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Slide 2 The Seven Ages of Man WilliamShakespeare Mr Khalid Khan Defence Authority Degree College English, Grade XI The Seven Ages of Man William Shakespeare Slide 3 The Seven Ages of Man Speaker Jaques (a character from Shakespeares As You Like It) The poem is an example of an extended metaphor. What is the metaphor being extended throughout this poem? Slide 4 The Seven Ages of Man Stages of man in the poem (1) Infancy mewling and puking (2) Child whining school boy (3) Youth of a Lover sighing like furnace (4) Later Youth of a Soldier bearded like the pard (5) Maturity and Middle Age of a Judge in fair round belly Slide 5 The Seven Ages of Man Stages (cont.) (6) Old Age spectacles on nose (7) Senility second childishness In As You Like It Jaques is a cynic, a man who doubts the goodness and kindness of human beings. Explain how your reaction to the poem changes once you know Jaques personality. Slide 6 Pre-listening stage How old are you? Will you please count exactly how old are you? How many years, months and days are you old? And how many years are you left with? How old are these leaves? What stages they have been through in their lives? What about a human being, do we have different stages in our lives? How many? what are they? Slide 7 While-listening stage Teacher will ask students to pay attention to the listening and see how many stages speaker is mentioning in his speech? Student will listen and then teacher will elicit from students what the listened. Excercise01: Now teacher will provide a handout and ask students to study and fill the blanks if they can, then they will listen again the recording and fill in the remaining blanks. Slide 8 Exercise01 S.NoStage of lifeState 1firstinfant 2second 3lover 4 5fifth 6Old age 7Last stage Slide 9 While-listening stage continued Excercise02: Students will listen again and complete the second chart of activities typical to each age. Exercise03: Teacher will quickly elicit from students the figure of speech given in the chart and discuss. Student will listen the poem again and fill the chart of figure of speech. Teacher will play the recording and will stop at appropriate gaps. Slide 10 Exercise02 S.No State Activities/ has things 1 Infant Mulling and puking in the nurses arms 2 School boy 3 Lover 4 Soldier 5 Justice 6 Old age 7 Second childishness Slide 11 Exercise03 S.No. Figure of speech Examples from the poem 1 Metaphor 2 Simile 3 Alliteration 4 Onomatopoeia 5 Repetition Slide 12 Post-listening stage Discussion. Poetry has extended meaning, deeper ideas and profoundness in itself. When Shakespeare says the world is a stage and ALL the people are actors here. They go through different stages in their lives. Do you think he meant school, a building when a boy goes to school and despises it. Or everybody is a lover or what about a soldier? Not everyone goes to army. Discuss the metaphorical meanings of these ages/ stages in a group of four. The leader will report the finding to the class. Slide 13 THANKYOU