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  • '*. .

    keeper, 937 Cornelia St., Newberry. Wilson, Larence Leland Augustus,

    33, Contractor, 2223 Brown St., .Newberry. Wells, Osborne, S3, Retired, 1S01

    Nance St., Newberry. - % Wicker, Young Fred, 22, Railroad

    . 1732 Harris St., Newberry. Whitmire.

    T?rkht Mnnrman. fil. Ware-

    cause, Whitmire. Abrams, Thomas Jasper, .23, Farmer,

    Whitmire, R. F. D. 1. lAbrams, Clark Ivy, 36, [Farming,

    Whitmire, R. F. D. 1. Andrews, George Herndon, 26,

    Salesman, Whitmire. I, Atchison, William jhnson, 41, Mechanic,Whitmire.

    | Aughtry, Sr., William Julius, M, Farmer, Whitmire. Andrews, William Allen, 61, Farmer,

    ^ Whitmire.Hp Aughtry, Zack Robert, 29., Mill OpHerative, Whitmire. Br Albrams, Marvin Eugene, 30, Bookmkeeper, Whitmire. K * Arrowood, Fletcher, 22, Mill "Work,


    Y Alrrams, Edwin Boyd, 28, Farmer, | Whitmire, ft. P. D. f Abrams, Sr., James Clayton, 57, J Farmer, Whitmiite, H. F. ©.

    Atchison, Sam'l Law, To, Farmer, I Whitmire. I Abrams, Thomas Worth, 65, Farmer, I^Vhitmire, K. F. U.

    Abrams, ^Lorenzo Bow, 66, Farmer, \WMtHnre, H. iE. D. i

    tebrams, James Thornas, 30, Farmer, Vlhitmire, K. F. D. Abrams, George Franklin, 06, Farmire,R. F. D.

    I Allen, "William Xuten, 30, Mill "Work, Whitmire. 'Adcox, "William, 60, Mill Work, *WMt mire.

    Baker, Joe Hampton, 36, Farmer, Whitmire.

    Burton, Henry James, 24, Mill Op- erative, Whitmire.

    ft Beal, George Washington, 27, Mil! Work, Whitmire.

    & Blalock, John Douglass, 27, Mill M Work, Whitmire. R Brock, Elijah,. 30, Mill, Whitmire.

    Belue, Lee 35, Mill Operative, WhitBelue,

    Landrum, 26, Mill Operative, Whitmire. Baker, Joe Thomas, 56, Farmer,

    Whitmire, R. F. D. * . "* lV*1 *u.?*

    fttaJcer, Joe nenry, a±, rarmer, Mire, R. F. D.

    Barabo, Hugh Wilson, 38, Farmer, Whitmire. R. F. D.

    Baker, Ernest Clifton, 28, Farmer, Whitmire, R. F. D. Broom, Bryan, 65, Mill Operative,

    Whitmire. Butler, Levi, 22, Mill, Whitmire. Bullard, George Washington, 60,

    Merchant, Whitmire.

    £ Baker, Calvin, 32, Farmer, Whit- y Eire, k. sr. u. 1.

    Broom, John, 26, Mill Operative, ^^Whitmire.HH Burgess, Allen, 34, Mill Operative,

    Whitmire. B


    * Baker, Willie Edgar, 30, Farmer, Whitmire, R. F. D.

    Bishop, James Patton, 41, Carpenter, Whitmire.

    Bishop, Joseph Vincin, 68, Farming. Whitmire.

    Baker, James Byod, 28, Farmer, Iwmumire.

    Baker, Camilus ,24, Farming, Whitmire. "

    Baker, Malcolm Luther, 26, FarmingWhitmire. Bowen, George Columbus, 62, Shoe

    \laker, Whitmire. Bessett, Jr., Theodore Ashe. 31,

    Theological Student, Whitmire. Baker, William Thomas, 64, Farmer,

    Whitmire, R. F. D. Burns, James Oliver, 24, Mill Work,

    Whitmire. B Boyd, Hugh King, 35, Physician. B ^hitmire. K Bullard, Pearley Thomas, 29, Mill

    fork, Whitmire. Baker, Milton Mike, 52, Farmer,

    I Whitmire, R. F. D. Baker, John Raymond, 21, Farmer,

    K Whitmire, R. F. D. Blake, George Robert, 21, Mill Work,

    Whitmire. Curry, Nathan Falter, 45, Mill, WhitAmire. Coleman, Thaddeus Winn, 33, Sec.

    f G Jj. Mfg. Co., (Whitmire. I Cole, Jno. 55, Mill, Whitmire.

