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    The NCAA Struggle Today

    Many people do not know it, but every January most of the men and women who manage intercollegiate athletics around the country meet to discuss issues, vote on legislation and generally debate the meaningful athletic topics of the day while charting the future of college athletics. Those decisions define

    priorities for years to come and, in large part, the future is dictated by what has been decided in those meetings.

    It was once said, That the world is run by those willing to sit until the end of meetings. In athletics today, it might be said, intercollegiate athletics is run by the meetings you are invited to attend. Those with the big money, the television revenue, are running the decision-making meetings and those less empowered, are not invited. This selective membership will hurt everyone. But sadly, when big money is at stake, priorities get aligned differently.

    This is not new. Sometimes getting to the best decision takes timeand sacrifice. I commend NCAA President Mark Emmert as he is confronted with holding together a collective group that really need each other although one group would dispute that while the other groups are not sure how to make a compelling argument to be included in that debate. This is not new in the history of the NCAA.

    It was not that long ago that the NCAA did not endorse women in intercollegiate athletics more specifically, I mean their inclusion as participants. In 2014 that might seem astounding but I remember it ... and folks who have been in college athletics awhile know it too. With no access, women found an alternative. They formed their own organization -- the A.I.A.W. (Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women) just so they could play. They didnt care about uniforms (but that would have been nice), conference alignments (although some sort of comprehensive structure would have been helpful), they did not really care too much about recruiting and eligibility as they knew who wanted to play, but instead, just wanted a chance to

    compete. Eventually the national organization acquiesced but it did so reluctantly ... and begrudgingly.

    One of those pioneers in the heart of the struggle was Donna Lopiano who will be here as our keynote speaker for W Day our annual celebration of womens athletics set to begin on Saturday, April 12, 2014. She literally altered the landscape of the NCAA. In one of the great ironies of intercollegiate athletics, she received the organizations highest recognition -- the Theodore Roosevelt award in 2013.

    You would not have seen that coming 30 years ago. We are all better today in intercollegiate athletics because of her work and that of others like her. Much better. In a way, the struggle for womens access at that time was also one of money. The male-centered argument went something like this: if women played college sports, it would limit resources for men. There would be fewer opportunities for men because women would also participate. Their argument back then was as simplistic as they built it, they owned it, it was theirs to operate as they saw fit. History does repeat itself. Today that struggle is still about a pool of money who owns it, who controls it and does anyone want to share it with anyone (even a small part). Always follow the money.

    The NCAA, its many programs and championships, its outreach and services, are all wholly dependent on the current basketball television contract. And truth be told, a very significant portion goes to those institutions identified as Division I and even more so to those elite members of that group. You know who they are and the system for postseason basketball (Division I) participation has even been skewed (conferences get proportionate shares that are calculated over a period of years) which will continue to concentrate that funding into those coffers well into the future. The same group controls the football money.

    The relatively smaller portion of that basketball revenue is widely disseminated and has advanced womens opportunities, under-represented groups and supported some less resourced athletic departments that make up the majority of the colleges and universities

    By Rob Fournier, esq.Director of Athletics

    Today that struggle is still about a pool of money who owns it, who controls it and does anyone want to

    share it with anyone (even a small part). Always follow the money.



    in the NCAA. The football postseason bonanza is another cache that is now the center of attention and it is a very large treasure trove. The struggle today is simply that a group of very successful Division I programs (read as BCS members) wants autonomy in everything from voting to exclusive control of such funding. They built it, they own it, and they should operate on their own. We have seen that in the past. Just ask Donna Lopiano.

    It was almost prophetic that the NCAA convention was held in California this year. In a way, it was another gold rush. And just like in the past, there were a lot more prospectors than those who struck it rich. And just like that group in 1849, a fair amount of panic has set in.

    As I listened to the debates, the opinions, the backroom analysis, it was apparent to me that the ultimate resolution depended on the answer to one simple question: would those who have the money be willing to share it with others much like the kid in the sandbox who owns all the toys (or should I say his parents). And I am not talking about sharing it with that small group of neighbors who live close by but others who he has not met or does not even know that well. Personally, I always found such company more fun, more engaging and more educational. But then again, we know those are expensive toys.

    Since it was 83 degrees in San Diego and knowing a return to Michigan in January was only days away, I took advantage of every opportunity I could to walk outside. It just so happened that outside of the mammoth convention center was a walking/bike/dog trail. Not surprisingly, we all got along splendidly on the path and I even remember tossing a toy to one of the four-legged occupants. And the toy did not get damaged. Between the path and the convention center were some rail tracks, and figuratively in a way, it was like the people on the one side of that money debate (lets call them the mid-majors and below) were literally from

    the other side of the tracks. For those old enough, that analogy might have historical similarities too. Each group was literally a world apart.As I walked the path, embedded in the grass were quotations from speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King. There on the ground etched in stone, I thought Dr. King gave an illuminating insight that might have some application to the struggle within the membership of the NCAA.

    In a real sense, all life is interrelated The agony of the poor, improvises the rich The betterment of the poor, enriches the rich We are inevitably are brothers keeper We are our brothers brother Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly

    We did not get to this monetary explosion overnight ... even some people from the other side of the college landscape added to the richness of intercollegiate athletics some who went on to contribute to that revenue largess and others who went on to contribute in a myriad of other ways that changed lives. But all helped and I am sure that impact is not attributable to one single group of institutions. Some of todays young people from those schools across the entire NCAA membership will eventually become coaches, commissioners, presidents and many of the other astounding success stories we witness each day across the entire landscape of the NCAA.

    The sandbox is big enough for everyone (even if it is one small corner with one little toy) and sharing the toys will better everyone. Football, and for that matter all sports, makes the American landscape richer, fuller and more enjoyable. And if we truly believe in the lessons of sport, its lasting qualities, its promise to empower and improve by means of life lessons beyond the playing field, then maybe we should share some of the riches because we have seen all of society enhanced by the opportunity proven by intercollegiate athletics. Dr. King preached those opportunities. Donna Lopiano lived it. It is time we all realized it.

    It was almost prophetic that the NCAA convention was held in California this year. In a way, it was another gold

    rush. And just like in the past, there were a lot more prospectors than those who struck it rich. And just like that group in 1849, a fair amount of panic has set in.



    Sarah Berry was a three-year softball letterwinner (2006-08), who earned First Team All-GLIAC accolades all three seasons, each year at a different position (utility in 2006, outfield in 2007 and

    catcher in 2008).

    She was a First Team All-Region selection in both 2007 and 2008 after being selected as the Horizon League Newcomer of the Year in 2005 while at Youngstown State.

    During her three-year career, WSU won the GLIAC in 2007 and were co-regular season champions the other two seasons. The Warriors compiled a 108-61 mark for a .639 winning percentage and advanced to the NCAA Tournament all three years.

    At the conclusion of her collegiate career, Berry was seventh in career batting average (.349), fifth in both RBI (108) and fielding percentage (.986), sixth in slugging percentage (.504), tied-for-seventh in home runs (14), and ninth in on-base percentage (.389).

    In 565 career plate appearances, she recorded 36 walks to 42 strikeouts, while starting all 160 games played for the Green and Gold (83 in centerfield, 72 as a catcher, four as a designated player and one at first base).

    In her junior season, she led the GLIAC in league batting (.533), slugging percentage (.850) and on-base percentage (.580).

    A native of Acton, Ontario, Berry graduated with a bachelors of science degree in education with an emphasis on kinesiology.

    Erika Barczak was a four-time diving letterwinner (2004-08), who earned seven All-American accolades while also being the only two-time WSU Female Student-Athlete of the Year (2005-06,

    2007-08). She was a four-time First Team All-American (top eight) placing fourth (1-meter) and sixth (3-meter) at the 2008 NCAA Championships. She was sixth in 2006 (3-meter) and eighth (3-meter) in 2005. Barczak was an Honorable Mention All-American three times on the 1-meter board (ninth in 2005, 13th in 2006 and 14th in 2007). A five-time GLIAC champion (final three years on the 3-meter board and final two years on the 1-meter board), she also placed second twice (3-meter in 2005 and 1-meter in 2006). The 2007-08 GLIAC Female Student-Athlete of the Year, Barczak was a 2008 GLIAC Commissioners Award recipient as well as being voted to the ESPN the Magazine - CoSIDA Academic All-America First Team. She was a three-time GLIAC All-Academic Team selection and also recorded a 4.00 term GPA in six of her eight semesters with the other two terms above a 3.80.

    A three-time WSU Athletics Deans Award winner for highest cumulative GPA among student-athletes enrolled in the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts, Barczak graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in art in 2009.



    Kris Krzyminski was a two-time basketball letterwinner (2005-07), who earned Honorable Mention All-American accolades as a senior while also being voted as the WSU Male Student-Athlete of the Year for 2006-07.

