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Explanation of the seven Sacraments in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation


  • 1. A Faith Journey Seomra Ranga 2013

2. God is with us in thesacraments. The sacramentsmark times in our lives that areespeciallyimportantorsignificant for us in our lives times when we are happy; timeswhen we are sad; times whenwe make important decisions.In the sacraments, the RisenJesus shows us the same love,care and forgiveness of God, asJesus showed to those who livedwith him on Earth. Seomra Ranga 2013 3. God is present in a specialway when we receive asacrament. Each sacramenthelps us to celebrate andremember Gods love for us.Sacraments require us tohave faith in which we haveto respond to the invitationgiven to each of us by Jesus. Seomra Ranga 2013 4. Baptism Penance Eucharist Confirmation Marriage Holy Orders Sacrament of the Sick Seomra Ranga 2013 5. In Baptism, the churchcelebrates whenever a newmember is brought to bepartofthe faithcommunity. The Christiancommunity, who shares thegift of the Spirit, welcomesthe candidate who isnamed.I baptise you in the nameof the Father, and of theSon, and of the Holy Spirit. Seomra Ranga 2013 6. God loves us always and wesay sorry to him for anywrongdoingintheSacramentofReconciliation. We ask forhis forgiveness. We becomefriends again with God.I absolve you from yoursins, in the name of theFather, and of the Son, andof the Holy Spirit. Seomra Ranga 2013 7. In the Eucharist, we hear againthe call of Jesus to work for aworld of truth, justice, peaceand love. We come together as acommunity to offer our supportto one another. We are assuredagain of the presence of theRisen Jesus, helping us to do thework of God.Save us, Saviour of the world,for by your Cross andResurrection you have set usfree. Seomra Ranga 2013 8. In Confirmation we sayyes to the call of God towork with other people tobuild a better world for all.The community assures usof the help of the HolySpirit in the work that weare about to do.Be sealed with the gift ofthe Holy Spirit. Seomra Ranga 2013 9. When two people promise tolive together and to love oneanother for the rest of theirlives, their family and friendsgather to celebrate and to offertheir support. They are assuredthat the Risen Jesus will be withthem to help them.Wear this ring as a sign of mylove and fidelity. In the name ofthe Father, and of the Son, andof the Holy Spirit. Seomra Ranga 2013 10. In the sacrament of Holy Orders,we celebrate Gods call to peopleto serve others in our communityof the church as deacons, priestsand bishops. When people acceptGods call to take on specialresponsibility,thecommunitygathers to offer its support andhelp. Those called are assured ofthe presence of the Holy Spirit tohelp them in their work.Almighty God, grant to thisservant of yours the dignity ofpriesthood. Seomra Ranga 2013 11. In the Sacrament of theSick, we celebrate thehealing presence of God tothose who are sick, givingthem strength, hope andpeace, just as Jesus didwhen he was on earth.Through this holyanointing, may the Lord inhis love and mercy, help youwith the Holy Spirit. Seomra Ranga 2013