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According to Gartner Research by 2020, 60% of all commerce and services transactions will be conducted by Virtual Assistants. CodeBaby and Aqueria International have joined forces to offer innovative solutions that can educate and enhance your Interactive Players experience with the deployment of Virtual Gaming Assistants.


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2. confidentialandproprietary CodeBaby and Aqueria International have joined forces to offer innovative solutions that can educate and enhance your Interactive Players experience with the deployment of Virtual Gaming Assistants. The increasing cost of Interactive Player Acquisition and the fact that these Players represent only a portion of the Total Player base, illustrates an obvious growth opportunity in engaging new Interactive users and responsibly converting them into Players with the deployment of better supporting services. ConceptIntroduction 2 3. confidentialandproprietary Summary A Gaming Avatar Greets your Interactive Platforms visitors Provides assistance by navigating them through the sites features Shows them step-by-step, how to: open an account deposit money play the various games you offer and much more With the provision of Analytics Tools, the platform personalizes your customer interaction but more importantly, adds value by increasing Conversion rates and optimizing Business Performance. 3 4. confidentialandproprietary The Gaming Assistant is the modern and personal alternative to the substantial volume of text info pages, that customers rarely spend time reading. In short, Gaming Assistants can: Enhance your current and new Players Interactive experience and satisfaction Build on your Lotterys Brand Integrity and Trust Maximize conversion performance on critical areas like sign-up & money deposits Reduces Call-Centre workloads and costs Support Marketing activities Cross-selling and launch of new products Summary 4 5. confidentialandproprietary ConceptEndorsement The technology has demonstrated its ability to , and able to personalize and contextualize customer interactions. A great virtual Assistant should offer more than just search; and assist the customer through the online interaction. 5 6. confidentialandproprietary ConceptEndorsement 60% Its forecasted that ...of all commerce and service transactions will be conducted by virtual assistants by 2020. Gartner Research 6 7. confidentialandproprietary CaseStudies 7 People naturally respond to all online interactions as a social experience. Placing a character in an interface makes the social foundation of mediated interaction explicit Online transactions become social conversations. Difficult procedures can be explained. The web is less lonely. Technology is easier to use. The personality of an automated character is one of the strongest and most reliable methods to consistently promote brand awareness through predictable appearance and scripting of speech and behavior. Byron Reeves Stanford Study Research How can they help you develop your business: Conversion & Engagement Deflection / Encourage Self-Help Customer Satisfaction 8. confidentialandproprietary CaseStudies - Engagement 8 Virtual Assistants created for a large media company improved engagement significantly. - The average session time went from less than 1 minute to 20 minutes with the VA, while site traffic went up by 15%. Virtual Assistant generated a 20% increase in conversions at Netherlands-based Results from a recent study indicates the engagement power of a character when moderating search inquiries. - When a character asked people to type search requests into a window, people used on average, three more words in their requests (averaging about 7 words per inquiry) compared to identical requests made without a character. 9. confidentialandproprietary CaseStudies Deflection / EncourageSelf-Help 9 HP Viewpoint Paper Leveraging intelligent, interactive virtual agents to drive quality and savings in customer service Real-world performance results Research indicates that 9295% of customer queries are handled completely by the VA with no human help 5285% of visitors say they would have contacted the contact center if the IVA was not available Every 1 million chats with a IVA create $7 million in cost savings Avatar showed 33% decline in calls to support centers 10. confidentialandproprietary CaseStudies Customer Satisfaction 10 Less than 1% of customers leave negative feedback about IVAs IVAs are more accurate than humans and achieve 89-95% accuracy, versus 81% accuracy for live agents Over 90% of people prefer a character in interactive sessions over no character at all. Talk to Me 7 Reasons a Digital Character Brings Value to Your Website The Benefits of Interactive Online Characters Center for the Study of Language and Information Stanford University 11. confidentialandproprietary Not All IVAs are Created Equally 11 static, low quality, knowl edge base 1st 2nd limited movement, little more than decision trees some response accuracy measurement some reporting 3rd better graphic render, highly accurate knowledge base 4th 3D character with human movements, r esponds to tone 5th 3D character with human movements, mobile, geo location 6th 12. confidentialandproprietary The 6th generation difference 12 3D character with human movements Socially expressive Evoke responses from customer Multi-lingual Natural language query Integrates with website elements Exceptional accuracy Dashboard analytics Mobile - Geo-location 13. confidentialandproprietary custom dialog boxes call back social media click to chat/email mobile product up-sell/cross-sell audio Majority of Industry CIVA 13 IVAMarket Capabilities 14. confidentialandproprietary 14 Call-to-Action Navigation Form Fill Submit Dialog Box Dialog BoxDialog Box Conversion Example Guiding every step Self-Service Example Front End Engagement FAQ Knowledge Base Click-to-Chat Create Ticket Dialog Box Dialog Box Data BoxApp Box App Box ExperienceStream Types 14 15. confidentialandproprietary Thank You 15 Virtual Gaming Assistants An intuitive, cost efficient solution that will differentiate your Services proposition from the competition.