amy Mead, 07807 852504E: [email protected]

How to Play: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 through 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s addictive!


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Display Ads (Sixteenth Page)£19 per month plus vat

Free Design10% discount on 6 month bookings

Manicures • Pedicures • Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot StonesMassage • Waxing Luxury organic Facials • Spray Tanning •Intensive Anti aging facials • Soak off 3 week Nail Polishes

Ashford’s Premier Location for Beauty, Therapies & Fitness


g{x ftÇvàâtÜç eÉÉÅá

www.rejuvenateholistichealth.co.ukHigh House Bus. Park, Appledore Road, Kenardington, TN26 2LF

Tel: 01233 732795

Gift Vouchers Gift boxed with rose petals

and Ribbon, the perfect gift for

Mothers Day!

Beauty at it’s Best! g{x ftÇvàâtÜç eÉÉÅá


Now in TenterdenTel: 01580 764131

Email [email protected]

Th e Antiques BarnAntiques and Collectables

At Greenways Garden Centre, BethersdenTel 01233 822358www.theantiquesbarn.com

MILL HOUSE DESIGNSTel: 01303 812121

www.millhousedesigns.netOpen Tues - Sat 10am - 4pm

Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

Dyson BrownGents Hairdressing

88 High Street, Tenterden


PRICE LISTStyle Cuts £15

Style Cuts for under 16’s& Senior Citizens £10All Over Clippers £10

OFF PEAKMon - Thurs 8am -12pm

Style Cuts £10Style Cuts for under 16’s

& Senior Citizens £7All Over Clippers £7

OPENING TIMESMon - Thu 8am - 5pm

Fri - Sat 8am -5pm Sun 11am - 4pmOpen 7 Days a Week

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Industrial • Commercial • Domestic• Installations• Security and fi re alarms• Emergency Lighting• CCTV• Garden Lighting

• Showers/extractor fans• Inspection and PAT testing• Full and part rewires• General electrical repairs• Under fl oor heating

Call: 01233 665107E: [email protected]

FREE Quotations!

01233 732184 Dave: 07960 503508

Fully Insured • No Call Out Charge

Piping Hot Plumbing& Heating Services

All plumbing work undertakenNo Job Too Small!!

• Burst pipes, Blockages, Taps, Pumps, Radiators, Lead & Drainage work

• Bathroom & Shower InstallationNo Call Out Charge. 24hr Service

Call: 01233 733779 or 07515651717

Sucklifts Cesspool

Emptying Service~ Est 1986 ~

High Pressure JettingService and Repair to Sewage

Treatment Plants

01233 840624

Accredited Engineer British Water



d So










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the home


of Smarden

Helping You to Save and Make Money with Clean,

Green Solar Energy

Fully Qualified and Accredited MCS, REAL Installation Engineers

Call us on 01233 612082Court Lodge Manor, Kingsnorth, Ashford, Kent, TN23 3JE

Email: [email protected] www.greenmansolar.com

Generate FREE electricity & reduce your energy bills Guaranteed income for 25 years Get paid for every kilowatt of electricity you generate Free no obligation quotations MCS & REAL Qualifi ed 25 year Module performance warranty Kingsnorth Offi ces and Customer Solar

Demonstration Facility Full technical support 7 days a week

Harness the Free Power of the Sun with Greenman SolarOur Solar PV Array and it’s real time performance can be viewed online at : http//goo.gl/LZbWj

■ shower screens

■ splash backs

■ name plaques

■ floor tiles

■ wall tiles

■ glass doors

■ unit tops

Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

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wit & wisdom


WALKING THE DOG A WOMAN was fl ying from Melbourne to Brisbane. Unexpectedly, the plane was diverted to Sydney along the way. The fl ight attendant explained that there would be a delay, and if the passengers wanted to get off the aircraft the plane would re-board in 50 minutes.

Everybody got off the plane except one lady who was blind. A man had noticed her as he walked by and could tell the lady was blind because her guide dog lay quietly underneath the seats in front of her throughout the entire fl ight. He could also tell she had fl own this very fl ight before because the pilot approached her, and calling her by name, said, 'Kathy, we are in Sydney for almost an hour. Would you like to get off and stretch your legs?'The blind lady replied, 'No thanks, but maybe Buddy would like to stretch his legs..'

Picture this:

All the people in the gate area came to a complete standstill when they looked up and saw the pilot walk off the plane with a Guide dog! The pilot was even wearing sunglasses.

People scattered. They not only tried to change planes, but they were trying to change airlines!


il i

Why is lemon juice made with artifi cial fl avoring, and washing up liquid made with real lemons?


Why don‛t sheep shrink

when it rains?