    He broke the school record for three-pointers made in a season as a senior with 83 while averaging 23.8 points per game that year. Krzyminski currently ranks 22nd in all-time scoring with 973 points after starting all 51 games in his Warrior career, while his 19.1 points per game average is third in school history of those with at least 26 games played. His 120 career made triples is eighth all-time with his .446 three-point field goal percentage setting the school record upon his graduation. He set the WSU mark for career free throw percentage (min. 200 attempts) at .836 (173-207), while finishing his WSU career 12th in assists with 235. Krzyminskis 4.6 assists per game ranks fourth all-time with his 38.9 minutes per game still ranking at the top of the Warrior charts. A CoSIDA/ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District First Team selection in 2007, he was also named to the GLIAC All-Academic squad as a senior after being named to the Academic Honor Roll all four semesters at WSU.

    A four-time South Division GLIAC Player of the Week, he was a Second Team All-GLIAC South Division selection in 2005-06 before being named to the First Team for 2006-07 after leading the GLIAC in scoring at 23.8 points per game.

    Krzyminski is only the fourth person in school history with at least 200 rebounds, 230 assists and 950 points but the other three accomplished the feat in four years.

    He earned his bachelors degree in business administration management.

    Sebastien Foka was a four-year tennis letterwinner (2002-06), who holds the Wayne State records for career singles wins (71), career doubles wins (73) and the most doubles wins in a season (29).

    He has three of the top 13 single-season win totals in singles play, while his .853 doubles winning percentage (29-5) for 2002-03 is the second highest in the last 70 years at WSU.

    Foka was a four-time All-GLIAC recipient earning First Team All-Conference honors his final three seasons after being voted to the Leagues Second Team as a freshman.

    After splitting time his rookie season between the No. 1 and No. 2 singles slots, he predominantly played the top flight his final three seasons. Foka had a 7-2 singles record in GLIAC tournament action.

    During the 2002-03 campaign, he played both second and third doubles, but then moved to the top doubles tandem almost exclusively for his final three seasons. Foka recorded a 39-8 regular-season doubles record as a sophomore and junior combined, while helping lead his squad to back-to-back NCAA Tournament appearances.

    A three-time GLIAC All-Academic Team selection, he was named to the WSU Academic honor roll five times.

    A native of Choisy-le-Roi, France, Foka graduated in 2008 as a double major in anthropology, and peace and conflict studies.



    Christer Tour was a two-year swimming letterwinner (2006-08), who earned eight First Team All-American accolades including two national championships (100 breaststroke and 200

    medley relay) in 2008.

    His 100 breaststroke national champion time (54.74) surpassed national and school records. With this accomplishment, Tour became Wayne States first male swimming individual national champion since 1941 and its first ever while in Division II.

    The national championship in the 200 medley relay was the first national champion relay in school history. The previous year, the 200 medley relay placed second nationally with a school record time that also came under the previous national record but was 0.35 seconds behind North Dakotas winning time.

    A six-time GLIAC champion, he won the 100 breaststroke and 200 breaststroke both years, along with being on both the 200 and 400 medley relay champions in 2007. His 2008 times in both the 100 breaststroke (55.56) and 200 breaststroke (2:02.98), broke the Wayne State and GLIAC marks.

    During his two-year stint in Detroit, the Warriors won one GLIAC title and placed second the other while finishing third (2007) and sixth (2008) at the NCAA Championships.

    The Stockholm, Sweden native, earned Athletic Directors Academic Honor Roll accolades (term gpa 3.5+) all three semesters he attended WSU. He graduated from Stockholm School of Economics.

    Ebony Vincent was a four-year basketball letterwinner (2000-04), who still holds the Wayne State record for career assists (513), while ranking second in assists per game (5.0).

    A strong two-way player, Vincent is 16th in career scoring with 994 points in 103 contests, and currently ranks sixth in career three-pointers made with 133. She is third in free throws made (291), eighth in three-point field goal percentage (.345) and 10th in steals with 183. Vincent started all 29 games for the 2002-03 squad, which was the first in school history to qualify for the NCAA tournament. That year she led the GLIAC in assists with 222 which was second in the NCAA, while also leading the conference in assist/turnover ratio. Vincent earned her first of back-to-back GLIAC South Division All-Defensive team selections. As a senior, she was voted to both the All-GLIAC South Division First Team as well as the South Division All-Defensive Team. She again led the GLIAC in assists (188), which ranked sixth in the nation. In addition to scoring in double figures in 22 of 27 games, Vincent set the Wayne State record by dishing out 19 assists in a win over Mercyhurst. A durable performer, she averaged 26.7 minutes per game and ranks 11th in school history with 2,755 minutes played. Vincent is one of only three players in school history with 900 points, 250 rebounds and 400 assists. The Oak Park native was named to the WSU Academic honor roll five times and graduated in 2004 with a degree in criminal justice.



    Club 39 is a special giving level for womens athletics for individuals who are Warriors for womens athletics and support the fight for gender-equality in collegiate sports. Wayne State female student-athletes have made significant strides in the last 39 years paving the fields and courts for their WSU sisters now and in the future.

    Over 1,000 women have competed in athletics at Wayne State University and who have each played a significant role in shaping the storied history of womens athletics. We are honored to continue the tradition of being a pioneer in womens athletics throughout the NCAA and nation, and NEED YOUR HELP!

    We ask you to continue allowing more young women at WSU to compete at the NCAA level. By helping provide them program support you are actively assisting in bringing home future Warrior championships.

    Wayne State invites you to join us in celebrating 39 years of womens athletics on campus and honoring women in sports across the globe.


    WSU Athletics welcomes Dr. Donna Lopiano, President and founder of Sports Management Resources (SMR), to campus this spring as the W Week brunch keynote speaker. Dr. Lopiano is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Womens Sports Foundation (1992-2007) and was named one of The 10 Most Powerful Women in Sports by Fox Sports.The Sporting News has also listed her as one of The 100 Most Influential People in Sports. She has been nationally and internationally acclaimed for her leadership as an athletics administrator and work advocating for gender equity in sports.

    To reserve your ticket to the W Week brunch with Dr. Lopiano please call (313) 577-4282.

    Dr. Donna Lopiano

    Athletic Director Rob Fournier and award recipient Simona Iacoban and Coach McCall Monte at the 2013

    W Week Luncheon.

    W DAY EVENTWayne State womens athletics holds a unique place in the history of intercollegiate athletics. WSU diver, Dacia Schileru, became the first female in the history of the NCAA to compete in competition sanctioned by that national body.

    The significance of the event is recognized as one of the Top 25 defining moments in the history of the NCAA and is prominently displayed in the Hall of Champions in Indianapolis.

    Help us in celebrating 39 years of womens athletics at Wayne State University this year, starting with the W Week brunch the morning of April 12th at 10 a.m. Events featured during W Week all epitomize what womens athletics at Wayne State is - competitive success, academic achievement and community engagement.

    Following a season in which the Wayne State University mens tennis team finished second in the GLIAC, the Warriors will once again take aim at conference titles heading into the 2013-14 regular season.

    WSU, 13-8 overall last season, returns four letterwinners from a team that just missed out on qualifying for the NCAA Tournament. WSU earned a 9-2 conference record, its best in head coach Bryan Morrows five years at the helm of the Warriors. Morrow was also named 2013 ITA Midwest Regional Coach of the Year following the season.

    Wayne State will look to improve upon its fourth-place finish at the GLIAC Tournament. Returning to lead the Warriors are

    three-year letterwinners and seniors Michael FitzGerald (Grosse Ile, Mich.) and Melvin Joseph (Northville, Mich.). Joseph, the teams captain, and FitzGerald each enter their senior campaigns ranking in the top 10 in both singles and doubles victories for the Warriors. The pair played doubles together last season, but could see time on different doubles teams in 2014.

    Last year they finished the season playing No. 2 doubles and were really strong there, but its looking like this year we are going to split them up and get their leadership on two teams instead of one, Morrow said.

    Junior Trey Keating (Troy, Mich. / Troy) played strong in the doubles lineup for WSU during the 2012-13 season, starting out on the No. 3 doubles team before eventually moving up to the top flight. He finished 13-9 overall in doubles, playing more than half his matches at the top flight.

    Trey will definitely be in our doubles lineups and has a decent chance to make the singles lineup, Morrow said.

    Sophomore Mohamed Fazyl Kechai (Paris, France / Martin Luther King) returns for his second season with the Warriors and should contribute to both lineups. Morrow said that with a year under his belt, he has a chance to make a big impact in 2014. Fazyl Kechai saw time at the top three singles flights last season and finished the season with 10 victories in singles matches.

    The Warriors will also have several newcomers for the upcoming season in freshmen Ryan Carlson (Armada, Mich.), Clement Charriere (Marseille, France) and Stephane Robineau (Paris, France). Graduate student Gopinath Menta also joins the team and was a top-ranked youth player in India. Both Clement and Robineau should see playing time right away and could fill the spots at the top of the singles lineup.

