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  • 1. United StatesGovernment, Resources and Economy

2. Government 3. A Representative Democracy The United States hasestablished a representativedemocracypeople rulethrough electedrepresentatives. Government is based off democratic styles of Ancient Greece and Rome. Power is divided among thenational(federal) and stategovernments. 4. The Branches of Government The U.S. Constitutionestablished a governmentthat is broken down intothree separate branches: executive branch headedby president, carries outlaws legislative branch makeslaws judicial branch interpretslaws, reviews lower courtdecisions 5. How does this system help our government maintain balance? 6. Resources 7. U.S. is rich in natural resources fertile soils water supply vast forests large deposits of many minerals 8. Waterways Because U.S. is bound by water, they haveimportant shipping and fishing industries Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico 9. Waterways Many large lakes and rivers in the UnitedStates make shipping and trade mucheasier. 10. Farming and Agriculture The United States is the worlds leadingproducer of food as well as the largest foodexporter very fertile soil, in plains region and river valleys This fertile region is known as AmericasBreadbasket 11. Due to fertile soil, early farmmechanization, U.S. accounts for: 40% of worlds corn; 20% of cotton; 10% ofwheat, cattle, hogs Crop farming in Midwest, South; livestockranching in West 12. Woodlands 1/3 of U.S. covered by woodlands U.S. and Canada major producers oflumber 13. Natural Resources U.S. is rich in natural minerals and fossil fuels gold silver copper coal oil etc. 14. Economy 15. Economy The United States has theworlds largest and mostdiversified economy. American products and popularculture are recognized aroundthe world. 16. Success Worlds largest economy: agricultural,manufacturing, trade leader U.S. accounts for more than 10% of worldsexports exportsgoods sold to another country Success is due to resources, skilled labor,stable political system 17. Capitalism Much of the success is dueto the economic system. The United States economyis based on the capitalistfree market system. In this system, mostbusinesses are privatelyowned and operated withlimited government control. In most cases, there is no limitto success or profits. 18. What are some possibleproblems with the Free Market system? 19. Problems with Free Market Monopolies? Unfair forcompetition? Wal Mart, Microsoft,Apple Price Gouging? Gas, Technology 20. U.S. Exports 21. U.S. Exports 22. Technology Exports U.S. advances in electronics, computersrevolutionize industry 23. U.S. Technology Exports 24. Industrial Centers Largest industrial output in world includes: petroleum steel chemicals electronics consumer goods mining 25. Industrial Centers Many industrial centers are located nearbodies of water WHY?????? 26. Industrial Centers bodies of water can be used fortransporting goods may also serve as a source of power 27. US is largest consumer of energy. Needfor these fuels is very great. 28. Free Enterprise Free enterprise (free market) economy: privately owned resources, technology,businesses businesses operate for profit with littlegovernmental control 29. Service Industries almost 75% of Americans today work in theservice industry service industry any kind of economic activity thatproduces a service rather than a product 30. Can you think of any jobs in the service industry? 31. service-related jobs include: medicine transportation education finance many more!