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the home


Banbury Aerial and Telephone ServicesAre an Established and Fully Insured Aerial Business Offering Many Different Services

For Your Free Quote

We Offer a Fantastic

15% Discountto Over 65’s

• General building - New builds - Extensions• Plastering-vaulted ceilings• Painting & decorating• Roofi ng - small repairs to strip and re-tile

Tel: 07979 003 291 / 01303 87524630 years experience / Fully Insured


AMulti-trade CompanyFast Aff ordable Builders



Complete Building Services

For free estimates please call

Mark Jennings

07946 315548 01580 765393

Professional & ReliableOver 20 years Experience

Fully Qualifi ed Trades PeopleReferences Available


Oak & Hardwood Windows & Doors

Bespoke Furniture & Carpentry

Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

General Joinery & Building Services

Listed Building Specialists

Part ‘P’ Approved Electrical Services

01233 758413 / 07889 041607E-mail: [email protected]

Unit 14, Meadowview Ind. Est; Ruckinge TN26 2NR

Please Mention The village directory When Responding to Adverts

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useful information


Disclaimer: Every care is taken to ensure this directory is as accurate as possible but the publishers do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from errors or omissions.

Emergency 999Police Neighbhd TeamAshford & Tenterden 01233 896332Rye 0845 60 70 999Crimestoppers 0800 555 111Out of Hours Doctor 0845 4349655William Harvey Hospital 01233 633331Conquest Hospital, Hastings 01424 755255Samaritans 08457 90 90 90www.samaritans.org

Electricity: Southern Electric 0845 770 8090 EDF Energy 0800 783 8866Gas: Natural 0800 111 999 LPG Details on tank

Doctors SurgeryIvy Court, Tenterden 01580 763666East Cross Health Clinic01580 763304Rye Medical Centre 01797 223333Tenterden Counselling Service Confi dential Tel: 0776 968 3347 www.tenterdencounselling.org.uk

Veterinary Practices Rye 01797 222265Tenterden 01580 763309

Rye Town Council 01797 223902Tenterden Town Council01580 762271Parish Councils:Rolvenden 01580 241347Tenterden 01580 762271Wittersham 07944 183798Ashford Borough Council01233 637311www.ashford.gov.uk Tenterden Offi ce: 01580 764066

Citizens Advice Bureau01233 626185

Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre 01580 764222Rye Primary School 01797 222825Rye College 01797 222545Kent Adult EducationHomewood Centre, Homewood School: 01580 764356Rye College: 01797 222545

Rotary Club Of TenterdenClive Wilson 01580 765734www.rotary1120.org/tenterdenRye & Winchelsea Rotary ClubMembership: 01797 225739Meetings: 01797 226380

Tenterden & District Residents’ Assoc. Chris Mason 01580 765199 www.tdra.org.uk

Iden & Playden Garden SocietyTel: Morris Metcalf 01797 280205

Rye Tourist Information Centrewww.visitrye.co.uk 01797 229049Sinden Theatre (Arts College) 01580 763826 www.sindentheatre.biz [email protected]

CharitiesTenterden Charities Michael Wells 01580 762353Volunteer Bureau Town Hall, 24 High Street. Tenterden, Tn30 6an 01580 765819Rother Voluntary Action01797 229600Age Concern 01580 764158CARM 01233 758122Carmromneymarsh@supanet.comwww.carmromneymarsh.org.ukParkinson’s UK, Ashford BranchContact Mike Wharrad01233 623530Royal British LegionMajor Alan O’Hagan 01580 765630 e: [email protected]’s Section: N. Holman01580 762302St. John Ambulance BrigadeRussel Parkin 01580 766245S E Kent Multiple Sclerosis Society07767 [email protected] Active Retirement (Tenara) Chair: Teri Witcher 01580 763892E:[email protected] Disabled In ActionTenterden Day Centre01580 761060e: [email protected]: Tenterden & DistrictMrs J Coombs 01580 763733

Tenterden & District National Trust Association Membership:Ann Stevens 01580 764791

TransportBus EnquiriesArriva Bus Enqs: 0844 800 44 11Stage Coach East Kent: 0871 200 22 33(Timetable)08456 00 22 99(Customer Services)National Train Enquirieswww.nationalrail.co.ukWealden Wheels 01233 840000Mobile: Kevin: 07821 387727John: 07851 395210Rye & District Community Transport 01797 227722

Village Halls

St. Michaels 01580 763396Stone in Oxney 01233 758362Rolvenden01580 241211 / 07874214916Wittersham 01797 270 656Biddenden 01580 2913202nd Tenterden Scout Hall 01797 270 790Rye Harbour 01797 223 631Playden 01797 223 113

Is your Village Hall listed?Send your details to:[email protected]

Church HallsTenterdenMethodist ChurchMrs S.Delgarno 01580 764981St. Mildred’s ChurchM. Boughton 01797 270770

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