    (Robineau) is really steady, Morrow said. He really just plays a nice brand of tennis. Hes exciting. Hes the real deal.

    Clement is younger and perhaps for his age is even better. Both of them had really nice fall (seasons). They did pretty well at the ITAs. They both had great wins in the tournaments at Toledo and Detroit.

    Carlson is the third true freshman that joined the squad last fall and perhaps is the most improved player on the team, Morrow said.

    Hes definitely a real character guy, hes a good guy to have on the team, Morrow said. Hes a solid student, and was a three varsity-sport captain in high school. He had never played tennis in the winter really. He has improved tremendously as he focuses on it as his only sport. Hes improving every day.

    Menta joined the team after watching a Wayne State practice and asking to hit.

    Hes working hard and he had very high junior rankings, Morrow said. Im excited to see where hell be at the end of the year. Im hopeful that he can be a contributor by the end of the season.

    Wayne State performed well during the fall portion of its season. The Warriors competed at the ITA Regional Tournament in Allendale, Mich. before visiting Toledo and the Detroit Mercy for invitational tournaments. At the UDM Invitational, Wayne State finished second out of three teams behind the host Titans, a Division I opponent.

    I was pretty happy with where we were at during the fall, considering some of the injuries we had, Morrow said. It is a great group of guys, all the guys work hard. Its a real good team. I think that well have a good year.

    While being the top team in the GLIAC is a big goal, Morrow said that just trying to play their best is the No. 1 goal this year for the squad.

    It always is the goal, Morrow said of GLIAC title aspirations. Unlike in years past, however, this year we arent discussing that with the team. I think we have the talent to be in the mix again. I think this year, with this blend of players, I think we are as good as anybody. With the addition of Clement and Stephane potentially at the top of lineup, we should be right there.

    The Warriors open their spring season Sunday, Feb. 9 at Detroit for a dual match. WSU has its first home match of the season Friday, Feb. 28 against the University of Northwestern (Ohio).

    Wayne State will also head to Florida from March 6-10 to participate in four non-conference matches. WSU also opens GLIAC play March 21 at Tiffin, while playing in its first home league match March 29 against Michigan Tech.


    Senior captain Melvin Joseph



    In 2013, the Wayne State University baseball program won 30 or more games for the seventh time in school history and the fifth time in the last six years. The Warriors finished with a 21-10 GLIAC record and clinched a berth in the GLIAC Tournament for the ninth time in the last 10 years. However, WSU missed out on the NCAA Tournament after winning just one game at GLIAC Tournament and head coach Ryan Kelley and his Warriors are looking to add to the programs storied history in 2014. Coach Kelley was pleased with the results last season including the teams performance off the field.

    We were pleased with the teams effort to reach the 30-win mark again while also contributing to our Wayne State University overall student-athlete experience and expectations, said Kelley. Finishing with above a 3.0 team GPA and contributing over 1,500 community service hours were results the coaching staff were very proud of. With the help of his teammates, Brad Guenther was able to anchor the GLIAC Player of the Year award while also earning an opportunity with the Los Angeles Angels organization.

    The Green & Gold will need to replace one of the best players in program history in catcher Brad Guenther, who was the 2013 GLIAC Player of the Year and a Tino Martinez Award Semifinalist. In addition, the Warriors will be replacing its top two starting pitchers in southpaw Alex Pierse and right-hander Ethan Vasiliauskas. The two combined for 22 starts and a 14-5 record. Also moving on due to graduation will be shortstop Kenny Davis (2013 All-GLIAC First Team), outfielder Kasey Koster (All-GLIAC First Team) and right-handed pitcher Greg Spiess (23 career starts).

    The rotation will be a point of interest during the offseason and Kelley is looking forward to the competition it will bring.

    Through the fall practice schedule and winter workouts, there are rotation spots under competition, continued Kelley. Some of our pitchers including Kyle Zimmerman, David Frederick, Taylor Horn and Alex Kinch have demonstrated a hungry willingness to earn a top spot in the rotation. Our January and February practices will continue to open the door for more rotation competition and exposure. Through our first two spring trips when our pitchers obtain mound time against quality opponents, well see who is hungry to be our rotation headliners entering the GLIAC season.

    Returning to the roster are sophomore infielder Jermey Carrell, who was an Honorable Mention All-GLIAC selection and junior left-handed pitcher/first-baseman Kyle Zimmerman who hit .315 last season and drove in 28 runs. The teams captains will be senior catcher/outfielder Eric Cunningham, senior outfielder Chris Gebara and senior pitcher Kirk


    Other returners of note are senior infielders Jimmy Jackson, A.J. Matos and senior closer Clayton Ruch.

    WSU welcomes eight newcomers (five freshman and three transfers) to the roster. Junior infielder Nathan Manis (Port Huron, Mich. / Owens CC), junior outfielder Dennis Olszewski (Ann Arbor, Mich. / Wabash Valley CC) and graduate student catcher Zach Johnson (Grandville, Mich. / Michigan) all transfered into the team. Freshmen Cole Clifton (Sterling Heights, Mich. / De La Salle), Hunter Van Maele (Commerce, Mich. / Walled Lake Northern), Chris Horvath (Windsor, Ont. / St. Anne Catholic), JT Conti (Trenton, Mich.) and Tyler Tompson (Farmington, Mich.) will all wear the Green & Gold for the first time this spring.

    We are very excited to have these future Wayne State University student-athletes join our baseball program, said Kelley. They have demonstrated a passion for success on the field and in the classroom and we are excited to help them elevate these traits at the NCAA level. We are counting on them to add to our Wayne State University baseball culture immediately. Our coaching staff led by Aaron Hepner, John DiLaura, and former assistant coach Logan Hughes worked extensively during the recruiting process to help these future Warriors find a home in Detroit.

    The 2014 schedule will commence in Evansville, Ind. with the 2014 Dunn Hospitality Classic with two games against Saint Josephs and one contest with Southern Indiana before the

    Warriors make their annual trip to Florida. WSU will meet Lewis (DH), Missouri-St. Louis, Saint Josephs (DH), Wayne State College (DH), Alderson Broaddus (DH), Seton Hill (DH) and Minnesota Duluth (DH) at the 2014 RussMatt Invitational in Winter Haven, Fla. Home GLIAC series include Saginaw Valley, Northwood, Hillsdale and Walsh. The Warriors will also host Ashland, Urbana, Findlay and Tiffin in single nine-inning contests.

    The expectations will not change for the steady Warriors in 2014.

    Our expectations remain consistent within our programs philosophy, said Kelley. Above all we expect Wayne State University baseball student-athletes to abide by our graduate and win approach, represent the name on the front of our jerseys with pride, while also being productive leaders on and off the field. Furthermore, we are eager to see some of our underclassmen and newcomers step right in and contribute. Plus, it is time for some of our upperclassmen to develop a great sense of leadership to help solidify their place in Wayne State baseball history.

    The Warriors had eight All-GLIAC performers in 2013, including five seniors.

    Junior LHP/1B Kyle Zimmerman



    1) In the 2013 NACDA Learfield Cup, which measures overall competitive success of all intercollegiate athletic programs, WSU finished 39th out of 317 Division II schools (top 12%) as nine of 17 athletic teams advanced to the NCAA tournament. WSUs best 12 all-time NACDA finishes have occurred in the last 12 years.

    2) The womens swimming and diving team finished as the NCAA national runner-up. It was the fifth consecutive year the program has finished either first or second in the country.

    3) Student-athletes volunteered a record 9,766 hours in the community. In the past five years, student-athletes have contributed 38,422 volunteer hours to improve Detroit and change the lives of its citizens and its volunteers.

    4) The combined grade-point average for all student-athletes was 3.13. In the Winter 2013 term, nineteen (19) student-athletes had a had a perfect 4.0 GPA while 58% finished with a GPA above 3.00.

    5) In the federally-mandated NCAA graduation report, WSU student-athletes graduated at a 30% higher average than the comparable full-time campus population.

    6) Athletics raised a total of $1,011,612.78 in total revenue. It was the second consecutive year the department exceeded the one million dollar mark.

    7) The womens basketball team advanced to the NCAA Division II Sweet Sixteen after winning two tournament games -- the first post-season wins for the program in school history. They also won their first GLIAC Divisional title since the 1980-81 season.

    8) The mens swimming and diving team finished fifth in the country. That continues a streak of finishing in the top 10 in NCAA Championships every year since 2005.

    9) For the third straight year, mens and womens swimming and diving each captured the conference (GLIAC) title. This marked the fourth consecutive title for the women (and seventh in the last eight years) and for the men it was the eighth such championship in the last 11 years.

    10) Athletics announced the Ernie and Lulu Harwell Stadium project in conjunction with the Harwell Foundation. The building continues the baseball nostalgia structural look (Fenway Park Green Monster, Tiger Stadium scoreboard) with a replica Ebbets Field design.

