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Presentation from www.testingtime.net at UX Berlin 2013 about UX Guidelines with practical examples.


  • 1.Hands-on UXA curated list of usabilityguidelines with practicleexamples.UX Camp Berlin 2013Rahel Vils & Reto Lmmlerwww.testingtime.net

2. Make the sites purpose obvious:Explain who you are and what you do. 3. Pick your battle:Do one thing but do it right. 4. Dont make the user think:Provide one primary call for action. 5. Help Users Find What They Need:Make the moste relevant contentaccessible. 6. Keep users always informed aboutwhat is going on:Through appropriate feedback withinreasonable time. 7. +_SMS Whatsapp 8. Give users what they want And a little more:Leave a positive impression in which youexceed the expectations of the user. 9. Make the information easy to digest:Break the text up into smaller segmentsand use plenty of sub-headings. 10. Dont distract the user from the maingoal:Place ads only necessary and if beneficial. 11. Stay consistent and usestandard elements:Users should not have to wonder whetherdifferent words, situations, or actionsmean the same thing. 12. Be AuthenticPeople sense if something is real or not. 13. Effective user testing isnt extensivenor expensive.Five users reveal 85% of all problems.15 users would find pretty muchall problems.And any testing is still better than notesting! 14. ConclusionWork less with assumptions,do more user testing. 15. Thank you, Dankeschn, Merci, Graiaswww.testingtime.net We recruit your test users.


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