The Learning Potential of Virtual Environments

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The Learning Potential of Virtual EnvironmentsThe Learning Potential of Virtual EnvironmentsAdapting Education To The Skills of Students In the Y-Generation12Engagement: a students willingness to spend time and energy on learning3Feeling part of a community of learners has a direct impact, not only on retention, but also on students perception of successful university experiences (Wellman, Wehlage)How do we create a sense of community?45Second Life6Shared presence - it feels like you are in the same space at the same time with others7Shared experience - you can view and experience the same events (e.g. videos, presentations, musical performances) and engage in shared activities8Real-time collaboration and creative co-production - users act on the same objects in real time, e.g. a spreadsheet, a whiteboard or a 3D model. Being in the same place at the same time naturally leads to peer learning.9Where we teach them 10How we deliver information11Teaching Environments in Second Life12Possible Subjects Taught In Second Life13EnglishHistoryRomaModern LanguagesWhat can Second Life do for you?17


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