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Best Villains of the Thriller Category By Spencer Johnston

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1. Best Villains of the Thriller Category By Spencer Johnston 2. Number Five: Max Cady (Cape Fear 1991) Robert De Niros Max Cady is terrifying due to his unpredictably as well as his ability to stalk the Bowden family within the constraints of the law. He stalks the Bowden family before following them to their boat house by tying himself to the bottom of their car. Most terrifying scene: =6vO-XDUiRqU 3. Number Four: Annie Wilkes (Misery) Annie Wilkes is another character who is so fearsome due to her unpredictability, in a split second she can go from a seemingly harmless caring nurse into a violent psychopath. She keeps author Paul Sheldon hidden away in her house and disables him so that he cannot leave. Most terrifying scene: tch?v=E55ni_xc4ww 4. Number Three: John Doe (Seven) John Doe is a religiously motivated killer obsessed with the seven deadly sins who makes an elaborate plan to make the world a better place. Spaceys deadpan deliverance helps to make this character so peculiar and unique yet strange and intimidating. Most terrifying scene: ch?v=1giVzxyoclE 5. Number Two: Frank Booth (Blue Velvet) Frank Booth is almost more surreal than the whole of Eraserhead. An aggressive, psychopathic rapist Frank Booth is as terrifying as he is shocking. He is holding a man and his son captive in order to get sexual favors from a woman. Booths rage. It is still pondered today what is in that tank. Best Scene: ?v=u5VU8GJcg24 6. Number One: Hannibal Lecter (Silence of The Lambs) Hannibal Lecter was only on screen for about 20 minutes in Silence of the Lambs yet Anthony Hopkins managed to win the Best Actor Oscar for the part, thats how terrifying this character is. Intelligent and Sophisticated yet Vindictive and extremely psychopathic Lecter is the ultimate villain. The Cannibalistic killer helps Clarice Sterling find murderer Buffalo Bill in exchange for information about Clarices life. Most Terrifying Scene: h?v=s3nIw30hn4U 7. Honorable Mentions The Shark (Jaws) Jack Torrance (The Shining) Verbal Kint/Keyser Soze (The Usual Suspects) The Joker (The Dark Knight) Aaron Sampler (Primal Fear) Francis (Martha May Marcy Marlene)