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<p>The history of pop video</p> <p>The history of pop videoIntroductionThe term pop is short for popular.Pop music had its beginning in Britain in the mid 1950sThe most known pop artists are known as: Michael Jackson, Beyonc, Madonna and more.In contemporary society, the music charts are majority pop music showing that in the recent years people are preferring to listen to pop music than any other genre.Associations of pop musicPop music is very commercial and was aimed to appeal to the masses in order to create profit. Sociologist Theodor Adorno, explained that Pop music was a dumbed down form of music which stopped the working class from thinking about the capitalist society they were in. Pop music is fun, marketable and the videos aim is to portray narrative or performance that can easily be identifiable and keep the audience distracted. 1980s In this era, Michael Jackson was very popular and his unique dance move the moonwalk was trending.Michaels music video Thriller became a sensation in which everyone loved. His dance move allowed the audience to have something to identify him by. 1990sIn this time period a variety of pop groups were formed.These include the likes of boy zone, s club, blur, atomic kitten, steps, A1, SWV and more!In the 90s pop music was beginning to emerge even more and by the 20th century it is the most popular genre with many new artists arising such as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Jessie J, Miley Cyrus and many more. </p>