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The Versailles Treaty. The Big Three and the Paris Peace Conference. Vittorio Orlando- ITALY. Not treated very nicely by the Big Three; Often ignored and demands not met Why? Main concern: LAND, LAND, LAND!!!! Wilson did not want Italy to take over colonies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Versailles TreatyThe Big Three and the Paris Peace Conference

  • Vittorio Orlando- ITALYNot treated very nicely by the Big Three; Often ignored and demands not metWhy? Main concern: LAND, LAND, LAND!!!!Wilson did not want Italy to take over coloniesWhat did he believe the colonys should have?

  • Clemenceau- FRANCEOften known as The TigerWhat did he want at the Paris Peace Conference?Why did he want this?

  • Lloyd George- GREAT BRITAINBritish people wanted to punish GermanyHe did not agree, but followed anywaysWhy? Wants a strong and united EuropeTerrified of communism

  • Wilson- USAWants Peace without victory. What does that mean?14 PointsWhat are they?What is the most important point in Wilsons opinion? Why?What do the American people want?

  • Blame: Who is to blame for the war?Option 1: GERMANY!!!!Is this fair? Why or why not?Which of the Big Three wants this? Why? How are Germans going to feel about this? What will this lead to?

  • How much should Germany pay? Option 2: 6,600,000,000 pounds ($33 billion US dollars)What is this going to do to the Germany economy?

  • What should happen to the German military?Option 1: Reduced to 100,000 men. German navy reduced to 36 ships. No conscription allowed. No tanks, submarines, or aircraft to be built. All wartime weapons to be melted down.How is this going to impact the German people? Who do you think wanted this punishment for Germany? Why?

  • ColoniesOption 2: France and Great Britain split the colonies and territories captured from Germany and TurkeyWho will this anger? Woodrow Wilson does not agree with this. What does he think the colonys should have? Germanys colonies are no longer able to provide them with income. What impact will this have?

  • RhinelandOption 1: The Allies control the area not allowing the German military to have a presence in the areaWhy? What do the Allies hope to gain?

  • Alsace-LorraineOption 1: Returned to France

  • SaarOption 1: Give to France for 15 years. The French need coal mines to rebuild after war. Following this time the people of Saar will vote to see if they want to be French or German. How will this damage Germany?

  • PolandOption 3: Become an independent nation- this will cut off East Prussia (Germany) from the rest of Germany. It will have a port to trade with. Why do they want to cut off parts of Germany?

  • DanzigOption 3: Make a free city. What is it called when citizens are allowed to choose their own government and are given freedom? Which of the Big Three promotes this idea?

  • Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and EstoniaOption 1: To become independent nations.What is this an example of? Who did these countries belong to previously? Why are they going to be given independence? Who will be mad because of this?

  • CzechoslovakiaOption 2: Make an independent nationWho did this country belong to previously? What is this an example of?

  • OPTIONSBlame Who should Pay? German MilitaryColoniesRhinelandAlsace- LorraineSaarPolandDanzigFinland, Lithuania, Latvia and EstoniaCzechoslovakia12121113312

  • German reaction to the TreatyGermany surrendersNever consulted about terms of TreatySee Treaty only before they are to sign it. Germans angeredGiven 2 choices1. Sign the Treaty or2. Be invaded by the Allies German people dont want to sign, but are not strong enough to start war againGerman naval forced held North of Scotland will deliberately sink itself in defiance of the TreatyThey signed the Treaty as in reality they had no choice. When the ceremony was over, Clemenceau went out into the gardens of Versailles and said "It is a beautiful day".German reps who signed it were known as the November CriminalsGerman people feel as though the Treaty was completely unfairWho will the German people blame? What will this lead to?

  • World War II

  • One factor that contributed to the ineffectiveness of the League of Nations wasBreakup of colonial empires in Africa and AsiaDecision of the US not to joinOpposition of League members to the Treaty of VersaillesRise of the Cold War between the US and USSR

  • World War I was also known asThe Great WarThe War to End All WarsThe Kaisers WarAll of the AboveBoth A and B

  • What was a main goal of the British during the Paris Peace Conference?Peace without victoryTo maintain their position as a powerful nationTo gain land promised to themTo crush Germany completely

  • What was the main goal of the Italians during the Paris Peace Conference?To maintain their position as a powerful nationTo gain the land promised to themTo crush Germany completelyThey were not a part of the Peace Conference

  • True or False: Wilson would view the results of the Versailles Treaty as a success. TrueFalse

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