the herald and news (newberry, s.c.).(newberry, ... lki.achjed close to the $300,000 mark newberry...

The herald and news (Newberry, S.C.).(Newberry, ... LKI.aCHJED close to THE $300,000 MARK Newberry has
Download The herald and news (Newberry, S.C.).(Newberry, ... LKI.aCHJED close to THE $300,000 MARK Newberry has

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  • LKI.aCHJED close to THE $300,000 MARK

    Newberry has done well in the mat- ter of the sale of the Liberty Bonds. Her citizens got busy witnin the last few days and went out and explained the' bonds to the people and they re- sponded nobly and patriotically to the call. Two meetings were held in the court house during the week, one on Tuesday afternoon and another on Wednesday afternoon at which sev- eral patriotic speeches were made and the necessity of the people buying the bonds explained to the people and they responded to the call.

    i Committees went out to the peoole and told them about the bonds and; tlie people bought. One party drove out and waked the people up at night and sold' bonds to them, the commit- tee getting back is the city about two a,. m. The total amount sold was $188,-

    950.00. and apart from about $100,- WOO.OO ta&en Dy me conon uims auu the banks the bonds were sold in 6mall denominations to the people, just what this issue was intended for. The total assessment for Newberry

    county or the amount apportioned to ^Kke-county to be sold was $130,000.00.^^5o Newberry county came across with40 per cent, more than her share.

    Good for Newberry. But then sve can always be depended on to do our share in any good work. it The corporations bougnt as xouows: ;

    . Newberry Cotton Mills $25,000.00 -"^lollohon Mfg. Co 15,000.00 Oakland Cotton Mill 10,000.00

    ^-Commercial Bank 30,000.00 i National Bank 25,000.00 ) Exchange Bank 5,500.00 Savings Bank 3,000.00

    Total $113,500.00,


    A conference of interdenominational County Sunday school officers, Dis- trict Presidents and General Sec. R. £. Webb, Spartanburg, S. C., was lield in Central Methodist'church last Mon- day, the 11th. t a TVmtinirf? was elected to fill

    ^ out the unexpired term or Sec. Hollo- Way.

    The aim adopted for the year was a Gold Star county and an increase of 10 per cent, in Banner school per- centage. The officers suggest a pledge or

    $100.00 by the county for support of State work. As a goal for efficiency Mr. wcdd

    suggested that during the year ten Cradle Rolls be organized; Graded lessons be adopted in ten schools; j ten classes for the "Teen" age; ten classes for adult age. j The next county convention will,

    meet at Zion church, near Frospertty,! *>« An? 23d and 24th. A special county campaign was sug-

    gested for the last week in July; pro- dded that as many as three or five dis- icts will hold consecutive meetings furing the week and will immediate- make a request to the president or

    jcretary for a Field worker, and tme the day desired. .District presidents are. urgently re- lested to make requisitions at once

    that a definite schedule for Kjistrict conventions may be arranged I with the State workers.

    } T. A. Dominick, Sec.


    We noted in Tuesday's paper how the price of cotton had been soaring. It has now reached the 25 cents mark, j the biggest price in a good many years And it seems that it is still going higher. {

    During the week Col. C. J. Purcell «.«» tn* Newberry cotton mill

    4 some 650 bales at the price of 24 cents.* The total amount paid was close around $75,000.00. Col. Purcell soldi a lot a short time ago-for a little less j than this price, but it netted him around $50,000.00. He says that it Is tie possession of a good modicum of!

    ains which induced him to noia en others around and about were! tting cold feet and selling. We sus- ct that it cost him some little sleep- sness when the mcfket was play- hide and seek but he held on and

    s made some good money. We arej lad that he has.

    Be&th of Mr. L ?T. rfesstn. Mr. Isaac Newton Wesson died at j

    L+he borne of his son, Mr. Chas. R.| rWesson, in West End, on Thursday j norning at 8 o'clock, and will he Du-i

    Vied this afternoon at 3 o'clock in the tVTest End cemetery, service by his! pastor, the Rev. B. L. Knight. MrJ Wesson was 74 years old. He was an' old Confederate veteran, a member of j James D. Nance camp. Mr. Wesson' lias an interesting history. He was horn in Newberry, but the family moved from this county when he was a little child. At the breaking out of the war he was living in Georgia and volunteered in the >"nth Georgia regiment as a member of Co. H,Brooksville Rifles. [

    Mr. Wesson was twice m


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