    11) The first collegiate home night football game was held at Tom Adams Field. Before a crowd of 4,109 the Warriors defeated No. 21-ranked Ashland 34-22.

    12) Sophomore Piotr Jachowicz was selected as the Mens Swimmer of the Year at the NCAA national championship meet. Jachowicz won national championships in the 200 individual medley and the 400 individual medley, setting Division II records in both events.

    13) Junior Paige Kortman was distinguished as the Female Diver of the year at the NCAA national championships meet. Kortman won the one-meter diving competition and finished in second place in the three-meter diving event.

    14) The athletic department was honored with the 2013 GLIAC Community Engagement Award, in recognition of outstanding service to the community. It is the only time in conference history that the Sportsmanship Award and Community Service Award were given to the same institution in the same year.

    15) For the first time in 95 years of WSU basketball, both the mens and womens teams qualified for the NCAA tournament in the same season.

    16) Second-year womens basketball head coach Carrie Lohr was named the BCAM Michigan Coach of the Year among all three NCAA divisions and the GLIAC Coach of the Year after guiding the Warriors to a 22-9 mark (17-5 GLIAC), an improvement of 10 wins from a year earlier and a share of the North Division title.

    17) Diving Coach Kelly LaCroix was selected as the Womens Diving Coach of the Year at the NCAA championship meet for the second straight year. LaCroixs divers earned eight All-American recognitions across two diving events for each gender.

    18) Mens Basketball Head Coach David Greer was named the GLIAC Coach of the Year after leading his Warriors to a share of the GLIAC regular-season title, the first championship for the WSU program since the 1998-99 campaign.

    19) The softball team qualified for the NCAA tournament for the 18th time in program history and seventh time in the past eight seasons.

    20) Diver Dylan Szegedi won the national title on the one-meter board, and finished third in the three-meter competition at the NCAA Championship. Swimmer Nathan Hesche and Szegedi were voted to the CoSIDA Academic At-Large All-America Second Team after both earned Academic All-District First Team honors.

    21) The womens tennis program advanced to the NCAA Championship. It marked their seventh NCAA post-season appearance in the past nine years.

    22) Swimming/Diving won five national titles at the NCAA Championship -- Piotr Jachowicz (200 IM, 400 IM), Dylan Szegedi (1M diving), Paige Kortman (1M diving) and the womens 200 medley relay team of Sarah Maraskine, Kayla Scott, Alex Malfroid and Ashley Corriveau.

    23) Fourteen members of the womens swimming and diving team were honored as All-Americans: Carol Azambuja, Ashley Corriveau, Kaylee Dolinski, Paige Kortman, Elly Maleski, Alex Malfroid, Sarah Maraskine, Kristina Novichenko, Kei Cze Prentis, Kayla Scott, Carly Sevald, Alex Geddis McCririe, Hannah Loesch and Emily Mitzelfeld.

    24) The golf team competed in the NCAA Super Regional for the seventh straight year and ninth time in the last 10 years.

    25) Swimming and Diving Coach Sean Peters was named the 2013 GLIAC Mens Coach of the Year. The recognition marks the ninth time Peters has won the mens award, while he has earned one or both of the awards every year since 2002.

    26) Junior Carol Azambuja and sophomore Piotr Jachowicz were honored as the GLIAC Womens and Mens Swimmers of the Year, while junior Paige Kortman earned GLIAC Womens Diver of the Year.

    27) For the first time in school history, both the mens and womens basketball teams hosted first round GLIAC playoff games. For only the second time in GLIAC history, both basketball Coach of the Year award winners were from the same school as Carrie Lohr and David Greer were voted by their peers.

    28) Swimmer Kayla Scott was voted to the CoSIDA Academic All-America First Team, while diver Carly Sevald was selected to the Second Team. Scott and Sevald were also named to the CoSIDA Academic All-District First Team.

    29) The Department of Athletics hosted its fourth annual Womens Day on Saturday, April 13. Over 200 people were in attendance to celebrate 38 years of womens athletics at WSU. The brunch featured keynote speaker Dr. Paula McGee, a Flint, Mich. native, who went on to win two Division I basketball national championships at the University of Southern California. As part of W Week, the department added Movie Night and Be the Match (Bone Marrow Drive) as new initiatives.

    30) Mens Golf swept all three major GLIAC postseason awards. Head coach Mike Horn collected his fourth GLIAC Coach of the Year honor. Eric Johnson was selected as the GLIAC Golfer of the Year. Tyler LaSerra was named the Mens Golf Freshman of the Year.

    31) Brad Guenther was voted the GLIAC Baseball Player of the Year and signed a contract with the Los Angeles Angels.

    32) Jen Rock became the first female student-athlete to win an outdoor track championship event by capturing the 10,000 meter race at the GLIAC Championships.

    33) The Department of Athletics was recognized by the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) as the recipient of the 2013 GLIAC Sportsmanship Award (voted by opposing coaches).

    34) The basketball arena was enhanced with new scoreboards including enhanced graphics, detailed statistical information and an HD Video Board.

    35) The womens swimming team finished either first or second in four of the five relays at the NCAA Championship, winning the 200 medley and placing second in the 200 free, 400 free and 800 free. The womens team also finished fifth in the 400 medley relay.

    36) The softball program claimed its 10th GLIAC Tournament title in school history with a 5-0 triumph in the championship game. The Warriors won six consecutive contests to advance to the NCAA Tournament after dropping the opener in extra innings.

    37) Football had its highest average attendance since 1976.

    38) Athletics introduced a departmental awareness education and inclusiveness initiative titled Gold Umbrella.

    39) WSU Athletics continued its partnership with the Detroit Sports Commission, hosting its annual Prep Classic at Tom Adams Field. Additionally, WSU hosted its first Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) football playoff game. The Department of Athletics hosted the MHSAA baseball and softball state regionals.

    40) The Baseball program received the Salvation Armys Doing the Most Good Award.

    41) The 2012-13 WSU Student-Athletes of the Year were: Carly Sevald (womens diving) and Ian Larkin (mens basketball). Sevald was a seven time First Team All-American, while Larkin led WSU to two NCAA post season invitations.

    42) Mens Tennis coach Bryan Morrow was named ITA Regional Coach of the Year.

    43) The WSU baseball program was awarded The Childrens Center Community Service Award by the Childrens Center of Detroit. Junior pitcher Christian Bilkovic was honored as a finalist for the Centers Lisa V. Ford Heart and Soul Award, for leadership and individual commitment to community service.

    44) Swimmings Nathan Hesche and divings Carly Sevald were recipients of the 2013 GLIAC Winter Commissioners Award as one of the Conferences top 12 student-athletes.

    45) Baseballs Ethan Vasiliauskas and tennis Thomas Ducret were honored with the 2013 GLIAC Spring Commissioners Award as one of Conferences top 12 student-athletes.

    46) Footballs Chet Privett was selected as a 2013 GLIAC Fall Commissioners Award winner as one of the top 12 student-athletes in the conference.

    47) A state-of-the-art tennis scoreboard was installed at the Multipurpose Indoor Facility (MIF). All four courts were named in honor of past WSU tennis student-athletes.

    48) Brad Guenther was a semifinalist for the Tino Martinez Award as the Division II Baseball Player of the Year.

    49) Talisha Bridges was named to the Womens Basketball Daktronics All Region Second Team. She was also named to the BCAM Academic-Athletic Honors Team.



    50) Eric Johnson and Tyler LaSerra were named to the Division II PING Golf All Midwest Region Team.

    51) For the first time, intramural football was played under the lights at Tom Adams Field.

    52) Baseball student-athlete Alex Pierse was named to the Daktronics All Midwest Region First Team, while Kasey Koster was named to the Second Team.

    53) Cross Country student-athlete Doug Mack was voted to the CoSIDA Academic All-America Third Team.

    54) Baseball student-athlete Brad Guenther was selected to the NCBWA All Midwest Region First Team while Kasey Koster and Alex Pierse were selected to the Second Team.

    55) Ian Larkin was named to the NABC (National Association of Basketball Coaches) All-Midwest Region Second Team. He was also named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team, the NABC Honors Court and was voted to the CoSIDA Academic All-District First Team.

    56) Intramural participation for Fall 2013 semester was the highest in school history, while female participation increased by 50 percent.

    57) Athletics formed a student marketing group that included Fort W, a student section at basketball games and which assisted in achieving a new student attendance record at football games.

    58) Three Baseball student-athletes (Travis Rodery, Ethan Vasiliauskas, Kyle Zimmerman) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team; Nine baseball student-athletes (Christian Bilkovic, Eric Cunningham, Chris Gebara, Alex Kinch, Mark Lepri, Alex Pierse, Justin Sherman, Greg Spiess, and Kirk Stambaugh) received GLIAC All-Academic Team recognition.

