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Ethnography in Odd Places

Mature Products: The Cycle of UX ReinventionCarol Smith - @carologic

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: The Roadster by Tesla

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Not well receivedTop Gear TV show panned it


Successful Products and Companies Innovate

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Apple, Facebook, Google and IBM are not on this list3

Small, incremental changes

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey:

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Elon Musk and teamNever Stop InnovatingDone is only temporary


Change is Constant No Alternatives

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Change is constantSuccessful products can survive, but to survive they must adapt6

Seattle, WA

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Why are we resistant to change?Loss of controlExcess uncertaintySurpriseEverything seems differentLoss of faceConcerns about competenceMore workRipple effectsPast resentmentsSometimes the threat is realTen Reasons People Resist Change by Rosabeth Moss Kanter on HBR Harvard Business Review

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Avoid change for the sake of change.8

Be Reactive and

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: UXers make change by shaping experiences

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Successful ProductsEnable people and are usefulRetain/increase number of usersDifferentiate from competitorsProfitableAdjust capabilities as appropriate

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Continuous learning via experimentationPrototyping, Usability testing, etc. with users

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey:

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: 199613 1998 - 2000

1996-2016 Luke Wroblewski Ideation + Design. (2005)

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: 2000

1996-2016 Luke Wroblewski Ideation + Design. (2005)

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: 2007

1996-2016 Luke Wroblewski Ideation + Design. (2005)

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey:


#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Inclination towards ActionPrototypesUsability testingOther learning activitiesActively learn about product use

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Constant monitoringHow are people using the product?What are they saying?Who is using it and why?Who is not using it?

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Collect dataWeb AnalyticsAutomated multivariate TestingNet Promoter Scores (NPS) and other feedback

Right information at the right time challenging

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: When is my product Mature?

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Always maturing.

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Primary product vs. secondaryPrimary product (software and Web sites)Intuit TurboTax, IBM Watson,

Secondary (Web sites)Manufacturing company, Restaurant,

Budget and Priority changes not much else

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Cycle of reinvention = constant attentionMaintain RelevanceUsabilityClarityAccess (mobile, browser, accessibility)Technology

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Sources of Change

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Organizational forces bring changeBranding changesMarketingDesign languageVision/GoalsEtc.

Be aware of business drivers

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Change through pivoting (same vision)UsersSolve a similar problem for a different set of users with existing productPrioritization of work changes dramatically

Highly trained user base is smaller than originally thoughtLess knowledgeable user base over time make less complexAdapted from Eric Ries, Pivot, don't jump to a new vision, June 22, 2009

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey:


Pivot: User problemPattern of use changesSolve a different problem for the same user

Starbucks Went from selling coffee beans and espresso makers to brewing drinks in-house

Adapted from Eric Ries, Pivot, don't jump to a new vision, June 22, 2009

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey:


Pivot: Focus on capabilityReorient the product around what users are really doingAbandon extra features that make it hard for new customers to discover what's really valuable about the new, simplified solution

PayPal Customers were gravitating to the email-payments part of their original solutionIgnoring the complex PDA-based cryptography solution

Adapted from Eric Ries, Pivot, don't jump to a new vision, June 22, 2009

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey:


Retiring capabilitiesWhat is not being used?MetricsLeast user commentsFocus shiftDead-ends that are no longer prioritiesIrrelevant functionality (old browsers, refactoring code, etc.)Distractions

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Design debtExtra work that arises when design (code) that is easy to implement in the short run is used instead of applying the best overall solution - Wikipedia

Managing when and how work is donePart of overall cycle

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Graceful additionsAudit productWhat is there?What is valued?What is less valued?What are the current big issues?What is sacred (hopefully nothing)?Examine vision and what matches with vision

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Transformations



11/'s Website Transformation Through The Years (1998 - 2015)Duncan Jones

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: continue

05/201009/'s Website Transformation Through The Years (1998 - 2015)Duncan Jones

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Staffing for change

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Challenge of fulfilling project needsLong-term vs. short-termContractors vs. staffKeeping knowledge of complex systemsBuilding UX mindshare across organization

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Meeting staff needsChanging interests/focusGrowing skill setDesires Variety of work vs. consistent workRecognition of contributions Progression of career

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Resilience is necessaryProcess of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress

It means "bouncing back" from difficult experiences. - American Psychological Association

American Psychological Association

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey:


Foster resilience in your teamBuild mentorship Weekly 1:1s how do you feel?Help individuals move towards their goalsSupport self-discoveryCelebrate successMake work-life balance a priority

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Team Analysis - UX strengths and weaknesses

People and ProjectsRachel Daniel@RainbowliciousD UX Director at MaxPoint

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Build a diverse team, T-shaped individuals

Rivera, A. (2013). Building the Next-Gen UX Team: Strategies for Cultivating Generalists. User Experience Magazine, 13(1).Retrieved from Rivera,Walmart Global eCommerce

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Managing the cycle of UX reinventionEmbrace change be reactiveContinuous learning via experimentationAwareness of business driversProper staffing

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Take care of youManaging these new changes is exhilarating and exhausting

Kelly Goto@go2girlGoto Research

#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: Contacting

Design Team Manager, IBM WatsonPittsburgh, PA

Im hiring:User ResearcherInteraction Designer


#UXPA2016www.uxpa2016.orgSession Survey: Conference Survey: