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  1. 1. The Story of a Company The use of technology and creativity has truly shaped the way we tell history videos, animation, and interactive technology have all contributed to making the storytelling experience more immersive. Museums contain countless interactive exhibits, displays, and timelines that inform and entertain their visitors. A companys history is no different, and with the work of a professional exhibit design company, lobby timelines can bring origins to life. The use of lobby timelines seems to be taking off again as the technology and creativity grows. Because of this sudden renaissance of storytelling, we have listed three reasons why lobby timelines are a fantastic approach to storytelling to engage clients and offer insight into a business history.Visualization History does not have to be just words. We tend to absorb more information if it is presented in ways that grab our attention. Lobby timelines show just as much as they tell, providing a different and unique experience than just text alone, incorporating actual timelines, photos, and detailed descriptions of the most important milestones in the companys history. A custom exhibit design company can bring a story to life with custom-made images, artifacts, and more.
  2. 2. Immersion Having an entire area dedicated to the history of a company is a great way to grab the attention of those viewing the display. It is a business first opportunity to impress and leave a lasting impression on a new client or visitor. An attractive, informative, and interactive telling of a companys formation and its achievements will set the business apart from the competition and help clients understand the philosophy and mission of the organization. Creativity A display showcasing the history of a company is more than a simple timeline. A team at an exhibit design company will work to make a companys birth into an exciting and engaging display. Figures that speak, displays that show footage, and an overall custom design will bring history to life. Lobby timelines present an opportunity to be creative and showcase exactly how your company came to be. Each story is different, and each story requires its own particular storytelling. A good custom exhibit design company will be able to take your companys unique history and bring it to life through visualizations and displays. With a lobby timeline, and the right custom exhibit company, history can be told like never before and stay alive in the memories of your visitors long after they have left.