    59) Mike Hollingsworth and Ian Larkin were selected to the All-GLIAC Basketball First Team, while Cole Prophet was selected to the Second Team. The Warriors were represented on the All-Defensive team by Chene Phillips and Prophet.

    60) Womens cross country student-athlete Kayla Gagnon was named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence team, while Kayla Balfour, Abbey Filip, Brittany Johnson, Chelsea Johnson and Annie Okonowski earned GLIAC All Academic recognition.

    61) Brad Guenther, Alex Pierse, and Kasey Koster were named to the ABCA Rawlings All-Midwest Baseball Second Team.

    62) Three womens outdoor track student-athletes (Chelsie Fuller, Samantha Kaufman, Heather Thomson) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team; three others (Kayla Gagnon, Britney Robinson, Jen Rock) received GLIAC All-Academic Team recognition.

    63) The baseball program hosted a number of outreach camps including: fourth annual Alan Trammell/Lance Parrish camp, the inaugural Anthony Bass pitching camp, a Detroit Tigers camp featuring Miguel Cabrera and Torii Hunter, and a Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation clinic for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Michigan.

    64) Softball outfielder Logan White was voted to the NFCA All-Midwest Region Second Team.

    65) Eric Johnson and Tyler LaSerra were named to the All-GLIAC Golf First team, while Alex LaSerra and Rob Favaro were named Honorable Mention All-GLIAC.

    66) Talisha Bridges was voted to the All-GLIAC First Team, while Juanita Cochran and Phaebre Colbert were named to the Second Team. Bridges was also selected to the GLIAC All-Defensive Team.

    67) Yahsha Moore and Anne Li Briand finished as runners-up in the double draw at the ITA Midwest Regional Tennis tournament. Moore was voted to the All-GLIAC Womens Tennis First Team, while Briand received Honorable Mention All-GLIAC accolades.

    68) Ed Viverette and Stefan Terleckyj were voted to the All-GLIAC Football First Team, while Ben Walker, Moe Davenport, Greg Hasse and Ryan Hankins received Honorable Mention All-GLIAC honors.

    69) Kristen Bulkiewicz was voted to the All-GLIAC Volleyball First Team, while Heather Weiss received Honorable Mention All-GLIAC accolades. Bulkiewicz was voted to the COSIDA Academic All-District First Team.

    70) Brad Guenther, Kenny Davis, Kasey Koster, and Alex Pierse were named to the All-GLIAC Baseball First Team, while Ethan Vasiliauskas and Clayton Ruch were named to the second team, and Jeremy Carrel and Kyle Zimmerman received Honorable Mention accolades.

    71) Thomas Ducret and Aman Gill were named to the All-GLIAC Mens Tennis Second Team, while Melvin Joseph received Honorable Mention All-GLIAC.

    72) Nine womens swimming/diving student-athletes (Kaylee Dolinski, Rachel LaCroix, Emily Mitzelfeld, Kei Cze Prentis, Kayla Scott, Carly Sevald, Marissa Swartz, Heather Thomson, Alycen Wiacek) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team; six (Michelle Adamic, Ashley Corriveau, Kelsey Dischler, Jenelle Gondek, Nicole Kudla, Shaina Kulczycki) received GLIAC All-Academic Team honors.

    73) Logan White and Nikki Fulton were voted to the All-GLIAC Second Team, while Mackenzie Boehler and Stephanie Foreman were named to the All- GLIAC Honorable Mention Team.

    74) Named to the CSCAA All-American team were Joaquin Abascal Gallegos, Darrin Driesenga, Lucas Fernandez Vilanova, Nathan Hesche, Piotr Jachowicz, Kristian Larsen, Calvin Reder, Dylan Szegedi and Kyle Taylor, while Jeff Grant, and Kevin White received Honorable Mention for their performances at the National Championship.

    75) Austin Hill and Tyler Haksluoto were named GCAA (Golf Coaches Association of America) All-America Scholars.

    76) Five mens swimming and diving student-athletes (Nathan Hesche, Fares Ksebati, Jordan Papp, Dylan Szegedi, Nick Victor) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team; while seven (Darrin Driesenga, Cameron Fryzel, Jeff Grant, Kristian Larsen, Cody Narlock, Calvin Reder, and Cameron Weaver) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Team.

    77) Four womens basketball student-athletes (Talisha Bridges, Juanita Cochran, Amelia Davis, Paige Sickmiller) were named to the GLIAC All- Academic Excellence Team; five others (Kayla Bridges, Phaebre Colbert, Imari Redfield, Chloe Srebernak, Lena Thomas) received GLIAC All Academic Team honors.

    78) Seven football players (Trent Brodbeck, Steve OShell, Chet Privett, Stefan Terleckyj, Brandon Tinsley, Ben Walker and Aaron Weston) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence team, while 17 others (Zak Bielecki, Thom Box, Kevin Buford-Wilson, Ashawn Butler, Anthony DeDamos, James Hendrix, Idris Hobdy, Majd Khytaz, Andrew Matt, Alex Medenbach, Austin Nelson, Carl Roscoe, Mike Sawchuk, Nate Theaker, Ethan Walsh, Will Wheat and Andy Zimmerman) received GLIAC All-Academic honors.

    79) Five Mens Tennis student-athletes (Thomas Ducret, Michael FitzGerald, Oscar Gamarra, Jon Groszek, and Melvin Joseph) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team as well as ITA Scholar Athletes, while the squad received the 2013 ITA All-Academic Team recognition.

    80) The Department of Athletics added Kim Clexton as an academic advisor housed in the Matthaei to work with student-athletes.

    81) Five mens cross country student-athletes (Steven Neshkoff, Nick Culbertson, Ruben Cardenas, Ruben Maya and Irvin Wyche) earned GLIAC All-Academic Excellence honors, while Nicholas Jackson and Kory Lohrmann earned GLIAC All-Academic honors.

    82) Six softball student-athletes (Makelle Barski, Emily Bryce, Amanda Burnard, Stephanie Foreman, Catherine Rayos and Logan White) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence ; while two players (Nikki Fulton and Shelby Spano) received GLIAC All-Academic honors.

    83) Six volleyball student-athletes (Nicole Arends, Kristen Bulkiewicz, Jessica DeLeeuw, Jamie Goryca, Madison Reeves, and Heather Weiss) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence, while two others (Kelsey Bonewits and Carlee Hunt) received GLIAC All-Academic team recognition.

    84) Chet Privett was named to the AFCA Good Works list and was a semifinalist for National Football Foundation National Scholar-Athlete award.

    85) Anne Li Briand was named to the GLIAC Womens Tennis All-Academic Excellence team, while Julia Kamenko and Lisa Thomas were named to the GLIAC All-Academic team.

    86) Womens basketball student-athlete Paige Sickmiller received an NCAA Degree-Completion Award.

    87) Both cross country teams earned USTFCCCA All-Academic honors. Doug Mack, Nick Culbertson, Nicholas Jackson, Kayla Gagnon and Olivia Kwiatkowski received individual academic honors.

    88) Three mens golfers (Tyler Haksluoto, Austin Hill and Tyler LaSerra) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team, while four others (Reid Dean, Robert Favaro, Brad Griffith and Dillon Horn) received GLIAC All-Academic Team recognition.

    89) Two womens indoor track student-athletes (Chelsie Fuller, Samantha Kaufman) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence Team; while three others (Kayla Gagnon, Britney Robinson, Jen Rock) were named to the GLIAC All-Academic Team.

    90) Athletics added an academic achievement support program called Grades First to improve scholastic performance and success.

    91) Stefan Terleckyj was named to the Beyond Sports Network Honorable Mention All-America team as a punter. He was also named to the Hansens Football Gazette All-Super Region 4 Third Team.

    92) 58 student-athletes received the D2 ADA Academic Achievement Award.

    93) The Volleyball team was honored with the AVCA Team Academic Award.

    94) Steve Domzalski worked as the Head Athletic Trainer for the 18U Team USA squad at the World Baseball Championships in Chinese Taipei.

    95) The department unveiled Warrior Mail - the first University wide email to students, staff and faculty to market and promote athletic events.

    96) Associate track coach Kirby Blackley was inducted into the USTFCCCA Hall of Fame.

    97) Football student-athletes Steve Conway, Sean McCarthy, Mickey Mohner and Nick Thomas were announced as National Football Foundation Hampshire Honor Society Members.

    98) As part of the departments annual strategic retreat, a diversity and inclusion workshop was held. In addition, in response to current issues regarding treatment and protection of individual rights and professional expectations of behavior, an Ethics and Best Practices Guide was created and distributed.

    99) Launched a re-design of WSUAthletics.com which ended the year with over 1.6 million page views for a 12-month period.

    100) Womens golf was announced as the institutions 18th intercollegiate athletic program and will begin competition in the Fall of 2014.



    Indoor Tennis ScoreboardThe multipurpose indoor facility is home to four tennis courts and a new tennis scoreboard that features the opportunity to have each court named by a supporter. Three of the four courts have already been named, but one court remains for a devout Warrior fan to display its family name and legacy for all to see. For more information or to purchase the last court please call (313) 577-0241.

    .400 ClubThrough a partnership with the Ernie Harwell Foundation, the baseball program has undertaken a project which will forever associate the legendary broadcaster with Tartar/Warrior baseball. The effort has already raised $250,000 towards the Phase I goal of $550,000. And like that batter looking to leg out a few more hits to reach that coveted .400 milestone; it is our hope 400 former WSU baseball student-athletes will step up to the challenge to monetarily help us realize this target. Donate online at wsuathletics.com, clicking the Harwell Project tab or print an application and mail.

    Club 39On March 15, 1973, WSU diver, Dacia Schileru, was the first female to participate in a NCAA Championship competition. Her performance seven years before the NCAA even officially began staging womens championships is one of the Top 25 memorable moments in NCAA history. Club 39 is a special giving level for womens athletics for individuals who are Warriors for womens athletics and support the fight for gender-equality in collegiate sports. Donate online at wsuathletics.com, clicking the Club 39 tab or print an application and mail.

    W ClubThe W Club has a new look this year with more levels and added benefits. Are you a member? The W Club creates that opportunity to direct a tax-deductible gift to assist your favorite program and the overall initiatives of the athletic department. *Member benefits will start the month the first gift is made and go through the proceeding 12 months and is renewable each year. Donate online at wsuathletics.com, clicking the W Club tab or print an application and mail.


    Please contact Lauren Lepkowski, Assistant Athletic Director for Development at (313) 577-0241 or at [email protected], and mail all applications to Director for Development 5101 John C. Lodge, 101 Matthaei, Detroit, MI 48202.


    September 7thMens and womens tennis alums gathered to play a few matches with the current teams in the new multipurpose indoor facility and enjoyed a meal with the teams. After lunch the alums shared both humorous and sentimental stories from their time as student-athletes at WSU.

    September 14thThe baseball program hosted its annual alumni weekend that was attended by over 100 alumni and included a round of golf at Northville Hills Golf Club, a football game tailgate and alumni game.

    September 21stSoftball also hosted its annual alumni game this fall with the current team defeating the alums. Afterwards players and their families enjoyed a picnic on the field catered by their own WSU softball team and coaches.

    October 11thSwimming and diving teams started their seasons this year with the annual alumni meet, almost 40 alumni competed. The 2012-13 conference champion swimming and diving teams were also honored prior to the meet at a ceremony where they were awarded their championship rings.

    October 19thThe womens basketball alumni played the current team in an alumni game showdown on the Matthaei gym floor. Afterwards the ladies headed outdoors to enjoy a Warrior football game in the W Tent.

    January 23rd Several alumni and supporters got the first look at The Warrior Way Forward, the WSU Athletic Departments strategic plan in between basketball games on Jan. 23, 2014. In addition, President M. Roy Wilson and Director of Athletics Rob Fournier fielded questions from the crowd.

    2013 WSU Softball Alumni Team

    Current baseball coaches Ryan Kelley, Aaron Hepner and John DiLaura and former coaches Richard Korkizko, Angelo Gust and Nick Tumberello at the January 23rd alumni event.

    Team Ty Stevenson won the 2013 WSU Baseball Alumni Game

    This fall many WSU sport programs celebrated their history with alumni reunions that brought hundreds of former student-athletes back to campus. More reunions will be coming this spring! Please check WSUAthletics.com for more information on alumni events. If you would like to make sure we have your

    most updated information in our database, please do the following: Send an email to [email protected] that includes your name, current location, what sport(s) you participated in at WSU and years along with an email address and phone number. Indicate yes or no as to whether you want to be included

    on a sport-specific e-mailing list for the sport (or sports) you designate. If its a no ... we understand. We would just like to have a way to invite you back to very important alumni functions and events involving your former team.




    The Wayne State University softball team earned its second straight trip to the NCAA postseason during the 2013 season, winning six straight games at the GLIAC Tournament including the final two over rival Grand Valley to clinch the tournament victory. It was the second straight season that the Warriors won the GLIAC Tournament. Wayne State won 30 games for the eighth straight season in 2013, finishing with an overall record of 30-22 and a conference mark of 14-8. WSU fell in the NCAA Regional Tournament, losing consecutive games to Indianapolis and Ashland. Gary Bryce enters his 33rd season as head coach of the Warrior softball program, having amassed 1,071 victories over his career. Longtime assistant coach Pat Kent and third-year assistant Nicole Abel also return to the Warriors coaching staff. The Warriors lost just three seniors from last seasons squad, including Stephanie Foreman, who played in 225 games and finished sixth in program history with 129 RBI for WSU over her four-year career. The majority of the team is back, however, including senior Logan White, who led the team with a .417 batting average, 73 hits, 78 total bases, 33 runs, 12 steals and a .450 on-base percentage. She was named to the 2013 All-GLIAC Second Team and anchors the Wayne State outfield in 2014. Logan has only gotten better each year, Bryce said. She gives you 100 percent every game. You watch her and want to emulate what she does. Shes a great contributor to this softball program. The left side of the infield returns as sophomores Jade McGarr and Gabby Williams both started all 52 games at third base and shortstop, respectively, for Wayne State in 2013. McGarr was second on the team with a .369 batting average and had a .958 fielding mark in her first full season as a third baseman. Jade has really improved defensively at third base, Bryce said Shes 100 percent better there defensively than last year and she was pretty good there last year. Returning behind the plate are junior Emily Bryce and senior Amanda Burnard. The pair split time at catcher and first base last year. Bryce led the Warriors with 35 RBI last season, while Burnard was fifth on the squad with 18 RBI. Second baseman Nikki Fulton, a 2012 co-GLIAC Player of the Year and 2013 All-GLIAC Second Team recipient, should miss the majority of the season following a shoulder injury that will require surgery. Senior Julie Ingratta is set to fill her shoes at second base. She returns to the team after a one-year hiatus from softball.

    (Ingratta) sat out last year and is coming back, Bryce said. Shes a great athlete. I think her coming back is an X factor for us. She really was a hidden X factor for us two years ago. Redshirt freshman Lyndsay Butler also returns after playing in just six games in 2013. She missed the rest of the season due to an injury and provides a punch to the rotation and offensive lineup. Lyndsay is a very good thrower, Bryce said. The ball moves, she throws hard. Offensively, shes a left-handed hitter who hits with power. Butler batted .500 in six games before missing the rest of the season, while sporting a 2.67 ERA with 20 strikeouts in three games for WSU. Junior Briana Lee also returns to the mound, having pitched perhaps her best softball during the GLIAC Tournament in 2013. She compiled a 25.3 inning scoreless streak during the postseason run and recorded back-to-back shutouts over Grand Valley in the championship round. Lee finished the season 12-15 with a 2.83 ERA and 149 strikeouts in 183.0 innings. (Briana) has really improved from last year, Bryce said. This could be a breakout year for her. Sophomore Mackenzie Boehler went 17-5 during her freshman season in 2013 and threw two perfect games for the Warriors, but could miss time this season with a nagging arm injury. Freshman pitcher Amy Campagnolo provides depth as a thrower for the Warriors. Its hard to take a 17-game winner like Mackenzie away, Bryce said. Amy is as good a third thrower as you could hope to have for on your team. Pitching could be our strength. Along with White in the outfield is sophomore Catherine Rayos, who started 45 games in 2013. She batted .284 and scored 17 runs for the Warriors last season. Others that could see playing time in the outfield and in the lineup are sophomores Shannon Hilton, Shelby Spano and Ali Lince, along with freshmen Allie Buchanan, Emily Cava and Devin Hentschel. We have 18 kids and all 18 kids could play somewhere and help us, Bryce added on the teams depth. Everyone can contribute and thats good. Our emphasis is that its all about the team. The coaches, everyone, nobody is better than the team. Everyone has a role. Bryce added that having a strong coaching system in tact has provided the backbone for a successful program. Pat (Kent) and Nicole (Abel) are wonderful coaches and they certainly make this team go, he added. Nicole has done a wonderful job with the pitchers. They do a really, really good job. Wayne State opened its season on Feb. 7 at the Charger Chillout in Huntsville, Ala. WSU plays in three more spring tournaments before opening at home on March 22 against GLIAC foe Walsh. WSUs doubleheader against Hillsdale on April 1 is set to be broadcast on Comcast CN 900. The 2014 GLIAC Tournament starts May 2 in Findlay, Ohio.

    Senior Logan White led the Warriors in batting average,hits, runs, total bases and steals in 2013.

