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<ol><li> 1. T W I T T E R T I P S F O R B E G I N N E R S T W I T T E R T I P S F O R B E G I N N E R S </li><li> 2. Everything IWishIKnew AboutTwitter WhenIStarted </li><li> 3. 1. You dont have to read every tweet </li><li> 4. The average person tweets 22 times per day </li><li> 5. If you're following 100 people, you could see 2,200 tweets per day </li><li> 6. If you're following 500 people, you could see 11,000 tweets per day </li><li> 7. If you're following 1,000 people, you could see 22,000 tweets per day </li><li> 8. 2. Customize your feed with Twitter lists </li><li> 9. 3. Respond to everyone </li><li> 10. "Whether youre managing an international brand like Nike, or a local deli, its important to say thank-you to every follower who asks a question, has a problem, or gives you a compliment." - @notebook </li><li> 11. 4. Use a scheduler like Buffer </li><li> 12. 1. Curate content any time 2. Add great stuff to your queue 3. Share via an optimal, custom schedule 4. See what's working </li><li> 13. 5. A good bio sells </li><li> 14. 7 Key Ingredients of Compelling Twitter Bio </li><li> 15. 1. One professional description. 2. One word that is not boring. 3. One niche descriptor. 4. One accomplishment. 5.One hobby. 6. One interesting fact about yourself. 7. Your company or another social profile. </li><li> 16. 6. Engage others directly </li><li> 17. Use "via" or "HT" or "by" to recognize and mention others. </li><li> 18. 7. Understand how @-mentions work </li><li> 19. Tweets that start with an @ are seen only by the person tweeting, the person being tweeted at, and anyone who follows both people. </li><li> 20. Tweets that start with a "." are seen by everyone! </li><li> 21. 8. Its OK to tweet the same thing multiple times </li><li> 22. 9. Set aside your follower-following ratio and just follow </li><li> 23. One of the quickest ways to build a following, according to KissMetrics, is to follow as many people as you can. </li><li> 24. Even more at </li></ol>