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  • DO.DR. TURKAN T. ARKANBorn in 1930 at Kk-AydnShe graduated from Superior School of Journalism, Istanbul, from Institute of Business Administration of stanbul University. She got her MBA at Oklahoma State University, USA. She had her PH.D. in business administration at Faculty of Business Administration and she got the position of associate professorship at Faculty of Economics of IU. She attended several international programs in USA, England, Germany and Austria.

    She worked 19 years as Accountant, Accounting and Finance Manager at two private industrial companies, 10 years as asistant professor and associate professor at FBA and at FE of IU. At the same time she managed the courses of accounting, cost accounting, managerial accounting and corporate finance at Bursa University during its establisment.

    She was Deputy of Edirne at Grand National Assembly of Turkey, between the years 1983-1987.

    At the age of 49 she began studying painting at Istasyon Art House in 1980. She studied for 3 years at the studio of Prof. Sabri Berkel, after 1988 she also studied for 2 years at the studio of Orhan Taylan who is a famous painter. Since then she work at her personal studio. Until now she performed 6 exibitions.

    She has published 8 books, more than 60 scientific articles, several researches and papers, a lot of articles in leading newspapers. She also translated from English to Turkish 4 books related to management and leadership.

  • Lyric and music Murat KoseogluSeyreyle Arranged byTurkan Arikan

    My thanks to Murat Koseoglu for his permission for the use of his song.

    The owners of the quoted paintings and music, and who arranged this slideshow.--------turkanarikan@gmail.comApril 2009-