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Presented at Ecolinc on Thursday 21st February, 2013 for VCE Evironmental Science.


  • 1. Britt Gow Hawkesdale College

2. Socrative Quizlet Tagxedo Voicethread Thinglink 3. Sign up for a teacher account Create a Classroom with a unique number Create a quiz Students access site with netboooks or ipads Students log in using the Room number Answer questions at teachers pace or at own pace. 4. Use a unique username and password to sign up. Use a word bank to create flashcards of words anddefinitions Can be used as flashcards or multiple choicequizzes 5. Create beautiful word clouds using key terms Copy and paste text or type in words Most frequently repeated words are in larger font. Use the curriculum document to identify key words and discuss 6. Sign up using a username and password Use instead of PowerPoint Students can upload images and then add audioand text and annotations Multimedia option for School AssessedCoursework Students should submit script as well 7. Sign up using a unique username and password Upload an image (Creative Commons) Add annotations to images Can link an image to websites