    Carroll, Mack, 33, Mill, Whitmire fCampbell, Sam Lewis, 38, Mill, Whitmire. Connor, Joseph William, 52, Mill

    iVork, Whitmire. Campbell, Adams Franklin, 70, Mill

    3perative, Whitmire. Crosby, James Richard, 50, Mill

    ^ .Yhitmire. , Croker, William Thomas, 28, Mill

    Operative, Whitmire. Cooper, Roby Lee, 31, Barber, Whitmire. Cooper, Clarks Marion, 33, Mill

    Work, Whitmire. Iuoie, niman waraiaw, 66, warming,Whitmire, R. F. "D.

    Crouch, George, 28, Mill Operative. WMtmire.

    Oofield, Joseph Edward, 75, Farmer,

    Whitmire. ChiMs, Elias Earle. 34, Accountant,

    W. itmire. Cromer, James Thomas, 34, Farmer,

    Wiiitmiro. R. V. I). 1. Cooper, Claude Horace, 43, Merchant.Whitmire. Carr, Walter, 22, Mill Work, Whitmire. Shnnon, CamOlus Hagrove, i>2,

    Farmer, Whitmire, R. F. D. 1 Croker, James, 26, Mill, Whitmire. Carman, John Taylor, 46, Mill Op-

    erative, Whitmire. Camp-bell, David Pinkney, 38, Mill

    Work, Whitmire. Cluck, Morgan, 28, Mill Work, WhitmiTe. Cole, Josephas, 50, Mill Work, Whitmi:e. Campbell, James Allen, 45, Mill

    Overseer, Whitmire. Coleman, William, 39, Mill Work,

    Whitmire. Clark, William Lee, 52, Mill Work,

    Whitmire. Conner, Paul Morris, 22, Mill OperativeWhirmirp. Chapman, David Orlando, 34, Farmer,Whitmire, R. F. D. Duckett, James Boyce, 28. Farmer,

    Whitmire. Duckett, Robert Maxwell, 31, Druggist,Whitmire. Davis, Willie Edger, 25, Police,

    Whitmire. EKincan, R. W., 24, Mill Work, Whitoaire. Darby, Tom Jeff, 57, Mill Work,


    Davis, Joseph Richard, 38, Mill Work, Whitmire. Deason, Joan Alfred, 45. Farmer,

    Whitmire, R. F. D. 1. Deas, Preston, 34, Mill Work, Whitmire,R. F. D. 1. Duncan, James Carlisle, 43, Farmer,

    Kinaras, R. F. D. 2. Dewbery, Joseph McDoual, 62, Mill,

    Whitmire. Denson, James, 66, Farmer, Whitmire,R. F. D. Duncan. Tom Owens, 26, Salesman,

    Whitmire. jjanas, Aivin, zz. jyiiii worn, wmimire. Darby, James Andi^w, 29; Merchant,

    Whitmire. Duncan, David, 42, Postmaster,

    Whitmire. Duckett, William Lafayette, 65, Farmer,Whitmire. Duncan, William Joshua, 41, Farmer,Whitmire, R. F. D. 1. Davis, Paul Gaston, 27, Farmer,

    Whitmire. R. F. D. 1. Elmore, Robert William, 72, Fruit

    Agt., Whitmire. Eison, Thomas Edwyn, 56, Farmer,

    Whitmire, R. F. D. 1. Evans, Dave, 33, Mill Operative,

    V. hitmire. Eddings, John Henry. 32, Mill Work,

    Whitmire. Evans, Brailsford, 40, Mill Work,

    Whitmire. Emory, Arthur, 30, Mill Work, Whitmire. Evans, James Laird, 63, Carpenter,

    Whitmire. Elmore, William Pickens, 64, Mill

    Eddy, George Washington, 52, FarMer.Whitmire, R. F. D. Evans, John Savoy, 31, Weaving,

    Whitmire. Enlow, John Abrams, 73, Farmer,

    Whitmire, R. F. D. lEzell, William Frederick, 33, Mill

    Work, WJhitmire. Ellis, Thomas Benson, 51, R. R.

    Work, Whitmire. , Fortner. Walter James, 38, Mill Operative,Whitmire. Finney, John Mason, 45, Tfotel,

    Whitmire. iFant, Francis William, 60, Farmer,

    Whitmire. R. F. D.

    Fridy, James Marion, 59, Minister, Whitmire.

    ^ Franklin, Albert Sidney, 24, Farming,Whitmire. Frazier, Hence, 30, Mill Work, Whitmire. Foster, Richard Vernon, 36, Mill

    Work, Whitmire. Glenn, Dennie Clarence, 33, Mill Operative,Whitmire. Glenn, Chas. Edgar, 60, Mill Operative,Whitmire. Grant, Jesse Cleveland, 30, Mill

    Work. Whitmire. Grant, William Thomas, 32, Mill

    Work. Whitmire. Gilliam, Claude, 24, Base Ball, Whitmire. Gi'bson, J. H., 42, Mill Operative,

    Whitmire. Graddick, John Franklin, 67, Farmer,Whitmire, R. F. D. Gilliam, William Wallace, 26, Market,Whitmire. Garry. Samuel Lambert, 58, Over-

    seer, Whitmire, R. F. D. Glenn, David Thompson, 36, Farmer,

    Whitmire, R. F. D. 1. Goff, William, 28, Mill, Whitmire. Grant, Frank, 24. Mill Operative,

    j Whitmire. Gary, Jofan William, 23, Clerk, Whit-

    mire. Gilliam, Chas. Dulish, 30, Farmer,

    Whitmire, R. F. D. Gilliam, Robert Ryon, 23, Parmer,

    f Whitmire, R. F. D.

    Grant, Fred, 25, Mill Work, Whit- 1

    j mire. Grant, William Thomas, 60, Mill i

    Work, Whitmire. Gary, George Robert Coleman, 21, i

    Student, Whitmire, R. F. DGilliam,William Robert, 53, Farmer, 1 Whitmire, R. F'. IX

    Gossett, George Ebba, 21, Mill Work, l Whitmire. Hinn .Tohn William. 28. Time Keep- 1

    er, AVhitmire. Howard, W. F. 31, Mill Overseer, i

    Whitmire. Humibries, Thomas, 38, Ins., Agt., i

    Whitmire. Hubbard, John Wilson, 47, Mill i1

    Work, Whimtire. Hilton, Preston Brooks, 31, Dentistry,Wiitmire. Home, Miner Edward, 21, Mill Work, 1

    Whitmire. Holt, Andrew Jackson, 39, Farmer, i

    Whit mire, R. F. D. Hart, Edgar, 22, Mill -Work, Whit- l

    mire. Henson, John William, 23, Mill

    Work, Whitmire. Honeyeutt, Charley, 34, Farming, t

    Whitmire. R. F. D. Howard, Eddie Lefait, 27, Weaver,

    Whitmire. 1 Henry, M. D., Bloof Henderson, 28

    M. D., Whitmire. Herren, Barney Henry, 40, Machinist,Whitmire. r Holder, Jofon Gurney, 38, Farmer,

    Whitmire. ^ Humpries, John Craton Coleman, 50,

    Mill Work, Whitmire. ( Hart, Ambrose Peter, 46, Mill Man,

    I Whitmire. Hembree, Larel Andrew, 54, Mill

    Work, Whitmire. ( Hunnicutt, John Louis, 40, Mill Operative,Whitmire. \ Hembree, Larel, 24, Mill Work,

    Whitmire. £ Howard, Tfaomas Hosea, 24, Mill i T17KiV,w,;r.^ r wurn, >v iiiuxiiix sj* ,

    Ivey, Theo Hazel, 24, Mill Work, Whitmir.e £ Anson, Richard Fabian, 45, Mill

    Work, Whitmire. \ Jeter, Singleton Argost, 49, C. &

    T. T. C. W., Whitmire. \ Johnson, James Noah, 37, Mill Op-

    erative, vv numire. t

    Jordan, James Dennis, 23, Weaver, Whitmire. r

    Jones, Jesse D., 35, Mill Operative, Whitmire. ^

    Jordan, Julius Martan, 59, Mill Work. Whitmire. \ Jobnson, George William Henry, 31,

    Mill Operative, Whitmire. ,> Kibler, Joe, 27, Mill, Whitmire. King, J. B., 27, Pan Rand, Whit- r

    mire. King, Jo'-n Burton, 31, Mill Dork, ^

    Whitmire. King, Jonnathan 'Christopher, 56, ^

    Farmer, Whitmire, R. F. D. King, Hapne William, 27, Mill Op- j;

    erative, Whitmire. King, Litt James, 23, Farmer, Whit- \


    Lovelass, Samuel Nuton, 21, Line- q mail, Whitmire.

    Lackey, Merrell Curti§, 56, Mill Op- eraiuve, wuuunrc.

    Leaman, Hugh Campbell, 25, Book- r keeper, Wfoitmire.

    Lewis, Osca

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