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The countries of the Arab World, covering Northeast Africa and Southwest Asia


  • 1.Created by: Viktor Gombocz

2. Location: Southwest Asia and North Africa. Chief language: Arabic. Associated organization: Arab League(countries marked with an asterisk on next 2slides are members of the Arab League). 3. Algeria* Bahrain* Comoros* Djibouti* Egypt* Iraq* Jordan* Kuwait* Lebanon* Libya* Mauritania* 4. Morocco* Oman* State of Palestine* Qatar* Saudi Arabia* Somalia* Sudan* Syria (suspended from the Arab League in November 2011due to crackdown on protests against President Basher al-Assad) Tunisia* United Arab Emirates* Yemen* 5. Country Recognition of Israel Algeria No Bahrain No Comoros No Djibouti No Egypt Yes Iraq No Jordan Yes Kuwait No Lebanon No Mauritania No 6. Morocco No Oman No Palestine No Qatar No Saudi Arabia No Somalia No Sudan No Syria Tunisia No United Arab Emirates No Yemen No 7. Headquarters: Cairo, Egypt (Tunis, Tunisiafrom 1979 until 1989). Official languages: Arabic Members: 21 members (see slides 4 and 5) Establishment: Thursday, March 22, 1945 Founding members: Egypt, Iraq, Transjordan(renamed Jordan after 1946), Lebanon, SaudiArabia, and Syria. 8. ALLIES ENEMIES United States Israel Russian Federation Iran North Korea Pakistan Afghanistan Cuba