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  • 1. Endotracheal TubeRTH 131, Unit 04 1

2. This week x This weeks learning unit will explore the purpose of an endotracheal tube.RTH 131, Unit 042 3. Related Reading Hess Chapter 19 pp 381-399 Persing Chapter 4RTH 131, Unit 043 4. Learning Objective x The learning objective is to describe five purposes of an endotracheal tube, given a short essay quiz.RTH 131, Unit 044 5. Endotracheal Tubex Here is a picture of anendotracheal tube.x The parts of an endotrachealtube will be discussed later.x You will have the opportunityto see and use an endotrachealtube during your lab session.This opportunity will provideyou with the hands-onexperience in understanding thepurpose of an endotrachealtube.RTH 131, Unit 045 6. Endotracheal Tube x Purpose: Provide means for artificial ventilation Example: Outpatient Surgical Procedure Provides long term airway Examples: Bilateral Pneumonia, Pneumothorax orSevere Asthma Facilitate suctioning Examples: Suctioning due to a weak cough orImmobilizationRTH 131, Unit 04 6 7. Endotracheal Tube x Purpose: Risk of aspiration Example: Dysphagia-which is difficultyswallowing Relief of upper airway obstruction due to swelling Examples: x Laryngospasm-which is swelling of the vocal cords x Epiglottitis-which is swelling of the epiglottis x Glottic edema-which is swelling of the larynxRTH 131, Unit 04 7 8. Endotracheal Tube x Prevent airway obstruction of the at risk airway Reflexes obtunded by paralysis Drugs Loss of consciousness Neuromuscular disease x It is the relaxation of an anatomical structure within the airway that causes the airway obstruction. The most common cause is the relaxation of the tongue which blocks the airway.RTH 131, Unit 04 8 9. Endotracheal Tube Oral placement of an Endotracheal Tube, first choice in an emergency! An endotracheal tube is inserted by trained healthcare professionals such as a physician, anesthesiologist or respiratory therapist.RTH 131, Unit 04 9 10. Endotracheal TubeBelow is a picture of an Below is a picture of anendotracheal tube placed endotracheal tube placedorally.nasallyRTH 131, Unit 0410 11. Endotracheal Tube x Recap: An endotracheal tube is used Short-term ventilation Long-term ventilation Removal of secretions Protect airway from aspiration Airway swelling Airway obstructionRTH 131, Unit 0411 12. References x Nasco. (2012). Safety clear plus murphy/cuffed endotracheal tube - 7.0 mm. Retrieved March 24, 2012 from,http:// www.enasco.com/product/SB35239U x Patient Education Reference Library. (2012). Airway swelling with successful nasotracheal tube placement - medical illustration, human anatomy drawing. Retrieved March 24, 2012 from, http:// www.patientedlibrary.com/generateexhibit.php?ID=3184 &TC=&A=1266 x The Free Dictionary. (2012). X-ray tube. Retrieved March 24, 2012 from, http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/x-ray+tubeRTH 131, Unit 04 12