    Junior Briana Lee




    Development DirectorWayne State Athletics5101 John C. Lodge101 MatthaeiDetroit, MI 48202(313) 577-0587

    Please include in reply envelope in this magazine or send to address indicated

    __________________________________________________Name (As you wish to appear for athletics donor recognition)


    __________________________________________________City State Zip


    __________________________________________________Home Phone Business Phone

    ___________________________________________________E-mail Address

    Card Number Exp. Date


    Softball Locker Room Project - $1,000

    Baseball Locker Room Project - $1,000

    Football Locker Room Project - $2,000

    Check Enclosed Visa MasterCard (Payable to WSU Athletics)

    With your tax-deductible gift, payable over four years, you can personalize a locker in any of our three new locker room facilities by purchasing a locker plaque. The plaque will be engraved with your chosen personalization that is then affixed to a current student-athletes locker.

    The Wayne State Department of Athletics prides itself on offering a first-class experience to our student-athletes. Our new and renovated facilities are helping do just that.

    Conceived as a way to help fund the top-notch facilities for the student-athletes of today and tomorrow, our supporters can leave their permanent mark on the Warriors new facilities and help the department continue to offer our student-athletes the tools to make them successful in the classroom, on the field, and in the community.

    HITTING STREAKSGenerally we think of hitting streaks as a personal achievement. Joe DiMaggios 56-game hitting streak comes to mind as one of the greatest

    sports feats ever. In the case of the new locker rooms for baseball and softball, we are looking to string our hits together as a team to achieve the success necessary to be the best. For each person that steps up to the plate and delivers a hit by securing a locker in the new facilities, a hit will be

    added to the total goals of 20 games for softball and 40 games for baseball, based upon the number of lockers in each facility.




    The Wayne State University Department of Athletics would like to thank the following donors for their generous support of Warrior Athletics. These gifts help to provide scholarships, upgrade equipment and facilities. This list includes donations of $100 and more made to the Department of Athletics between September 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013.

    There are numerous financial opportunities to make a difference in the exciting and promising futures of Wayne States student-athletes and athletic programs. For more information, please call the Athletics Development Office at (313) 577-0587.


    Mr. Gary BryceDoris J. and Donald L. Duchene Sr. Foundation

    Robert J. FournierMr. Robert M. Jackson

    Dr. John and Marilyn KeatingMr. Michael A. Kneale

    Michigan First Credit UnionOakwood Healthcare Inc

    SG Construction Services LLCMichael J. Stoltenberg, M.D.

    Trinity, Inc.Waste Management of Michigan Inc

    Yellow Pages

    ALL-AMERICAN CLUB($5,000-$9,999)

    David and Andrea CroskeyPhillip and Beth Emery

    Ernie Harwell FoundationMr. Vernon D. Foss

    Joanne Nicolay FoundationJames Leonard

    Robmar Precision, Inc.S. Gary Spicer, Sr. Foundation

    Mr. Sanford D. SimonsMr. S. Gary Spicer, Sr.

    Trinity Coach LLCTurner Construction Company Foundation-Michigan

    DIRECTORS CLUB($2,500-$4,999)

    Barnes & Noble College Bookstores, Inc.Barton Malow Company

    Blaze Contracting, Inc.DeMaria Building Company, Inc.

    Gregory and Phyllis DeMarsDetroit Renewable Resources LLC and Subsidiaries

    Ernie the Play LLCEvangelista Corporation

    Mr. Angelo GustHarley Devereaux

    Blake JohnsonDr. Marc Milia

    Mrs. Cristina M RecchiaMr. David W. Ripple

    Thomas and Gail Wiseman

    CAPTAINS CLUB($1,000 - $2,499)

    Paul and Shirly AndrewsWilliam and Kimberly Avery

    Mr. Philip BaldickAnthony Bass

    Urbain N. BernierGary and Wendy BiceMr. Charles Binkowski

    BizdomMr. Thomas G. Bomberski

    Botke Building Corp.Mr. Clifford A. Brown

    Caterico Investments Inc.Pam and Frederick Cavataio

    Mr. Michael ChanWilliam C. Cirocco, M.D.Mr. Richard F. Corona, Jr.

    Dearborn Sausage CompanyDetroit Thermal LLC

    Mr. David M. DombrowskiMr. Scott A. FisherMrs. Joette George

    Mr. Paul A. GlantzMr. William L. GreenMrs. Dawn Hansen

    Mr. James P. HayesMr. James J. HopsonMr. Randy Jackson

    Mr. Leonard E. JacoskyMr. John Jambor

    Johnny Macs Sporting GoodsJohnson & Wood, LLCMr. Benedict W. Jones

    Keith A. Iverson Living TrustF. John Keogh, III

    Robert Kohrman

    Mr. Donald KoschMr. Anthony KoterbaDr. Steven M. LashLegacy Foundation

    Mr. Mark E. LimbackCarrie Lohr

    Major Cement CompanyMalak and Mona, Inc.

    Ms. Mary I. McLeod FoundationDonald and Lila McMechan

    Abdel-Wahab I. Meri, M.D.Mr. Roy G. Michell, Jr.

    Mr. Thomas S. MilanovMr. Bryan L. MorrowJames H. Mulchay, IIIPartha S. Nandi, M.D.Mr. Michael R. OHara

    Phi Gamma ChiPPG Industries Foundation

    Mr. Dennis A. PurgatoriMr. Rodney H. Raetzke

    Ms. Nancy RayosMr. Mitchell L. Ritter

    Roth Electrical LLCRoy G. Michell Charitable Foundation and Trust

    Mr. Todd SachseMr. Jim Saviano

    Ms. Victoria HollingsworthMr. Jim R. Sears

    Mr. Blair StanicekMr. Ty Stevenson

    Suntel Services LLCTaktix Solutions, LLC

    Mr. James E. TammThe Christman Company

    Total Cleaning Systems LLCMr. Mathew VanDerkloot

    WalbridgeDr. & Mrs. William D. Watt

    Mr. Paul J. WiddoesWolverine Building Group

    Mr. Robert A. Yousey

    VARSITY CLUB($500 - $999)

    Mr. Nicholas D. AlexanderAlly

    Mr. Naif BaidoonMr. Thomas D. Baker

    Ms. Kayla BalfourErika Barczak

    Rex Alfred Boyce, Jr.Ms. Anne Li Briand

    Mr. Thaddeus J. Buda Jr., Esq.Mrs. Kay Carlson

    Matthew CunninghamD3 Racing

    Mr. Matthew J. DeighanFred and Nancy Delcomyn

    Ms. Jennifer L. DenDoovenMichael Dendooven

    Mr. Donald S. DidlakeMr. James D. Eisel

    Mr. and Mrs. John FilipMr. Michael H. FlynnMr. James A. Fuller

    Mr. Gerald P. GagnonMr. Donald C. GalovichMr. Greg J. Gargulinski

    GJJ Properties LLCAvery N. Goldstein, Ph.D.

    Mr. Kevin GreenMr. Michael Green

    Mr. David D. HartfelderMr. Chris Hill

    Kenneth JohnsonBino Joseph

    Ms. Nancy A. JuszczykMr. Alex Kamenko

    Ms. Samantha KaufmanMr. Bernd K. Klopfer

    Mr. Edward KomphMs. Pamela KruczekMiss Karen S. Lafata

    Mr. Thomas W. LeadbetterMs. Lauren Lepkowski

    Mr. Martin LetzmannMr. Robert C. MacDonald

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. MarsackMr. David H. Mattingly

    Mr. Larry J. MooreMr. Thomas S. Nantais

    Ms. Michelle NickelMr. Chris Nolan

    Mr. Enrico OdoricoOlympic Grille

    Piano Bar of Plymouth Inc.Charles and Lois Primas

    Sharon K. ProgarRBV Contracting, Inc.

    Mr and Mrs. Peter RobertsMs. Celia Robinson

    Mr. Douglas A. RoweMr. Robert J. Schroeder

    Ms. Sara ShunkwilerJordan Sinclair

    Mr. Nick G. TumbarelloMr. Todd D. Vydick

    LTC (Ret) John E. WalusMr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Weiss

    Mr. Claude W. Williams

    GREEN AND GOLD CLUB($250-$499)

    Thomas and Christine AbdenourRobert and Janis Ackerman

    Mr. David AndrusMr. Mark Avery

    Mr. John L. BertoliniMr. Mark S. Bilkovic

    Mr. Kenneth BjornsonGregory and Michelle Brecht

    Ms. Patti A. BryansLynn M. and Arthur W. Bryant, Sr.

