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1. UXPA-DC UX 101 #uxpadc 2. Thank yous UXPA-DC Team - John Whalen - President - Sree Bhandaram - VP - Andrew Stevens - Treasurer - Stephanie Pratt - Secretary Speakers - Cory Lebson - John Whalen - Faz Besharatian - Stephanie Pratt 3. Agenda 08:30 -9:00: Breakfast/Coffee 09:00 - 09:15: Introduction to UX 09:15 - 10:15: UX Fundamentals 10:15 - 10:30: Morning Break 10:30 - 11:30: User Research 11:30 - 12:30: Lunch Break 4. Agenda 12:30 - 01:30: UX Strategy (From User Research to Strategy: Design Thinking and Design Studios) 01:30 - 02:45: Wireframing/Prototyping 02:45 - 03:00: Afternoon Break 03:00 - 04:00: Usability Testing 04:00 - 05:30: Meet Seasoned Professionals and get One-on-One advice/Networking/Happy Hour (Drinks and snacks included) 5. User Research John Whalen, PhD Principal, Strategy & User Experience jw@brilliantexperience.com brilliantexperience.com @brlexp 6. Agenda What types of user research are there? When to use them? Focus on: - Contextual Inquiry - Personas - Journey Maps 7. What types of user research are there? 8. What types of user research are there? Qualitative Usability testing moderated unmoderated remote Contextual Inquiry Ethnography (e.g., longterm) Interviews Focus Groups Workshops Quantitative Surveys Behavioral Analytics Conversion Data A/B Testing 9. Remote Sessions (15): Webex Audio/Video In-person Sessions (15): Locations: Chicago (3) Washington, DC (4) New York (6) Boston (2) Individual Interviews 10. Boston San Francisco Chicago Focus Group Workshop 11. Contextual Inquiry 12. Contextual Inquiry 13. Consumer! Lawyer! Banker! Neuroscien2st! VAD7Nurse! Drug7Researcher! Farmer! Federal7Administrator! Mom7/7Chaueur! UserResearch Examples 14. Contextual Inquiry IS: Fly on wall or participating Watch people as they work Learn their work as if they are going on vacation and you will take over Capture real-life activity and challenges Identify gaps in tools / processes Detailed consideration of each individual (qualitative) About behavior 15. Contextual Inquiry IS NOT: User testing Asking about preferences Asking for solutions Testing prototypes Surveying 16. Visit users where they work 17. Learn their processes 18. Learn how they complete tasks 19. Study the words they use 20. Watch the way they interact 21. Learn how they make decisions Persuasion During Buying Process I want one but Whats that? Oh Cool Why would I want one? Is it any good? ConversionIs it worth that price? Likability Free Commitment Intrigue Endowment Aesthetics Narrative Achievement Reputation Authority Social Proof Framing Anchoring Mimicry Loss Aversion Status Quo Effort Scarcity Loss Aversion Ownership 22. What we capture Vision / AttentionLanguage Memory / SemanticsEmotion Wayfinding Decision Making 23. Identifying Patterns Day in the life Little nuggets -> bigger picture patterns Real world problems with service/product designs How they are thinking and approaching a problem (Not about specific quotes or preferences) 24. Often do affinity diagramming 25. Nuggets we found for one client State Federal Intl. Real Estate Computation of Tax Corporate Acquisitions Estates and Trusts Sec. 351 - Transfer To Corporation Controlled By Transferor Sec. 368 - Corporate Reorganizations Primary source Secondary source 25 26. Personas 27. Journey Mapping 28. Journey Mapping Get to each step of process - What are they looking for - Concerns - Challenges - Tools / needs - Opportunities - Emotions When to use? 29. Customer Experience Journey 30. What you get from user research Who are your clients? How are they really solving problems and behaving? What are the gaps in their journey? What opportunties arise that your products might fill? 31. Practicalities How do you get participants? How do you record the sessions? What do you need to prepare? Recruiting guide Test Plan Who should participate? (Stakeholders, UX, etc.) Who should analyze the data? How do you present it. Summary Deep Dive 32. Thank You 33. Research Stakeholder Interviews Field Research Competitor Reviews Expert Reviews Strategy and Ideation Strategy Workshop Design Studio Rapid Prototyping Iterative Refinement UX and Design IA & Flow Interaction Design Concept Realization Visual Design & Branding Thank you! @brlexp | brilliantexperience.com