unit1 cultural relics warming up 高一人教新课标版必修二. what is a cultural relic ? a...

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  • Unit1Cultural relics

    Warming up

  • What is a cultural relic ? A cultural relic is something that has survived for a long time. It is often a part of something old that has remained while the rest of it has been destroyed. A cultural relic tells people about the past. It is usually rare.

  • Do they have something in common?

    symbols of their countries and culturesfamousa long historytell us stories about the past

  • Look at the pictures below and discuss what they are and whether they are cultural relics or not.

    Ming Dynasty vase

  • Taj MahalIndia1.It is located in India.2.It is the grave a king built for his wife.3.It showed the deep love of the king and queen.

  • ivory dragon boat

  • Mogao CavesIt is made up of 492 caves.It lies at the rock side of the Mingsha Mountain in Ganshu province.Its worth the name of art treasure.

  • Cultural relics in Chinathe Potala Palace

  • Cultural relics in Chinathe Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

  • Cultural relics in ChinaYuanmingyuan

  • London Bridgecultural relics in the world

  • Stonehengecultural relics in the world

  • The Statue of Libertycultural relics in the world

  • The Pyramid Egypt

  • According to the definition, what characteristics does a cultural relic have ? mysterious preciousoldvaluable rarecultural relicDo you have any in your family?