    Natalia BurobinaMr. Matthew J. CareyMr. Ryan C. CarlsonMr. Jay Chapieski

    Clement CharriereMr. Calvin C. Chen

    Monte and Tyra ClarkMr. and Mrs. Jason E. Clark

    Mr. Paul and Mrs. Lynn CoonrodMs. Lori Cunningham

    Mr. John J. DaileyMr. and Mrs. Jeffery Davis

    Mr. Wrex R. DiemOliver W. Dixon, IIIMr. Thomas Ducret

    Mr. Michael FitzGeraldMrs. Nancy Fitzgerald

    Ms. Chelsie FullerMr. Oscar Gamarra

    Mr. Joseph A. GarciaKanye Gardner

    Iderjit GillMs. Helen K. Goranowski

    Mr. Donald L. GothamDenise Gotham

    Green Electrical Supply, LLCGriffith Appraisal and Assessing

    Jonathan GroszekMr. Kenneth F. Halfacre

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    Mr. Aaron Edmund HepnerMr. Cameron T. Hill

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    J. Brisbois Tools Sales & Service Inc.Ms. Patricia A. Jackson

    James H. JacksonMr. Huston Julian, IIMr. Lee W. Keating

    Mr. Arthur H. KetelhutKold Pack, Inc.

    Mr. Michael KomorMs. E. Joyce KrauseMr. Kenneth T. Madeja

    Mr. Alan MarkleMasco Corporation

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    Ms. Tina Marie MillerC. Miller

    Mr. Ciro J. MinnellaMs. Gabriela MitracheBarb and Mike Mohner

    Monroes Original Hot DogsMs. McCall Monte

    Mr. Timothy MorrisFred and Irene Mulhauser

    Lorenzo M. NeelyNorth Brothers Ford

    Mr. David G. NowinskiMs. Anne OkonowskiMr. Regis B. OShell

    Palmetto Investments LLCMr. Stephen PeakeMr. Martin PoissantMr. Steven A. Posa

    Mr. and Mrs. James PrentisClaude Presley

    Ms. Stephane RobineauMs. Britney Robinson

    Mr. Matthew L. RomineRomine Landscapes, Inc.

    Mr. Bill SaadMr. John J. Samonie

    Ms. Lisa SeymourJerry Sharon

    Shunkwiler Chiropractic Health Center, Inc.Ms. Linda Stevenson

    Ronald StoykaMr. Angus W. SutherlandDr. Richard A. SwansonMs. Lachelle J. Thomas

    Mario M. Trafeli, Jr.USA GymnasticsJesse A. Ventro

    Mr. Clarence WalkerMr. Salvatore J. Warner

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry WeissMr. Frederick WhiteMs. Paulette Wilson

    Mr. Terrance S. WoodsMr. Gregory A. Zawalski

    Mr. Danny Zywick


    Phillip J. AbrahamMs. Anne K. Abramczyk

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    Mr. John B. AirdMs. Peggy J. Altenburg

    Amberg EventsMr. Dennis M. AmboAndiamo RiverfrontMr. William T. AveryMs. Diane M. AveryMrs. Patricia Aycock

    Bacmar LLC DBA Northville Sports DenMs. Rachel BandrowMs. Barbara J. BatesMr. David J. Beaton

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    Mr. Thomas E. BeerMs. Karen Beliveau

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    Beta Sigma Phi FellowshipMs. Patricia A. BeVierMrs. Debra L. BezeauMs. Sandra M. BiondoMrs. Kathleen Bitonti

    Ms. Gena BjornsonNicole BlaszczykFatime Bogdani

    James L. Bogner, Jr.Mr. Steven M. BoothMs. Mary M. Bottaro

    David and Meredith Bowbeer



    Ms. Linda BridgesMr. Brian K. Bright

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    Clean Home, INC.Mr. Vincent ColarossiDr. William C. ColovasMr. George W. Conlan

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    Jeffrey DartMrs. Jacqueline DavisMr. Raymond E. DeanMr. Kevin J. Delaere

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    Detroit PALMs. Amy L. Di Cresce

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    St. Clair College of Applied ArtsMr. Frank Stanicek

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    Mr. and Mrs. Scott WoosterHarlan F. Worden, Sr.Mr. Marlon C. WrightPat Whizzer Wyka

    Ms. Laura YoungMr. Michael W. Zalucki

    Mr. Gregory A. ZawalskiKevin Zeleji

    Bold indicates Anthony Wayne Society member

    - - - - - - - - - - -Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy

    of this list. Please call the Athletic Development Office at (313) 577-0241 for corrections.


    Abdenour FamilyTom Adams FootballMark Doc Andrews

    Paul AndrewsBob Brennan

    Justin ChapmanDr. Nick Cherup

    The Croskey FamilyKaren DeGraziaMel DeGrazia

    Maria A. Valle DeMasse MemorialCal Dilworth

    Dorothy DreyerVernon K. Gale Memorial

    Joe GembisIvan C. & Elizabeth A. George

    Joseph L. GualtieriVic Hanson

    James HayesJohn HusseyPatricia Kent

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    David and Lois Stulberg FoundationIrv Swider

    Tartar Gridiron ClubTartar Gridiron Club II

    Dr. E. John ValleWSU Academic & Athletic

    Womens BasketballChristopher Wouters


    THE WARRIOR WAY FORWARD President M. Roy Wilson and Director of Athletics Rob Fournier and spoke to a large contingent of athletic alumni and supporters in betwwen the womens and mens basketball games against Michigan Tech on Jan. 23, 2014.

    The crowd submitted questions for both Wilson and Fournier beforehand and also had the opportunity to ask questions during the presentation.

    Fournier also presented The Warrior Way Forward , which is the athletic departments strategic plan for the future of WSU Athletics, to the group of Warrior supporters.


    Am I a representative of Wayne State Universitys athletic interests (i.e. Am I a booster)?You are a representative of athletics interests (Booster) if you have promoted WSUs athletics program; financially contributed to the athletics department or to an athletics booster organization of that institution; assisted in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes (recruits); assisted in providing benefits to enrolled student-athletes (current athletes) or their families; or been involved otherwise in promoting the institutions athletics program. Once a booster, always a booster!WSU Boosters are expected to comply with all rules and regulations governed by the NCAA. Always ask before you act. Should you have any questions regarding permissible ways to get involved please contact the WSU Athletic Department.

    WSU Athletic Department(313) 577-4280 / WSUAthletics.com


    The mens golf GLIAC All-Academic Team members were mistakenly omitted from the Fall 2013 Warrior Within.The Wayne State University mens golf program had seven members honored with GLIAC Fall All-Academic or All-Academic Excellence accolades.

    Three WSU mens golf student-athletes garnered GLIAC All-Academic Excellence honors (student-athletes that have a cumulative GPA of 3.50-4.0).

    Tyler Haksluoto (St. Clair Shores, Mich. / South Lake), Austin Hill (Troy, Mich. / Avondale) and Tyler LaSerra (Jackson, Mich. / Napoleon) were selected to the All-Academic Excellence squad. Reid Dean (Fowlerville, Mich.), Robert Favaro (LaSalle, Ont. / St. Thomas of Villanova), Brad Griffith (Webberville, Mich. / Fowlerville) and Dillon Horn (Allen Park, Mich.) were all named to the All-Academic Team (student-athletes that have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0-3.49).

    Dean, Favaro and Haksluoto each have been All-Academic or Excellence team selections all three seasons eligible (freshmen are not eligible).

    BIG-LEAGUERS SHARE KNOWLEDGEAlan Trammell, Lance Parrish and Don Baylor were the camp clinicians at the Fourth Annual Trammell/Parrish Baseball Camp on Dec. 8th. Over 200 young baseball/softball players were on campus for the camp. Trammell, Parrish and Baylor are long-time clients of Wayne State University alum S. Gary Spicer, Sr. (MBA 65) who arranged for the appearances and established this camp experience with WSU Director of Athletics Rob Fournier and head coach Ryan Kelley.

    We would like to thank all camp participants for traveling near and far to our Wayne State University campus in Midtown Detroit, said Kelley. This was a special camp experience that our baseball program is excited to

    present every winter. Alan Trammell, Lance Parrish and Don Baylor have significant MLB playing and coaching resumes. Beyond their credentials these gentlemen are first class, ambassadors of the game and passionate about teaching baseball. Our student-athletes and coaching staff are proud to partner with them by providing this one of a kind environment for the players of tomorrow.

    Mike Horn, Ellen Tisdale, Margaret Smoller, Steve Booth and Tom Fischer

    WOMENS BASKETBALL MOVES UP THREE SPOTS TO NO. 18 NATIONALLYThe Wayne State University womens basketball team moved up three places in the Jan. 28th USA Today Division II Top 25 poll to No. 18. The Warriors were 14-2 overall and lead the GLIAC with an 11-1 conference mark. WSU was the only GLIAC team in the poll and are on pace to host a GLIAC Tournament contest.

    Stay tuned to WSUAthletics.com for more information on the 2014 GLIAC Basketball Tournament.

    Head Coach Carrie Lohr

    Alan Trammell, Lance Parrish and Don Baylor

    COMING IN 2014

  • The Basketball Office Expansion will feature new offices for the mens and womens head coaches and assistant coaches. A reception area and a film room with tiered seating. Construction is expected to begin in the Spring of 2014 and the addition should be completed by August 2014.

    COMING IN 2014


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