treaty of versailles

A contract of Peace Treaty of Versailles

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  • 1. Treaty of Versailles
    A contractof Peace

2. What's the Treaty of Versailles
The Treaty of Versailles was the Officialdocument that endit WWI
Signed June 28, 1919
3. The Treaty was signed in the Palace of Versailles, France
4. Entering Versailles
The Allies Delegates
The German Delegates
5. United Kingdom
The United States
Who signed the Treaty?
The Allies
6. Bulgaria
Austria Hungary
The Central Powers
7. The League of Nations
The League of Nations was developed so that another war would not happen.
8. The Clauses
The War Guilt
Germany was responsible for the WWI
9. Reparations
Germany had to pay ALL the damages caused by the war.
In a 30 year period.
10. Germany could not own any colonies, and had to return any colony that were obtain.
11. With the return of the lands, many of Germanyseconomy and products disappear
These meantless money to pay of war debt.
12. Militarily
No Navy or Air Force
13. The German Army had to be reduce to less than a 100,000 men
14. The Reaction of the Allies
The City of Paris at a Celebration after the Treaty of Versailles was sign
15. Reaction of the Germans
Germany was divided in two groups the ones that supported the Treaty and the ones that were against it. The majority of the people were against this because they had lost there jobs.