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TREATY OF VERSAILLES:. LOSING THE PEACE. Taking a look back…. Why did the United States enter into WWI?. U.S. entered into WWI because:. Economic ties to the Allies Pro-British feeling within the U.S. (cultural connection) German use of submarine warfare Zimmerman Note - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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LOSING THE PEACETREATY OF VERSAILLES:Taking a look backWhy did the United States enter into WWI?U.S. entered into WWI because:Economic ties to the AlliesPro-British feeling within the U.S. (cultural connection)German use of submarine warfareZimmerman NoteIdealism of the U.S. citizensspecifically. President Wilsonturn to page 291Make the world safe for democracyWilson, April 1917Also in 1917:January ~ Zimmerman Note interceptedFebruary ~ Germany resumes unrestricted submarine warfareMarch ~ Moderate Revolution in RussiaApril ~ U.S. declares war on Germany#11918January~ Wilson issues Fourteen Points as a basis for peace~ Russia signs a treaty with GermanyNov~ Germany surrenders on the basis of the Fourteen Points#2 & #3Wilson & the Fourteen Pointsidealistic goal: to eliminate all causes of warWar to end all wars

plan for a generous peace at the end of the war

New World Order Driven by Ideals of:Self-determinationEnd of colonial rivalries and coloniesFree tradeDisarmamentfair peace for GermanyLeague of Nations to oversee the new world order

#4Why? Why not?Would the Fourteen Points have prevented further wars?If so, what do you think they might have been??Could Wilson have had any ulterior motives with the 14 Points?Treaty of VersaillesTreaty of Peace orTreaty of Vengeance?Big Four Negotiate the Peace TreatyBritain, France, Italy and U.S.Wilson attends in personother Big Four see Wilson as self-righteous & stubbornGermany not allowed to negotiateFrance and Britain desire Germanys punishment#5 & 6January 1919 ~ Peace Talks Begintreaty signed in June of 1919 6 months later

it takes three different sets of delegates before Germany will sign2 of the 3 delegates who finally signed were Jewish

Main Issues of the peace talksGermanys punishment

Self determination of European ethnic groups

Wilsons League of Nations

Germanys PunishmentWar guilt clauseGermany takes full responsibilityGermany stripped of coloniesAlsace and Lorraine returned to FranceReduction to German army and navyGermany forced to pay reparations$33 Billion

New Map of Europe is Drawn

Attempt at Self-determination

#8Many of Wilsons Fourteen Points tossed aside, exceptthe League of Nations!#7Defeated nations, the U.S.S.R., and the United States are not included.UnfortunatelyWhy didnt the U.S. join if it was Wilsons idea!?!?IrreconcilablesReservationistsIsolationistsDidnt want to get entangled in world politicsDisliked Article 10 of the Leagues covenantOpposed to treaty but for many different reasonsVague wordingArticle 10AlsoWilson would not compromiseHe would not accept any revisions to the Treaty or the LeagueChoose one historical interpretation of Wilsons diplomacy and defend it:1. Wilson was an idealist who took the U.S. into the war for the wrong reasons. He created unrealistic expectations and set the tone for American idealism for the 20th Century.

2. Wilson was a visionary, destroyed by the greed of Britain and France and the political tactics of the Republicans.

3. Wilson was a shrewd and calculating diplomat who tried to assure that the U.S. would dominate the world.

4. Wilson and the war were disasters. The U.S. should have stayed out.

5. Wilson correctly took the U.S. into war to maintain the balance of power in Europe, but oversold the war with the Fourteen Points and the League of Nations.Hmmmmmm..?Could the League have prevented further wars from happening if the U.S. had joined?Why? Why not?#8Need to knowHow were the Fourteen Points and the Versailles Treaty the same? How were they different?