Top Ways Social Media Can Support Your Business

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Outline of the top ways that social media can support and grow your business.


  • 1. How Social Media Supports Your Business Activities Kim Proctor 2009 Copyright
  • 2. Main Categories of Social Media
    • 1. Social Networking Sites
      • Facebook, Linkedin
    • 2. Blogs & Wikis
      • Internal and external
    • 3. Micro-Blogging
      • Twitter
    • 4. Bookmarking/Tagging Sites
      • Digg
      • Delicious
  • 3. Social Media Supports
    • Business development
      • Prospecting, finding contacts, growing understanding of customer needs
    • Growing visibility
      • Potential customers, existing customers
      • Educating, sharing company insights
    • Customer relationship development
      • Listening to customers
  • 4. Social Media Supports
    • 4. Decision support
      • Listening, learning from customers, potential customers
      • Using it to make better decisions, better prioritize, etc.
    • 5. Content monitoring
      • Google Alerts,, etc.
    • 6. Customer service support
      • Supporting issue resolution
      • On their preferred platform
    • 7. Hosting a dialogue/ support
      • User forums, expert forums, customer communities
  • 5. Initial Discussion Issues
    • Which of these 7 purposes can provide you and your company, with value?
    • What do you see as the key cost-benefit issues in maintaining your participation in these various approaches to the Social Web?
    • What other issues would you like to pose to the for their feedback?
  • 6.
    • iChannelGrowth provides a suite of strategic planning services and tactical business development services FOR all companies using technology sales channels; from technology vendors, through distributors, to value added reselling partners and MSPs.
    • Marketing services include:
      • Social media that grows awareness and business development
      • Website optimization and traffic strategies
      • ROI trackable email campaigns for lead generation
    Kim Proctor Managing Director iChannelGrowth